What to Pack for Paris in the Spring

Palais Royal in early spring everyday parisian

Paris in the spring is a popular time to visit for many reasons. The weather finally breaks from the cold, and pink blossoms pop around the city. Due to the upcoming Paris Olympics in the summer of 2024, the city will be buzzing. It might be an excellent opportunity to squeeze in a Paris trip before the games begin. This post is full of helpful tips for what to pack for Paris in the spring. 

What to Pack for Paris in the Spring

What to Expect for Weather in Paris in the Spring

what to pack for Paris in the spring everyday parisian

The weather can be cold and rainy, or even snow in late March and early April at the beginning of spring. April is typically warm and sunny with some rain. May tends to be one of the rainiest months of the year. Pack and plan accordingly if you are planning a trip in May. Expect your spring trip to Paris to have at least one rainy day or more.  It’s a good idea to pack an umbrella and waterproof shoes. Keep your umbrella in your everyday bag because you never know when a shower might pop up, even on the sunniest days. Rain or shine, your Paris trip will be a great time. 

crossbody bag for Paris in the spring

Spring weather in Paris can be all across the board, depending on the time of year you visit. You will want to pack layers of scarves, sweaters, coats, and even boots. Sneakers are great for exploring Paris. You can see more details below.

spring outfit ideas for Paris

The cherry blossoms happen earlier each year, and you can expect them from late March to mid-April. One of my favorite places to spot them is the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy a picnic here on a sunny spring day. Late April is the perfect time to visit for warm weather before the crowds arrive. 

You can see this post for ideas on where to visit Paris in Bloom. 

Paris in bloom everyday parisian

what to pack for Paris in the spring 
Notre Dame cherry blossoms in bloom

Coats to Pack for Paris in the Spring

Sézane trench coat Paris

I highly recommend packing at least one coat for Paris. A trench coat is a classic French wardrobe staple, and you will see Parisian women wearing trench coats on sunny and rainy days. This isn’t just a raincoat; it is a style statement. Since the early mornings and evenings can get cold, I recommend packing a light or silk scarf as a layering accessory. A leather jacket isn’t a bad idea, and you will find another classic French staple piece in Parisian fashion. I purchased mine from Madewell a few years ago and have gotten so much use from it over the years. (sized up to a medium)

Leather jacket for Paris in the spring everyday parisian

If you feel underdressed or out of place due to what you packed, do not stress. There are plenty of shops where you can pick up a souvenir such as a coat, pair of sneakers, scarf, or bag. After all, Paris is the city of fashion. Some shops that I love include Maje, Sandro, Sézane, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Galleries Lafayette has just about every brand under one roof, 

what to pack for Paris in the spring everyday parisian trench coat sezane

Madewell leather jacket perfect for spring weather in Paris wearing a size medium

Blazer Jackets for Spring

I love a good blazer jacket for spring to layer up. Throw this over a blouse or button-up. Paris is showing them in bright, bold colors. I am not there yet and prefer my basic navy, camel, and black staples. You choose what is best for you and go with it!

sézane camel blazer spring everyday parisian what to wear in Paris

spring in Paris everyday parisian

The Best Bags for Paris in the Spring

what to pack for paris in the spring everyday parisian

You may be surprised, but fanny packs are trending in Parisian fashion. They are called “banane” because they are shaped like a banana. I own a bag by the famous French brand Rive Droite, which you will see all over Paris. You can buy one at their store in the Marais or at Galleries Lafayette, where I purchased mine. 

Tote bags like my favorite, Cuyana, are perfect for carrying around a camera, wallet, and umbrella. A crossbody or banane bag will be suitable for carrying a few things. For those of you with a Lululemon everywhere bag, you can wear this in Paris if you are dressed up a bit. I wouldn’t wear gym wear, sneakers, and a Lululemon bag around Paris if you don’t want to stand out like a tourist. 

French basket bag for picnics in Paris

Crossbody bags are trendy, and you will see them in different colors and fabrics. Mine are classic black and brown with a clasp to secure my belongings. A basket bag is a fun Parisian accessory when the weather is warm enough.

Polene French crossbody bag

Packing for Paris in the Spring

Paris neutral wardrobe for spring

When it comes to packing for Paris in the spring, I love to pack neutral colors to mix and match. A pair of black pants, jeans, ankle boots, basic tees, and a cashmere sweater can all be mixed as a capsule wardrobe. Add your trench or leather coat, and you can create different outfits. The French classic styles are evolving, but a neutral color palette is something you will still see on repeat. On a few of my last trips, there was still a lot of black on black. Tights (specifically black) are on trend and a good way to keep warm under a skirt, shorts, or black dress. 

