25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US everyday parisian

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

When I first started the blog, the concept was, “how to bring a little bit of Paris into your everyday life.” After traveling and staying in Paris for months at a time, I finally moved back to Chicago full-time. I was homesick for Paris, the blog was my solution to keep Paris in my life. Now I am constantly reading articles I round up for you on Sundays, which helps me stay connected to the city when I am gone. I still travel back to Paris a few times a year, but if you can’t make it as often as I do, I hope the blog brings Paris to you. This was a reader request and I was so happy that a good amount of you was asking for this. Here are 25 French Brands that you can buy in the US that will bring Paris to you.

* This post was originally written in the early stages of the blog and has recently been updated for new French brands I have discovered and new brands that are available in the US.  If there are any favorites I am missing, post them below and share them with the community.

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

French Fashion Brands You Can Buy in the US

Saint James

The classic French stripes of Saint James are a wardrobe staple. I have one hanging in my closet from a few years ago that I purchased in Paris that I still wear. There are many stores around Paris, and if you find yourself in Soho, you can shop at the NYC location. You can always purchase online, and they make great gifts. This is the classic long-sleeved version.

They also have this super cute side button sweater for the colder months.

 - Saint James Classic Stripes $90

Saint James Classic Stripes $90Buy Now

French Brands You Can Buy in the US Longchamp

longchamp bag everyday parisian in Paris

My first Longchamp was during my first trip to Paris in college. I was so excited to go into the store and pick the perfect color. I have bought more Longchamp bags over the last 15 years than I admit. I have mini, small, large, and travel sizes. These large weekend sizes are perfect for travel. My sister has one, too!

One of my favorite features about these bags is they fold up so easily. I throw one into my suitcase for Paris, and I can use it on my trip when I am out and about. It is so lightweight, and you don’t have to worry about it getting wet because it is nylon.

 - Longchamp Weekender $145



French Brands in the US Sézane

sezane french brand you can buy in the US

Sézane first started as an online retailer in Paris, which then grew to L’Appartement, the first concept store. There are now locations in Paris, London, and NYC. They have recently added pop ups in Boston and Seattle.

Sézane Paris 25 French brands you can buy in the US

Sézane is a lifestyle from fashion, shoes, and home décor. Each month, a new collection is released. The styles are limited and go very quickly. You can sign up for their emails or get the app for notifications when new collections are about to launch. The Gaspard sweater is one of the blog’s best sellers. You can check out this blog post with more details for questions on sizing.

French Beauty Brand Avène

French skincare brands to shop

I highly recommend having Cicalfate Restorative Cream in your medicine cabinet. This cream will amaze you at how much you reach for it after seeing this cream’s magic healing wonders. Cuts, burns, scrapes, you name it, cicalfate cream has got you covered. I also have the hand cream on my desk and in the kitchen; it was the one product that helped heal my chapped hands during the winter months.

French finds in the US everyday parisian RetrinAL

The basis of this French brand is its thermal water which is found in their beauty and skincare products. You will find this in French pharmacies all over and it is affordable. I currently use their RetrinAL and love their mineral sunscreen. Definitely stock up on this if you can squeeze it in your bag home from France.

French Lingerie Brand to Buy in the US Chantelle

Chantelle is available at Nordstrom Lingerie is a key part of a French Girl’s wardrobe. What I love about Chantelle, in particular, is that it is made for so many sizes and shapes. This is one of the few brands I have seen that is size-inclusive for bras. The price point is around $60-$90 for a bra, depending on the style. You can see ideas on how to Frenchify Your Lingerie here for more brands and ideas.

laguiole steak knives everyday parisian french finds


Laguiole is a brand you will find all over France at markets and restaurants. You will recognize the handles by their signature style. Their knives are probably the most well-known product. I currently own the regular knives and the steak knives made by Laguiole. They also make beautiful flatware sets, bottle openers, and serving pieces.


I had my eye on a pair of Repetto ballerina flats for months. I would walk by the store in the Marais all the time. I got them as a present for my birthday while living in Paris. I absolutely love them! They are delicate, so they aren’t my walk-all-around Paris kind of shoes. But they are great with jeans or a dress or skirt. They are expensive but will last a while if you take good care of them.

This is the Audrey Hepburn ballet flat that so many other shoes have been modeled after at different price points for years.

signature Repetto flats everyday parisian
25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US

French Fashion Brands You Can Buy in the US Maje

There is a Maje store on Oak Street in Chicago if you want to explore the brand in person. You can shop directly on their site for French Fashion. Their pieces are pricey and investments, but I personally love them. They often have sales. You can sign up for their emails for discount alerts. You will see a Maje or Sandro store all over the city of Paris. There are even a few Stock (outlet) Maje stores. You can see all locations on their site here.

