10 Places to See The Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Paris

Eiffel Tower with Cherry Blossoms

Eiffel Tower with Cherry Blossoms

As a girl from Ohio I grew up and cherry blossoms were not on my radar. I don’t remember them as a kid and I thought they were just for Japan or DC. I figured one day I would get to DC to see them but I had no idea Paris was filled with them. My first solo trip to Paris in 2010 I caught a few blossoms, it was Springtime but it was still fairly cold and I remember wearing my Winter coat. The cherry blossoms have no due date they just blossom when the time is right. The good part is they last about two weeks so if you are seeing them pop up on Instagram and you are headed to Paris you might still catch them. The other good news is the city fills with hues of pink and not every spot blooms at the exact same time so if you miss one spot there is a chance you can still see them in another. This will be my sixth Spring in Paris so I have done a lot of research on this one. I promise they are in the most random spots in the city outside the Monoprix or Metro Station. You never know where you might find them. 

If you are looking for cherry blossoms in Paris this is your guide to bloom spotting in Spring. This list is filled with some of the obvious more known spots and some of the less known spots that are just as good! 

1. Notre Dame – There is a small park on the side of Notre Dame that has a sandbox and the trees surrounding the sandbox and park benches are cherry blossom trees. It is literally a cloud of pink fluff for two weeks and when they are at the tail end it will rain pink petals. I experienced it a few years ago and it was magical. You can sit under the trees on the park bench. This is one of the most well-known spots for cherry blossoms in Paris so if you want a photo of an empty park arrive early. 

10 places to see the cherry blossoms bloom in paris

2. Along Rue Monge in the Latin Quarter there are a whole bunch of trees in bloom that will surprise you. 

3. In the same neighborhood, you can find blossoms in front of Shakespeare and Company

4. The Eiffel Tower is in bloom in a few different locations. Check on the Champs de Mars and also across the street leading up to the trocadero. 

5. Parc Monceau – My Paris family lives close by to Parc Monceau so this place is special to me as it holds wonderful memories. There are a few spots to find them around the parc. This is also a perfect place to picnic on the warmer days. 


6. Jardin des Plantes – located on the left bank this is not one to be missed to see the cherry blossoms in bloom. There are a few large trees just filled with pink clouds. 

7. Petite Palais – If you are in Paris now you may have noticed the trees in The Petite Palais are in bloom. When I was in Paris my first Spring these were the first to blossom end of March so there is plenty of time. 

Petite Palais filled with Cherry Blossoms

Petite Palais filled with Cherry Blossoms

8. Champs-Élysées in between the Arc de Triumph and the stores you will find a little stretch of grass and there is a parc I found with them just filled with blossoms. These were baby pink beautiful blossoms that I had to include.

9. Jardin Anne Frank located in the Marais – My Paris family told me about this spot years ago but it wasn’t until the last trip that I got to see the blossoms starting to come out. If you have children you can bring them here and enjoy the blooms at the same time.

10. Parc de Sceaux is a little train ride away south of the center of Paris. It isn’t too far but it will take some time to get to. This is where there are festivals for the cherry blossoms in Spring. People picnic in the fields of blossoms that are rows of pink trees. I came here in 2015 and it poured down rain. It was so bad I had to laugh. It was also the tail end of the season so pink petals were all over the ground. I was able to catch it raining petals here too.

Parc de Sceaux Paris, France

Parc de Sceaux Paris, France

parc de sceaux paris

For those of you headed to Paris please let me know if you find any cherry blossoms and where you found them. I hope you get the chance to sit under a tree with a good book or a picnic with friends or someone you love. Happy Spring! xo 

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  1. Hi there! I love your site! So tres chic!! I have been to Paris twice… in Winter & Summer. I desire to visit this year in the Spring to be there when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom. Do you happen to know when is peak season for these beauties? Thank you so much! My email address is [email protected] if you can reach out! Merci!

    • Hi May!

      They can range anywhere between the very beginning of April to the end. It all depends on the temperatures in March really. If you are planning a trip from the US, I would try for mid April. It covers both the beginning and end of this and gives you the best chance to see Paris in Bloom. Enjoy!


  2. Hi, Rebecca, thank you for your Everyday Parisian info! We will be embarking on a Seine River Cruise from Paris to Normandy next week. We will be docked either at Quai de Grenelle or in front of Parc André-Citroën not far from the Eiffel Tower. One of my favorite walks is the Champs du Mars/ Rue Cler neighborhood so we will be on the lookout for cherry blossoms and other flowers and report back to you!

  3. I’ll be in Paris next week. I’ll see what I can find based on your recommendations and if find any others. Thanks

  4. I loved this article on cherry trees in Paris. I will put April on my list of special months to visit. It made me homesick for Paris.

    • yes! You will absolutely love Paris in April. The trees already blossomed this year early you never know but it is just starting the season of blooms. xo

    • Hi!

      Thank you so much! I will check it out. I am always looking for new places to spot blossoms!