Paris Diaries : Spring 1

Last year I introduced something called “The Paris Diaries” which I took you through my daily life in Paris. I am bringing it back for this trip but by request, I am going to share some of my thoughts and creative process. 

The first day after traveling abroad is usually the best sleep of the trip. I don’t nap and power through. I ran into friend’s yesterday who were staying nearby and we walked around the Marais and enjoyed the sunshine. I skipped the coffee in hopes it would help me sleep. I met my friend Lily of Je T’aime, Me Neither who writes for the blog. She lives in Montmartre so I met her up in my old neighborhood for a stroll and wisteria hunt. It rained off an on for most of the day so we caught up over coffee at Cullier to wait out the weather. You may know my love for French yogurt so I am happy to report their yogurt was out of this world good. If you get the chance try it!

 We found a few places with wisteria in bloom and I noticed a few new spots in my old neighborhood. I will have to go back on a weekday to explore them. 

A lot of people ask me why kind of photography I do and the best way to explain my process is that it is very serendipitous. I walk for hours and see what catches my eye. I knew I wanted to stop by this boulangerie and when I arrived the bike wasn’t there but in a blink, it appeared. A girl ran in for baguettes and within a few minutes, the bike was gone again. I think the color of the bike adds a little extra pop to the photograph.

I went to Orange to pick up a SIM card and I forgot my passport so it looks like because of the Easter holiday I won’t be connecting until Tuesday. I am not complaining and it will give me more time to unplug over the weekend. I will share more about how to get a SIM card when living here in a future post. 

I stopped by my friends Edwart Chocolatier to say hello and of course, I walked out with a box of chocolates. I will share more about those soon. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding Paris prints to the Etsy shop so they will be available as I go! Click here to order your Paris Prints.

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  1. Hi Rebecca. I started to read your Every Day Parisian articles to see if I can get any inspiration to arrange a two day trip for my Daughter April 21st birthday in Paris. I have managed to get some useful tips on things we can do . Just wandering if you have any more useful guide for us to do. Kind regards Nicky.

  2. Love, love reading your blog, Rebecca! I was in Paris for two weeks since we met at One of a Kind, and I bought 10! If your photo blocks! I’m so glad you are there for a month. It’s going to go by too quickly!!
    Happy Birthday, and amusez-vous BEAUCOUP!!!!
    Betsy Katz

    • Hi Betsy!!

      Thank you so much!! How was your trip to Paris? Will I see you this summer? I will be at Wells Street in June. The trip is already going by so quickly! I am trying to enjoy every minute and soak it all in. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! I hope you are well. Keep in touch!


  3. It’s lovely to walk for hours and get lost in the Parisian streets….your photos are beautiful, love the boulangerie with the bike..

  4. Such a wonderful time you are having…rain or shine…its always fabulous. Hope you can stop by the places I recommend., my faves