French Fashion Brands You Can Buy in the US Sandro

Sandro Coat and Longchamp Bag -

My first Sandro purchase was a wool coat at the end of October. I was convinced I would be warm enough in a leather jacket until the weather broke, and I couldn’t make it. It was a bit pricey, but I found it at a discount, and five years later I still wear it and love it. There is a Sandro Stock (Outlet) in the Marais on rue de Sévigné. If you have the chance, I highly recommend a visit. You can still purchase Sandro here in the States at retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. The pieces are investment pieces, so don’t be put off by the price.

French Shoe Brands You Can Buy in the US Veja

Vejas in Paris French Brand You Can Buy in the US

I love that this French brand is sustainably made. These have been on my radar for a while now and I just purchased my first pair of Vejas in size 8. I needed a new pair of sneakers that were an upgrade from my Madewell favorites.

veja french sneaker brand everyday parisian


25 french brands you can buy in the US

Barbara and Sharon created this French brand for women by women and it shows in their designs and products. You can buy Ba&sh directly on their website or at select retailers like Bloomingdales. I don’t own anything from the brand yet so I can’t speak to sizing but you can check out recommendations here. 


The Best People-Watching Cafés in Paris

Polène has been on my radar for years and when I finally had the opportunity to get back to Paris, I made a point to get to the store. It was a quick walk from Adèle and Jules and some of the other girls joined me. We all walked out with Polène bags, I got the nano in black. I couldn’t love it more. There is a larger size but this one fit my frame best. You can try them on in the store. They have a variety of colors and sizes on display. Once you choose the one you want, they will get you a brand new one from the back.

Sizes and styles come and go quickly. Some girls had to return to the store later in the week to check on a new delivery. There is an NYC location and a San Francisco location in the works. They ship to the US now if you want to shop directly online.

French Home Brands You Can Buy in the US

Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon manufactors their candles in Normandy France and each one has a specific scent and store. Their candle making dates back to the 17th century. I fell in love with the mint candle when exploring their scents in the Paris location on the Left Bank. Scents such as a Christmas tree and chimney fire are part of their holiday collection. Positano and Tuileries with rose notes caught my eye.

They have a few stores in Paris and operate out of NYC on Spring Street in the US. Several retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks sell Cire Trudon candles. The price points range from $55-$260 for their room defusers. Larger candles can be up to $700.

French Home Brands You Can Buy in the US Le Creuset

le creuset french finds

I recently started collecting Le Creuset when I moved in with my now husband. We have a few pieces we love and use on rotation. You can choose one color and do a constant theme or mix and match colors. I baked enough bread in my Dutch Oven to last a good while back in 2020. The Dutch Oven would be my recommendation for a first-time purchase, and build from there. If you aren’t sold on Le Creuset just yet, I loved this article with more of the history and process that goes into each piece here. 


French Home Brands You Can Buy in the US Staub

25 French brands you can buy in the US everyday parisian Staub pan

I love my Staub Dutch Oven and I am so happy I purchased it. I have the cast iron one that helps cook meats and lock in the juices. They are all investment pieces but they are built to last a lifetime. I purchased white which I would advise against as it is hard to keep clean. I would love this stacking version as a wedding present. 


diptyque paris candle everyday parisian

The first addition to my new apartment in Chicago was a Diptyque candle, the scent was Baies. Since then, I now own about 5 different Diptyque candles. They are all around the apartment from the coffee table, bathroom, end table, and entry. I personally love the Figue and Rose scents the best. These candles are a bit on the pricier side than normal candles but they last forever and their fragrance is beautiful. You can easily reuse the glass container to hold makeup brushes and other small collectibles. They make a great gift too! I just got the Tuberose candle in the mail from a client and it was such a sweet surprise. The original store is on St Germain de Près in Paris. Make sure you stop by in Paris if you are close by.

25 french brands you can buy in the US everyday parisian

They do limited edition candles including the city candles, holiday, and special edition Paris candles.

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US Diptyque candle
25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US Diptyque candle


25 French Brands you Can Buy in the US

Kerzon is another French candle brand you can buy in the US. They are known for their candles that are named after different parts of Paris and have different scents. I have the Place des Vosges candle that I got from Nordstrom. They sell quickly and they are hard to keep in stock. Keep an eye on Nordstrom if you want to purchase one. You can also buy the candles directly from the Kerzon website. I have the new Eiffel Tower candle that was sent to me as a surprise gift from the brand.


French Brands You Can Buy in the US

Compagnie de Provence

I discovered Compagnie de Provence in Paris a few years back. Their bottles and branding are beautiful but also their scents are lovely for the home. I purchased a set of these at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I already want backups when these finish. It is a simple way to add an upgrade to your kitchen or guest bathroom. I am currently loving the Rose scent right now.  

