5 Ways I am Resetting For The New Year

5 Ways I Am Resetting for The New Year

At the beginning of last year, I had the grand idea to start a top-five series. Even I thought I was crazy as I said it out loud. Another series and a dedicated email is a lot of work. It was a success from the start and something I look forward to each Friday. I am excited to continue the series and can’t wait to see what evolves over the next year. If there are any special requests to be covered, I am open to ideas. 

To kick off the series for 2024, I am sharing five ways I am resetting for the new year. This is a topic I have thought about a lot as I ended 2023. I felt exhausted and drained and needed to reset before beginning again. 

My Word of The Year

My word of the year is “STRUCTURE.” As a creative, it is much easier to go with the flow. Some days, I feel inspired to write multiple blog posts; other days, I have trouble getting motivated. I have struggled with finding a set schedule between the blog, The Print Shop, Henri, workouts, and getting homemade dinners on the table. This year, I have a structured schedule to be more productive and devote time and energy to work and personal life. There is no guarantee that it will succeed, but I am ready to try and see how it plays out. 

5 Ways I am Resetting for The New Year

Taking it Slow

I am starting the year off slowly. Instead of rushing back into work on day one, I am starting the new year mid-month. As a solo entrepreneur, this is one of the scariest decisions. I kicked off the new year in Paris and used the time to set goals and strategize the year. During my time in Paris, I had no set agenda or meetings—just time to be inspired and soak up the city. 

New Year Reset: Structured Routine

I am creating a structured routine. The schedule has a routine for work, exercise, and time with Henri. My weekdays spilled into the weekends, and I worked seven days a week for a good part of 2023. If all goes according to plan, I should have my weekends back. This will make for healthier relationships all around. Plus, I hope to have more time to read. 

The Year of The Planner

This is the year of the planner for me. It has been a while since I used a paper planner, and I am excited to have everything organized on paper. I have ordered a few different planners that I plan to use and see what works best. 

Alyssa is also helping align the EDP calendar and plan content ahead of the game. Last year, one of my prominent callouts was always feeling behind and chasing my tail. I am excited to plan and be more organized with content and product launches throughout the year. 

The Year of The Budget

As part of the “structure” word, I am bringing this to my home life with a household budget for spending and savings. 

Vision Board for What I Want in 2024

Before my year officially begins next week, I am working on a vision board. My friend Jane suggested I try this method. It has been years since I have done anything like this. We both picked up some magazines in Paris to use as sources for words and images for our vision boards. I plan on working on this over the long weekend. 

I wrote my goals on paper while in Paris. While it is easy to set goals, you also need a strategy. It is essential to have a road map to help me achieve my goals throughout the year. I prefer writing on paper instead of typing it on a computer or phone. At the end of last year, my husband framed the goals I set for myself as a way to celebrate my achieving them. 

How are you preparing for the new year? Do you have a word you plan on using for 2024?

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  1. I loved this article! Actually is funny how you mention the vision board. Neither I’ve done that in years, and just last week I created a Dreamboard for this year. Do you separate it in sections with specific colors? I have 9 sections each with a different color. Also, don’t forget to activate the vision board with one thing from it 🙂 Happy New Year Becca!!

    • Hi Bella,
      I am so glad you enjoyed the article. The board is still a work in progress as I need to get some glue to put it all together. It will most likely be organized by what catches my eye and what I want to attract. I haven’t considered color organizing but that sounds like a beautiful way to separate it. Wishing you all the best in 2024!

  2. I also like the word for me to focus on to be structure – with Oliver (3 year old cocker not sleeping through the night) causing havoc with my sleep I need to have us both find a schedule that works for both of us. I’ve been terribly disorganized and frustrated at not getting everything done. I’m going to take inspiration from your post and spend some time getting organized setting goals. One of the book bloggers that I follow had a great tip for reading goals especially those days you don’t feel like reading, read your samples, choose a few shorter books, it worked for me I’ve read over 160 days in a row and read 62 books last year. I set a reading time goal of 5 minutes I know it’s short but I usually read much longer and on those days I can’t keep my eyes open regardless of how the rest of the day went I managed to reach one goal. Thank you for always being such a wonderful inspiration!

  3. I would love to understand your daily structure, what you’ll be doing every day. I get lost in cleaning the house and procrastinating with chores and kids before I get my work done. I find myself needing a perfect environment before I can start work and that often leaves me little time to actually get in the zone and do “the work.” Do you have any advice? I would love to see your paper planners. I am a creative too and now more than ever I am struggling with accomplishing my daily tasks that move me forward financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally done first.

    Gorgeous photos of you btw!!!

    • Time chunking is key! Also, find the time you are most productive/creative and focus on that each day. Before the kids wake up or before they go to bed. Make a ritual of your perfect environment to get stuff done. I am happy to share more details over tea. Miss you xo.

      Thank you!

  4. For a week write down in 15 minute segments what you do from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. By the end of the week you will be able to determine where you waste time and spend it more efficiently. Organize errands so you do them in an efficient order minimizing travel time. Read the newspaper while having breakfast. Etc. After spending four years in the Navy about 50 years ago, I entered law school and this is how I got back my study habits so I could spend 2+ hours of preparation for every hour of class without having to stay up late and becoming exhausted. I knew I initially I would be inefficient with time management and this is how I figured out how to add several hours per day of productive time while also building in some “me time” for sanity maintenance. Once you establish it as a habit, it is easy to maintain without doing a time chart—or at least for me. I do laundry while having breakfast — put in washer as soon as I get up; begin breakfast and after reading paper and having bowl of fruit, put clothes in drier, make toast, cook sausage or bacon, then cook eggs (fried or if I inadvertently break yoke, scramble), continue reading paper, wash dishes, time to take clothes from drier. I now plan each week in my head and organize errands to keep time expended at a minimum. When in Paris, the hotel where I normally stay has a close by laundromat which opens at 7. I usually get to the lavie about 7:30 with a go cup of coffee or tea and International NY Times which hotel has for me at the desk. Clothes washed, dried and folded into packing cubes by shortly after 9. Back into room and drop off. And on my way to have a petit dejeuner on my way to wherever I am going that day. Many museums do not open until 10 or later.

  5. I’d love to see a Top 5 on old Paris carousels. My favorite is in Jardin des Plantes. I could sit for hours and watch the little French kids go round and round.

  6. Your husband framed your goals. You officially have the sweetest husband around! All the best in meeting this year’s goals. Boundaries between work and home life are hugely important.

  7. I loved your post! I have set some doable goals for this year. Ì too am beginning mid month as it’s been busy up to now. My word for the year is “nurture.” I tend to put my all into everything and everyone else. I want to slow down a bit and make time for myself as well. It’s the healthier way to survive. I look forward to all your posts. I save them always so I can review things that really captured me. Thank you for your hard work. It is appreciated.