How to Frenchify Your Home Bar

How to Frenchify Your Home Bar was requested a few times when I asked for suggestions. I have had it on the side for quite sometime because I didn’t know where to take it. Let’s be honest, I make a mean Campari Soda but I have yet to attempt a Martini (3 ingredient drink). I have little to no bartending skills. I cook, I bake, I wing it, but bartend? I will leave that to an expert. David Lebovitz wrote a whole book on Drinking French. I highly recommend you buy his book. If you aren’t sold yet, you can reference this post on How to Stock a French Bar.

how to frenchify your home bar everyday parisian

When it comes to Frenchifying your Home Bar. Start with what you drink your cocktail, champagne or wine in. I rounded up a list below of French glass brands to shop in the US. Further down, you can find a list of online shops including a Chicago and French favorite.

Bar Carts

Champagne Buckets

Côté Table 

La Rochère


French Champagne Coupe

how to frenchify your home bar everyday parisian

I am often asked my favorite French wines to buy or bring to a party or picnic. I am slowly getting into Reds after thinking they were a migraine trigger. I really enjoy Jadot wines and you can find them pretty much everywhere. They have a good collection at Costco or your local wine shop.

Red Wine

how to frenchify your home bar everyday parisian

how to frenchify your home bar everyday parisian

White Wine



I love Tattinger, Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot, Moët and Chandon, and Perrier Jouet. If you want to send me a bottle, I would be happy with any of these 😉

Bar Accessories

Sources to Buy French Barware Online



POSH Chicago

Madame de la Maison


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