My Top 10 Nordstrom Anniversary Picks

nordstrom sale favorites

If you live in The United States you have heard of the store Nordstrom. It is one of my favorites to shop at because of the service and quality. Each year they do a special SALE in July for Fall clothes. I know we don’t really want to think about the colder weather that will eventually come but the fun part about this sale is you can preview the Fall fashion and the prices are insanely good! So think forward for a bit and if nothing else window shopping is always fun too! 

1. The black dress with the cold shoulders was an immediate yes for me. If you have seen me around this Summer I have been all over this trend almost a little too much. When it comes to finding the perfect dress I feel it is always to buy one you love when you see it. Don’t wait for the panic when you need a dress and have to shop for one. When that happens I always settle for something I don’t want out of desperation. Plan ahead and this black dress is a French girl staple. 

2. I have had a few pair of black leggings over the years. These faux leather leggings are perfect for a night on the town with heels. They can be packed in your suitcase by rolling and you don’t have to worry about them weighing down your suitcase if you are traveling. They are an instant hit and because they are Spanx you have a little extra pull to make your legs look great! 

3. Not to get too personal here but these are the bras I am always wearing underneath my clothes (Natori feathers underwire). As women, we always need a bra that fits us well and for me this is it. These go on sale once a year at the anniversary sale so I always stock up. A black and nude are essentials and you can always pick fun colors too. This is the only brand that makes a beautiful bra in my size. When it comes to what to wear on the bottom I have a new found love for boy shorts. These are so comfortable and sexy from Hanky Panky.  

4. Longchamp “Le Pliage” Expandable Tote – My friend Kat recommended this particular style to me which she says is a Nordstrom Exclusive to the anniversary sale.(Note the one pictured is sold out. I must have had good influence since it didn’t even last the first day) If you aren’t headed to Paris anytime soon you can always pick up one of these at Nordstrom. I have a few and love them!  The best part besides it folds up and is super easy to clean and lasts forever… it comes in PINK. My favorite color. I have been waiting for this color for a long time. If you have read my Safety Post for Paris I wrote about how it is essential for a top zip bag and this one works perfectly. It comes in other colors besides pink like black, navy, and khaki. 

5. Diptyque Scented Candles. This set comes with 5 mini candles for only $55. This one sells out fast and I missed out on it last year. What I love about this set is you can break them up and keep some for yourself. I love to bring these with me when I travel. It makes my Paris apartments feel more homey with a good smell. You can wrap these up with chocolates or flowers and create a great gift if you are going over to a friend’s house. You don’t have to use them all! Favorite scents include Baies, Tuberose, Jasmine, and Rose. (Note the original set sold out but the links will take you to diptyque) 

6. My Love for Sisley Paris goes deep. I use their products on a daily basis and can’t live without their skincare and mascara. Yes, If I had only a few beauty items to pack they would all be Sisley. If you haven’t had a chance to try their products this is a great way to start. This mascara on its own is $67 and I use it daily. It has really changed my lashes so much because it also has nutrients that make my lashes stronger every time I use it. This set includes three essential items. I have been using the lip twist for a year now and this is a great color too. If you want to start with skincare from Sisley this set is perfect. 

7. If you are headed to Paris this Autumn you are going to need a good walking shoe and I always try to stay away from sneakers unless you have foot issues. I have been wearing Blondo boots for the last three years and love them. You will see the bootie all over Paris and if you want something that you can wear for hours and still be comfortable and look good these are it and under $100.  These are waterproof too! 

8. A classic leather jacket is a staple wardrobe piece for me. I get cold easily so as soon as the temperature drops I grab my leather jacket before leaving the house. My last trip to Paris in April/May I pretty much wore mine every day because of the weather. There are several options at Nordstrom and if you are looking for one that doesn’t break the bank (note this is a great investment piece) there is this one If you have a mini me in your lives this little one is perfect for girls. Martiene has been asking for a jacket that matches mine and I finally found one for her Birthday. 

9. You may not know this but I dance about 5 days a week. Studio time is my break during the work day and over the years the dance community at my studio has been a great support system.  I can’t live without black leggings for the studio and I love these. The longer ones look better on my long legs vs the cropped ones which always look a little funny. In the colder months the longer ones are essential. 

This post does include affiliate links which put a little money in my pocket which help fund my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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  1. I already had the candles in my cart, then your post made me click "order!" You always look classic and adorable so I’ll take the suggestions!

    • Thank you! I think you will enjoy the candles. They are great to travel with for your Paris apartment in September. You always look so adorable too. I LOVE your Chicago apartment! I am thinking home tour for the blog?

  2. Great picks Rebecca! Especially love the dress and the boots. I luckily snagged the candles this morning and I’m still deciding which longchamp to get 🙂

    • Thank you Kara! The boots are so good. I have had my blondos for years and keep adding to the collection. Good work on the candles I know they sell out fast. I heard the pink Longchamp was gone by this afternoon but hopefully, the other colors are on your wish list.