First Time Guide To Paris

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First-Time Guide To Paris

My first trip to Paris was just shy of my 21st birthday. I was studying abroad in Italy with my friends and decided to go to Paris for Valentine’s Day weekend. Just a day before the trip, I came down with terrible bronchitis. I had a fever and was sick during that trip, but I would let go of my dream of seeing Paris. I pushed through the weekend, making my recovery time from bronchitis much longer, but it was worth it. We took a double-decker bus, and I ate a banana and Nutella crêpes. Looking back, I wish there was a first-time guide to Paris to help me understand where to go and what not to do

Since my first trip to Paris, I have learned a lot by making mistakes and doing all the touristy things. A helpful blog and Google map that first time around would have saved us hours looking for Angelina Hot Chocolate. But we made memories, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

first time guide to Paris everyday parisian


How is Paris Laid Out?

This post is to help you have the best first trip to Paris. Paris is broken up into different neighborhoods called arrondissements. To understand how they lay on a map, the 1st arrondissement is in the center of the city and follows the path of a snail moving outwards. Paris has twenty arrondissements spanning the left and right banks of Paris. To see the significant Paris attractions, you will want to start in central Paris and work toward different areas of Paris if you have time.

You can walk the city from one end to the other in about an hour, depending on how quickly you walk.  Public transportation is everywhere, and famous landmarks are accessible by a close metro line. During your first time in Paris, please don’t feel pressured to do it all.

If you fly from the US on the first day, you will be jet-lagged. Make sure to get lots of water and fresh air. Don’t walk too much the first day you are too tired before a few days of sightseeing. Break it up each day and enjoy the city. Choose a destination within walking distance of the hotel and grab a good meal. You can see my jet lag tips here! 

These are tips that I share with all my friends and family who tell me they are headed to Paris for the first time. It was easier to write one great blog post than to retype or forward an email. I hope this helps make your trip as a first-time visitor enjoyable!

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Suppose you are looking for a more detailed guide to Paris. Check out The Paris Guide, which is 80 pages of helpful tips and favorite restaurants, hotels, and neighborhoods to discover. It is excellent for first-time travelers or those looking for off-the-beaten-path tips.

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Do I need Cash For Paris?

Make sure you keep euros on you. Not everyone will accept credit cards. If you want to stop for a quick coffee or croissant, you will need small change. Check in with your bank and notify them before leaving. I use Bank of America and can take out money from any local BNP in Paris. This is the wallet I use for a credit card and small change.

Since the pandemic, this has been updated a bit, and most places will accept a credit card or Apple Pay for coffee. Some spots have a minimum bank card amount that you have to reach. You can tap to pay a lot of places. Keeping euros on you for tipping and the market is a good idea.

Tips to Getting Around Paris

Google maps on your phone or a paper map from your hotel will lead you around the city to wherever you need to go. Take time to put down the map and get lost. A metro line is always nearby to get you back to your starting point. Explore the city on foot and see what you discover. The best time to explore the city of Paris without a bunch of tourists is in the early morning. It’s just you and the city. One of my favorite things to do is watch the sunrise over the Seine River.

first time guide to paris everyday parisian

Visit a Local Café in Paris

parisian cafe people watching summer activity everyday parisian

Save money by ordering a quick coffee at the bar, which is a faster option to grab a quick coffee. Another option is to take a seat and people-watch. You will pay double the price, but the table will be yours for however long you want.  You can use this guide for How to Order Coffee in Paris. Not a coffee drinker? Grab a glass of wine or a Coke. When you visit a local café and take a table on a terrace, the terrace will be yours until you ask for the bill and pay. The French will not rush you off as they do in the US.

You can buy a drink and be left alone to people-watch or read a book. You can ask for the café wifi, which will most likely be available. Put your phone down and soak in the city to be immersed in the culture. Even if you don’t speak French, you can enjoy watching the world go by. This post on Essential Café Etiquette will come in handy.