 - Wild Rose $28

Wild Rose $28BUY NOW

French Beauty Brands You Can Buy in the US


Klorane is the brand behind the cult favorite dry shampoo. You can find this brand available at just about every French Pharmacie. I use the Mango shampoo and conditioner and love it. It smells fantastic and works well with my hair. While visiting Paris, I have always found the pollution and water to kill my hair. Staying loyal to Klorane and only washing/conditioning my hair a few times a week really made a difference. I would love to try some other scents like Peony, which sounds amazing. I also love their eye patches for puffy eyes before or after traveling and their toner.

french brands you can buy in the US
 - One bottle lasts me 6 months $20


caudalie favorites everyday parisian

I am all about good skincare. Caudalie is one of my favorite French brands. Their instant detox mask is a favorite of mine and one of the brand’s best sellers. It fills about half of my bathroom shelves, and I can’t live without their lip balm, I have one in each bag. If you have the chance to get a facial at Caudalie, I highly recommend it! I love that their products are all-natural, and it is an approachable price point.

Petit Marseillais

Petit Marseillais is a Bath and Body brand that can easily be found in Monoprix (French Target) or a Grocery Store. I purchase it as my body wash ( lavender or vanilla) and my hand soap as soon as I arrive in Paris after checking into an apartment rental. The prices are reasonable under $8, and the scents are great and smell so fresh. I used to bring it home in my suitcase. They can be found in the US via Amazon

25 French Barnds You Can Buy in the US

French Beauty Brands You Can Buy in the US Sisley Paris

25 french brand you can buy in the US

It is no secret that Sisley is one of my favorite skincare and makeup brands. I use it daily for my cleanser, masks, and mascara. A little goes a long way and I have seen great results. Favorite products include their so intense mascara, their Sisley Hair Rituel serum, exfoliating mask, and eye mask (I never fly without it) I love their lipstick twists too!

25 French Brands You Can Buy in the US Sisley Paris

French Kid Brands You Can Buy in the US

Petit Bateau

I first learned about Petit Bateau while studying abroad in college. I used to buy their t-shirts for crazy low prices and loved them. I bought the kid’s sizes but just on the significantly larger end. They worked out great! Now that I have a niece and nephew and friends with babies this is a great gift! I love the soft cotton and classic French style. There are Petit Bateau all over Paris. They have great Sales, so if you are in France, make sure to pop in and visit. They offer some Petit Bateau on the Saks website, but the best offerings are on Smallable.

25 French brands you can buy in the US everyday parisian

French Skincare Brands Mustela To Buy in the US

25 French brands you can buy in the US everday parisian mustela

Mustela has always been my go-to baby gift for friends and family who have new kids. It is fun and different to bring to a baby shower or send to a new mom. The products are made in France from natural ingredients. The lotion smells so good and it was fun to bring something home from Paris for the kids. You can find this available directly from their website or on Nordstrom, Amazon, and Target.

 - The lotion was my favorite for Emma when she was born.

French Brands You Can Buy in the US Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe has become famous for teething babies in the States over the past few years. I picked up one for Emma at the grocery before she was born. It was pretty inexpensive. You can buy them online at Nordstrom, Pottery Barn Kids, and Amazon. Sophie now has other toys and books as the brand has extended. The original Sophie was started in Paris over 50 years ago.

 - Sophie The Giraffe

French Food Brands You Can Buy in the US

Mariage Frères Tea

In the colder months, I always start my day with a hot cup of tea and make a pot in the afternoon. I love Mariage Frères tea and usually pick up some in Paris. If you can’t make it to Paris, my friends at POSH sell it. You can also buy at Neiman Marcus and Amazon. I love the Marco Polo Rouge and the fruity green teas like this one.

25 French Brands you can buy in the US everyday parisian


Maison du Chocolate

I love an excellent praliné chocolate. Maison du Chocolat is a great French classic brand that makes an excellent gift for you or something to bring home. They do have a location at CDG Charles de Gaule airport if you need to grab a box last minute. I prefer dark over light chocolates. They also have a fun advent calendar they put out every year.

Maison du Chocolat Advent Calendar
Maison du Chocolat Praline Twigs chocolate brand from France


Bonne Maman

You are probably familiar with this brand from your local grocery store. Did you know it is French? You can find it in just about any grocery in France in various flavors. They have some fun seasonal flavors and an advent calendar each holiday. The advent calendar is a lot of fun and sells out quickly! I have the apricot and strawberry flavors in my fridge now. The jars can be reused to repurpose in your fridge for other things like salad dressings or spreads.

25 French brands you can buy in the US everyday parisian Bonne Maman

*This post does include affiliate links that help contribute to my coffee and croissant research fund. Merci!

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  1. I have a few Longchamp bags . I purchased another during Nordstrom sale last year …not made in France .I returned and they do in fact use factories in Asia . Check the inside tag to be sure .

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