Links I Love Week 1 Year 2024

Links I Love Week 1 Year 2024

Bonjour from Paris! I was home for a quick turnaround, quality time with Henri, and lots of snuggles! This trip is to work on goal setting, planning, and scouting new spots for The Paris Guide. January is a great time to visit Paris because it’s the off-season with better hotel prices and fewer crowds. My flight was the opposite this time, and I paid the most I have ever… 

Each time I do these trips, I enter a state of panic. As a solo entrepreneur, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Will the trip be worth it? Did I get the shots I needed? Every trip is different, and as much as I plan, there is a lot left up to chance. 

I am fighting jet lag and keeping warm in my hotel after a cold day exploring.

Grab your coffee and croissants for the first links I love of the year! 

My husband and I started Fool Me Once on Netflix. I want to binge the whole series to find out what happens next. 

I finished Fresh Water for Flowers on the plane ride home. The characters continue to sit with me as I walk through Paris, deep in thought. I hope to keep the momentum of reading going this year. 

How to relax on vacation (taking notes on this one) 

5 Interior Design Trends Making a Comeback in 2024 via Real Simple

Inside the sold out museum show on the life and times of Coco Chanel via CBS This Morning (video) Interesting commentary all the way to the end. 

The best skincare routine order via Harpers Bazaar

I have read multiple articles that oat milk isn’t good for you. It has put a wrinkle in my morning coffee routine, and I am scrambling for a healthier option. I have been trying a few almond milks, which have received shocking feedback in Instagram stories. (so many of you feel strongly about almond milk. It turns out whole milk may be best. Do you have thoughts on this?

New hotels to book in Paris right now via Afar

99 Ways To Creatively Recharge: If you have ever been in a creative rut. This is a great list! 

You Can Exchange an Unwanted Gift Card for United Miles — Here’s How

These Were the Most On-Time U.S. Airlines in 2023

Chelsea boots are hot right now in Paris. I would say 75% are black, and I packed my brown ones! They are great for walking all day and super comfortable. 

Ten self care practices to help improve your mood right now 

The Food Network Predicts the Biggest Food Trends of 2024 (this is good!) 

What’s in for 2024? ‘In and Out’ lists, apparently via NYT

I upgraded my top zip Cuyana tote and bought this one during the sale last year. It folds up perfectly, and I fit it in my carry-on for Paris. This is what I am using to carry my camera around Paris. It fits a ton and is lightweight and beautiful. I already have the system tote so everything will snap into here, just this one zippers for safety. 

Looking to revamp your 2024 workout? What Is Barre? Everything to Know About This Low-Impact, High-Intensity Workout

It is super cold in Paris for the next few days. I took my friend Katie’s advice and bought an extra layer at Uniqlo, which is what the Parisians do to keep warm. This simple jacket is layered underneath for warmth, and I can reuse it in Chicago and for ski trips!

99 Ways To Creatively Recharge: If you have ever been in a creative rut. This is a great list! 

You Can Exchange an Unwanted Gift Card for United Miles — Here’s How

These Were the Most On-Time U.S. Airlines in 2023

This week’s best sellers include a staple sweater I own in two colors, affordable sneakers, and some Caudalie French beauty items. 

100 Easy Dinner Ideas via NYT My sister is always texting me asking for easy dinner recipes, so I started a shared note with her to pass recipe links back and forth. 

The Fall of the House of Etsy Etsy was my sole income for years. I have since moved to Shopify and built my platform. It is always scary building anything on quicksand. Too much of this article was relatable. 

I have been eyeing this French hairpin for months now. I saw one in the window of a French pharmacy and purchased one! 

Four simple daily resolutions that matter more than you think via CNN

How the Paris 2024 Olympics are driving the city’s green revolution 

The Best Solo Vacations to Take in 2024

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  1. Hi! I have recently been trying to move away from oat milk as well. I found pistachio milk and it is SO yummy! It’s a bit pricey but has really been worth it. I’ve used it in coffee, tea, cereal and cooking and baking!

  2. Rebecca,
    I just wanted you to know I read your post. Every word. I love your format. I appreciate the time consuming amount of work you put into them. I thank you so very much. You are truly appreciated. 😊 I know most of what you f9cus on in French related, which I love. However, I also know your love of Italy. I was wondering if you have tried/used Italian brand makeup, cleanser, etc. Are there brands you favor or recommend? Thanks much!! Kisses to Henri!

  3. Rebecca, My husband and I met up with Zoe from Katie Donnelly Photography recently while in France. We used our mini photo session which I won here. It was a fun day and the photos are beautiful. We will treasure them forever. Thank you.

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    Thank you for all the wonderful information. I am a true Francophile as well! Since I have dairy sensitivity, I use Califia brand unsweetened almond milk in cereal and to drink solo.

  5. Instead of oat milk, my husband and I use Sproud (A Scandinavian product) which is a vegan, plant-based, low-carb alternative to conventional milk. It works perfectly as an alternative and tastes good. We have it on Subscribe and Save Amazon.

  6. Bonne année! We are taking the train to Paris tomorrow and know that it will be very cold. Your suggestions on wine bars and cafés will help us keep warm!