Where to Picnic in Paris

Where to Picnic in Paris

One of my favorite things to do in Paris, solo or with friends, is to picnic. It is easy to find a fromagerie and boulangerie to buy bread and cheese to host an impromptu picnic in Paris. You don’t have to plan much; this can easily be a lunch or dinner that doesn’t break the bank regarding your budget. Below are some of the best places to picnic in Paris.

As soon as the weather warms up in Paris, picnic season has begun. It is easy to do, and there are many places all over the city to picnic. Grab takeaway food from a nearby restaurant, or a sandwich from a boulangerie, or create your picnic spread from the local market or grocery store. It is a fun and affordable activity to do with friends. Everyone can bring one or two items along with a baguette and put everything in the middle to share. I have done this with friends who live in Paris, and since we didn’t all live in the same area, it was fun to try patisseries and boulangeries from across Paris and cuisines from different cultures.

where to picnic in paris

Where to Picnic in Paris

Where to Picnic in Paris: Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau is a walk or metro ride from the center of Paris, located in the 8th arrondissement. Don’t worry about breaking out of Postcard Paris. This is worth the trip! Surround yourself with locals and people-watching. You can get food to picnic with on Rue de Levi or Eric Kayser down the street before heading into the park. You will find a good amount of locals enjoying lunch or enjoying with a picnic blanket in the grass under the trees. It is the ideal place if you are looking for something a little less touristy and more of a local experience. Parc Monceau is not far from the Arc de Triomphe and is beautiful in different seasons.

where to picnic in Paris Park Monceau
parc monceau the best places to picnic in Paris
The best places to picnic in Paris Parc Monceau

Place Dauphine

Place Dauphine is one of my favorite squares in Paris. It is a hidden spot behind Notre Dame on île de la cité and easy to miss if you don’t know it is there. The chestnut blossoms are in bloom here in late April, which provide shade from the summer heat. Inside the square, you will find restaurants, cafés, and benches to enjoy a sandwich or book. There isn’t grass like you would expect, but it still makes for a perfect picnic spot in the middle of Paris. Enjoy a game of bocce ball here after your picnic with other Parisians.

where to picnic in Paris Place Dauphine

where to picnic in Paris Place Dauphine Paris

Champ de Mars

where to picnic in Paris

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, you will find the large grass-filled space of Champ de Mars. This is a great place to enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower. You can watch the sunset here with a bottle of champagne or enjoy an afternoon in the sun. The Eiffel Tower sparkles every hour on the hour after sunset, so it is the perfect place to picnic towards the end of the day, the last sparkle is at midnight. Champs de Mars is a popular Parisian picnic spot and fills up on the weekends and holidays. The ideal spot for Bastille Day and the fireworks show in Paris.

where to picnic in Paris everyday parisian

picnic on the Champ de Mars Paris

where to picnic in paris

Palais Royal

Palais Royal has become a favorite place of mine after living just around the corner. I walked through here every chance I had and always found something so peaceful about Palais Royal. There isn’t much grass, so pack a picnic for the benches or chairs surrounding the fountain. You will find Parisians enjoying the French gardens in the summer on their lunch break, lined up enjoying a sunny day along the building of Palais Royal. Palais Royal is filled with trees and is a great spot to escape the hot Parisian sun during a heat wave.

where to picnic in Paris everyday parisian

where to picnic in paris
where to picnic in Paris Palais Royal

Tuileries Gardens

where to picnic in Paris

The Tuileries Gardens in front of the Louvre. This is a popular park for both Parisians and tourists. It is one of the best picnic spots in Paris due to its large green space and gardens. This is a pretty classic Paris picnic spot. You can sit on the grass before the Louvre and watch the sunset behind the Eiffel Tower. Other options include inside the gardens on a bench or one of the many green chairs. Close by, you can grab a baguette sandwich at a local boulangerie, a cup of coffee from Café Kitsuné, or a pastry at the Ritz Comptoir that sells pastries.

where to picnic in Paris everyday parisian

where to picnic in paris

Parc de Sceaux

Parc de Sceau is located south of Paris, just outside the city lines. To get here, you must make a day trip out of this and head on the RER B. If you make it for cherry blossom season, you will be rewarded with an area covered in cherry blossom trees. It is one of the best picnic areas in Paris and a favorite spot of mine, especially during cherry blossom season. You can picnic under the pink blossoms. It is rare (unless it is raining, like my visit) to find this place empty.