The Best Walking Shoes for Paris

Comfortable walking shoes are essential when discovering Paris. You never want to get a blister or have sore feet on vacation. Paris is best explored on foot. I highly recommend flats instead of heels. The cobblestones aren’t so easy to navigate in heels. For sneakers, I love these from Madewell. It would be best to walk around your neighborhood to break them in. To prevent blisters, I swear by Moleskin inside of your shoes. You can buy it on Amazon or at your local drugstore. For flats, go for Sarah Flint or Margaux Demi. (wearing below)

Margaux Demi flats a comfortable shoe option for exploring Paris by foot

Sneakers are HOT right now in Paris, and I am not talking about your Nike running shoes. Veja, a French shoe brand, is available at Nordstrom or shops in Paris. This is a brand I saw all over Paris, and has two pairs myself. You will want to wear no-show socks with them.

the best walking shoes for Paris Veja a French brand

Madewell sneaker perfect for walking around Paris runs true to size

spring market basket and black flats for walking the city

Paris in the spring left bank everyday parisian

Skirts and Dresses for Paris

Staud dress Paris spring

I love wearing skirts and dresses in the spring. Dress up your Parisian outfit in a leather jacket, with ballet flats and a scarf. Have fun with this, and enjoy your vacation. The French aren’t typically dressed in leggings and sweatshirts. Leave those at home and pack these instead for some inspiration for some of my current favorites.

A-line skirts and mini pleated skirts have been spotted on the streets of Paris. If you want to pack a dress, below are some great options. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, pair with tights on cold days or ballet flats on warmer days. 

Dresses for Paris everyday parisian

Spring Layers for Paris

Trench coat for Paris a classic French look everyday parisian by Sézane

Sweaters are great for Paris in the spring. In the colder months, you will need an extra layer under your trench or leather jacket.

leather jacket madewell paris in the spring

Spring weather in Paris will surprise you. I highly recommend packing layers. It snowed last April 1st. A camisole, sweater, scarf, and light jacket should do the trick. Depending on the month, there will be cold days, and you will want warm, closed-toed shoes. The Gaspard from Sézane is one of my favorite layering pieces. Even in the spring months, when it is warm, you can throw it over a tank or dress.

Gaspard Sézane sweater for Paris in the spring

Shirts for Paris in the Spring

Katie Babies Sézane heels

A button-down shirt and blouse are my go-to shirts that work with pants and skirts. Throw a leather jacket or trench coat on top to complete the look.

j.crew white button up spring

Pants to Pack for Paris

Jeans are perfect and completely acceptable dressed up. They are wearing them all: high-waisted, cropped, and skinny jeans.

Paris packing for the Spring

Spring Accessories for Paris

An umbrella is essential when visiting Paris in the spring—also, good comfortable walking shoes. You want sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat, depending on how sunny it is. Make sure to pack a top zip bag for walking around Paris. You always want to keep your belongings secure. My favorite bags include a simple Longchamp bag from Cuyana and Polène, which fits my camera, phone, and everything I need.

In terms of safety, I recommend you brush up on these tips. I keep a small wallet with one credit card and an ID; the rest is in the apartment or hotel safe. If lost, one always has a backup to get through the rest of the trip.

I hope this helps you plan what to pack for the city of lights. My goal is for you to have the best trip. You can download The Paris Guide for more details on where to stay, eat, drink, and explore in Paris. It is filled with helpful maps and links to explore hidden gems. 

Packing List for Paris in the Spring

PDF Packing List for Paris everyday parisian

Download the Packing List Here

P.S. for ideas on what to do in Paris in the spring, you can check out this post.

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  1. I will be on a boat trip on the Seine for 5 days (A-Rosa). Will the sun be strong enough to need suncreen more than the 15spf in my foundation?
    Also: tried Merit cosmetics it Sephora: the concealer really is fantastic!

    • Hi!

      Absolutely, I recommend wearing SPF 50 every day and reapplying. Since you are on a boat, you will definitely want sun protection higher than spf 15 even on cloudy days. I am happy to hear you are loving the Merit concealer! xo

  2. I am traveling to Paris the week of March 4,2024. For 10 days. How is the weather and What do you recommend. Tx Sandy D

    • Hi Sandy,

      The weather can be a bit unpredictable. It’s best to check the weather forecast in advance before you start packing. Did the post help in terms of what to pack and what to expect? Or is there something missing that I didn’t include that you are looking for?

  3. Hi. My wife an I live in the UK and enjoy the occasional weekend in Paris. Ever thought of doing an article for men? What to wear, what to pack? Thanks.

  4. I definitely recommend taking one heavy sweater and some gloves. I was there for 3 weeks from late March through early April 2022. We went from 70’s when I arrived to snow on April 1st and then back to 50’s (normal)

  5. Hi – fellow Chicagoan here…this is great! I am headed to Paris the last week in April. Do you think a wool coat is necessary? I was planning on bringing it, but now thinking maybe I just need the trench and heavy sweater or two. Thank you!

    • Hi! Paris weather is a bit warmer than Chicago in April. Keep an eye on the forecast as you get closer to your departure date but you should be good with a trench and a heavy sweater. The spring weather can be unpredictable which is good to check and confirm before you go. A wool coat would probably be too warm at this point.

  6. Bring a crew neck cashmere pullover in navy or black. Not only very French but ridiculously practical. I bring several. Cashmere takes up little space or weight in your suitcase,and can be steamed out in the shower when you unpack.

  7. I love your blog. I’m reading it time to time and always find something great and interesting 😻❤

  8. I’m traveling to Dordogne, France, April 1-10. Your guide is very helpful. I am just catching up with jean style. A French ex-pat sales clerk helped me choose a dark wash lighterweight denim straight leg and a pair of dark slim jeggings. Are jeggings acceptable? They feel/look just like jeans.
    I also hope my conservative skirts and dresses from Nik&Zoe will work as we sightsee for 10 days.
    Congratulations on your engagement.