5 Ways to Order Coffee in Paris

How to Ride the Metro in Paris

Buy metro tickets in a pack of 10, known as a carnet. Day passes are also available for the metro to hop on and off multiple times. The cost is cheaper than buying multiple tickets; you will always have a ticket available when needed. The metro is an affordable way to get around the city of Paris. Some stations don’t offer a ticket machine, so having these on hand is good. You must hold onto your ticket until you reach your final destination.

Do not try to cut through without paying. There are some random ticket checkers at metro stations, and you must show your metro ticket. If you do not have a valid ticket, you will be fined. Travel at off-peak times to avoid crowded trains (rush hour). You can take the metro as late as midnight, and they will be full of people, so don’t worry about feeling like you will be unsafe.

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First-time Guide to Paris

Explore Paris by Bike

You can rent a city bike which is located at different Vélib stations around the city. There are over 1,000 stations and 20,000 bikes for rent. Make sure to inspect your bike for any damages before grabbing it. I have had a flat tire before, and it wasn’t fun looking for a new docking station to switch it out. Taking a bike around the city is a great way to explore Paris. You can also book a bike tour with Fat Tire Tours. I have done two, one in the city and one in Versailles. The ticket includes a guided tour of Versailles and the grounds.

Visiting the Palace of Versailles is a day trip out of the city, but it is worth visiting on your first trip to Paris. You can also take RER C to Versailles without taking a tour.

explore versailles with fat tire on a bike

Explore The Right and Left Banks of Paris

seine river paris left and right banks

Be open to the left and right banks of Paris. They are very different but equally charming. Take time to explore them both. The River Seine divides the two banks. The Latin Quarter and Musée d’Orsay are on the Left Bank of Paris, and the Louvre Museum is on the Right Bank.

Visit the Paris Gardens: First Time Guide to Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg on the Left Bank and The Tuileries Garden on the Right Bank are both famous. I personally love Palais Royal, which is a more miniature garden behind the Louvre. Take a book or picnic, sit in the green chairs, and enjoy the sunshine.

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Explore Montmartre: First Time Guide to Paris

Visit Montmartre for an afternoon to see Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. You can see my full Montmartre guide here.I love grabbing lunch at an outdoor café for people-watching. You can easily spend an afternoon here. Enjoy the view of Paris from the steps of Sacre Coeur. Walk the street of Rue Lepic, which winds behind Montmartre, for a unique experience in Paris. Rue des Martyrs is filled with delicious bakeries and cafés.

First time guide to Paris explore Montmartre


Skip a Trip to the Eiffel Tower: First Time Guide to Paris

The view is lovely over the city, but you miss the Eiffel Tower when standing on it. There can be long lines, and it isn’t worth the wait. You can book advance tickets online if you want to visit the top without the delay. Make sure to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at least once. It sparkles every hour on the hour after sunset. You can see this post for ideas on different spots in Paris to see it sparkle.

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Visit At Least One Museum

Purchase a Paris pass which gives access to multiple museums and tourist attractions at a discount, and the Arc de Triomphe (which has a great view of the Eiffel Tower), Sainte Chapelle, and Versailles. The Louvre is also included in the pass, giving you access to Mona Lisa if seeing her is high on your list. A pass will save you money and time. For budget travelers, the first Sunday of every month allows for free entry to some of the major museums in the city.

paris musuems to visit that aren't the louvre


French Macarons in Paris

Regarding French pastry, visit Pierre Hermé over Ladurée for macarons. The tarte au citron at Sébastian Gaudard is a personal favorite.

pierre macarons paris france first time guide to paris everyday parisian

Paris Hotels with a Central Location

Paris hotels where to stay everyday parisian

You may not spend much time in your hotel room, but you will want something clean and safe. There are tons of options in the city of Paris with all different budget ranges. A bad stay can make or break a first trip anywhere. I have a full list of favorite hotels in Paris that I recommend to readers and friends. I prefer boutique hotels over larger hotels.

Try Berthillon Ice Cream on île St Louis.