This is a destination for tourists and locals and an experience to picnic under the cherry blossoms. The town of Sceaux is adorable and you will find cute streets and houses around the large park worth exploring.

where to picnic in paris Parc de Sceaux

Place des Vosges

place des vosges where to picnic in Paris

Place des Vosges is a beautiful square in the heart of the Marais on the right bank. I have always been drawn to this area of Paris. There are official picnic dates when the green grass is opened for the season, starting in April and ending in October. The grass will be filled with Parisians on a warm weather day. People of all ages enjoy this beautiful park in the city’s center. You will find a space for little ones to run around and a sandbox to keep them busy.

where to picnic in Paris everyday parisian

For food options nearby. Carette is in the square, so you can easily pick up sandwiches here. The Bastille Market is also open on Thursdays and Sundays, and you can pick up picnic foods here. I will typically pick up food at the Bastille Market or the Boulangerie 28 Beaumarchais, just 5 minutes walking from here. They offer baguette sandwiches, quiche, and pastries for lunch or afternoon snacks.

where to picnic in Paris Place des Vosges

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes is a destination in Paris. The gardens are in the 5th arrondissement, near Strada café, one of my favorite coffee shops. I recently discovered Atelier Huré, a nearby bakery perfect for picking up baguette sandwiches for an afternoon at the park. In the spring, you will find some of the most giant blooming cherry blossom trees. It is a must-visit if you are in the area during the weeks of blossom season.  If you have kids, this option is excellent because you will be right by the Zoo and The Natural History Museum.

where to picnic in paris Jardin des Plantes Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg

Espadrilles Sézane sizing

Luxembourg Gardens is a classic picnic spot on the left bank of Paris. The park is large, so there are plenty of places to play and picnic for kids and adults. For kids, you can push the boats around on the water in the gardens. Bring a book and enjoy reading in one of the green chairs. Arrive early, as they fill up quickly on a warm day. You can pack a picnic basket or bag filled with your favorite items for a picnic in Luxembourg Gardens. Explore the local markets nearby to pick up picnic supplies.

a birthday in Paris everyday Parisian

where to picnic in paris

Where to Picnic in Paris along the Banks of the Seine

where to picnic in Paris everyday Parisian

One of the most popular spots for a picnic is along the banks of the Seine River. You can grab a bottle of wine from the wine shop on the island of Île St. Louis or at the grocery store. They will give you plastic cups and open your bottle, so you don’t need a wine opener. Grab cheese, baguette, and charcuterie all on the main street of Île St Louis. Set up a picnic on the seine, and you are in the perfect spot to watch the sunset behind Notre Dame on a warm day in Paris. This is one of the most romantic spots for a Parisian picnic.

I hope this inspired you to create your own picnic in Paris, solo or with your best friends, or a loved one. You can’t go wrong in any of these locations.

paris picnic on the seine

Do you have a favorite place to picnic in Paris? Comment below and share!

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  1. We’ve been doing a lot of picnics since we’ve arrived in Paris. Our go to place is down by the Seine by le Pont Neuf. We also went one evening in Trocadero. It was pretty good but a lot busier then down by the Seine. If you can find a good spot, you’ll watch the sun go down and see the Eiffel Tower as well 🙂 I have a picture that I took the other night on my Instagram nataucoin, we were spoiled!

    • I haven’t had a picnic by Trocadero. How was it? Was it busy? I am so happy you are having a great time since arriving in Paris.

  2. GREAT recommendations! I can’t wait to try some, my first choice being Ile St. Louis behind the cathedral.

  3. I am coming to Paris this fall. What are the rules about alcohol in public? I don’t want to break any laws while I’m there 🙂

    • You should be good! I have asked wine shops in the past and they told me it was ok. They opened the bottles for me to enjoy and encouraged me to drink them on the seine.

        • Thank you Tami! The wedding was stunning and she was the most relaxed easy bride. It will be my one and only wedding because I will never find a couple as sweet as them!

  4. Our favorite is the Albert-Kahn Gardens, Paris. It is on the western side of Paris, very pretty. I think you could have a picnic on the grounds but you might call first. We spent a nice half day there. There is a nice little ATM with a bank across the street. Of this commercial site, photo # 17 of 27 is my favorite, I have a couple similar but did not post them on my blog.
    Commercial site:
    My blog post:

  5. I recommend Parc Monsouris, Parc Des Buttes Chaumont, and Parc Floral. I’ve had very happy picnics in all of those. Also the steps of the BNF are very nice for an unexpected view of the Seine and a plethora of food truck options. I did also have had a nice (abet touristy) breakfast picnic on the steps of Sacré Cœur 🙂