Paris Diaries: The Last Light

The weather for the past month has been less than ideal. I know it rains a ton in April and May and I shouldn’t have been so shocked but it was also unseasonably cold. But of course, I can’t complain because I was in Paris.This past week we had a bit of warmth and sunshine but one of the days I was gone in London so I just assumed that was the end of it by the looks of the forecast which called for rain the rest of the week. 

On my last day in Paris, I spent running around seeing friends and of course the last visit with my Paris family. My friend Magali and Thomas started a brunch tradition together on the weekends so we brunched at Holy Belly followed by shooting a project. I met my family for part of the St Germain Jazz Festival on the Left Bank for a bit. The room was absolutely stunning just by Saint Sulpice. I found myself in this area more than others this trip. This was my fourth time for live jazz this trip (future blog post coming) Afterwards we took a walk through Jardin du Luxembourg. The weather was unexpectedly sunny and I was enjoying every last minute.

I typically leave my last night open so I can do some reflecting and have a little “me” time before leaving my favorite city. My friend Rachelle just arrived and I wanted to see her before I left so we called for an impromptu picnic on the Seine. As I ran around collecting the baguette, cheese, rosé, and picnic essentials the sky did not look good. The sun had gone and there were dark clouds. I considered calling it off…but I didn’t. I arrived on the banks of Ile St Louis overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. We quickly put down the picnic supplies and at that moment the clouds went away. The most amazing light came down on our exact picnic spot. If I didn’t have witnesses or photographs it may be hard to explain. 

The light that was on us was something I have rarely seen in Paris. I didn’t look to see if anyone else around us had the same reaction or if the light was hitting them too. I just soaked it all up. I know everything is open to interpretation but it was like my Grandmother was looking down on me and sending me the biggest smile. 

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