Visit on the weekdays as the weekends are packed. I love the chocolate noir and the fruit sorbets. There are seasonal flavors that are fun to try too. Berthillon has several locations on the island of île St. Louis. If one has a line, try further down to try another spot. It’s worth the wait. This is a perfect opportunity to try out some of your French phrases when you order.

berthillon ice cream first time guide to paris france everyday parisian

Spend a Sunday in The Marais: First Time Guide to Paris

The Marais will be lively and filled with tourists and locals on Sunday. Place des Vosges is a great spot for a picnic on a warm day. Visit the Picasso Museum, which is also available on the city museum pass.

Café Camille is an excellent spot for brunch or a glass of wine for people-watching. The streets will be packed with people, and around this corner, there is music by local artists that will play in the afternoon.

Picasso museum Paris what to do on a Sunday
first time guide to Paris visit The Marais on a Sunday

Listen to Jazz for an afternoon or evening

jazz in paris everyday parisian

I love Duc de Lombards. If it isn’t in your price range, check out Café Laurent on the Left Bank.

Picnic on the Seine

Grab a bottle of wine, baguette, cheese, and charcuterie, and find a spot along the river bank. This is a simple meal, but it will be one of the best things you do if there is good weather.

seine picnic first time guide to Paris

 Visit a local boulangerie: First Time Guide to Paris

Plan a visit to a local bakery and try different French pastries. (pain au chocolate, pain au raisin, croissant au beurre )I love to visit  Du Pain et Des Idées for croissants. They are famous for their escargots croissant in the shape of a snail. Pain au raisins and pistachio are their traditional flavors but they also have some unique flavors, including red fruits.  Larger groups should send one person into order, and the rest can grab a seat outside at a table.

For the best croissant, check out this post. 

du pain et des idees Paris boulangerie to visit


Beware of pickpockets and scammers

Be mindful of your belongings. You don’t want to ruin your trip. Check out my safety tips for travelers here. 

Try A Classic French Bistro

Explore French cuisine. Steak Frites at Le Relais Entrecote is a fun experience for your first time in Paris. Skip tourist streets with set menus. Here is my list of favorite places to eat and drink in Paris

where to eat and drink in Paris


Visit the market in Paris

French markets in Paris give you a taste of the local experience. You can see my five favorite ones here and plan your visit based on your itinerary or hotel location.

I love the Bastille market. Arrive around 9 am before it gets too busy. It is open on Thursdays and Sundays. You can pick up fruits, vegetables, bread, and cheese and make your picnic. To navigate a French market like a local you can see this post.

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Always Pack an Umbrella

It can rain without warning, even if the weather doesn’t call for it. Check out this post for ideas on what to do in Paris when it rains.

first time guide to Paris everyday parisian

Watch the sunset or sunrise.

Enjoy the sunset or sunrise from one of the bridges on the Seine. In the Summer, you can bring a bottle of rosé and watch from the Seine with the rest of the Parisians. You can see this post for ideas on where to watch the sunset in Paris.

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Leave the Activewear at Home/ Dress Like a Local

everyday parisian winter in paris

For a few French basics, including coats, sweaters, and blouses, you can check out this post. I also have a packing guide for the different seasons here. I recommend other walking shoes in this post for different seasons.

Visit a French Pharmacy in Paris

French pharmacie paris

The best French skincare can be bought on almost every street corner. Brands include Caudalie, Klorane, Nuxe, and Avène. The staff is very knowledgeable at the pharmacies, explains your concerns (dryness/anti-aging, etc.), and can recommend specific products for your skin type.

Take A Cooking Class

Book a cooking class or Market Tour with La Cuisine Paris. I have done a few classes with La Cuisine over the years, including a food walking tour of the city. The macaron and croissant classes are a lot of fun!

Paris cooking class La Cuisine Paris

Please don’t feel pressured to do it all. I always leave something for my next trip. Paris should be enjoyed and not rushed. The classics will always be there. I hope this guide to Paris helped plan your trip to my favorite city.

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