French Apple Cake

top view of French Apple Cake

If you are in the mood for Fall, this is the perfect dessert to help with your surplus of apples. I traditionally go apple picking with my family every Fall. We always end up with so many apples. My sister makes an amazing apple pie. It is my dad’s favorite dessert. I don’t love baked apples, but this recipe is an exception. It balances a traditional butter cake with apples. The crisp sugar sprinkle on top makes the perfect sweet addition. Don’t skip it!

I did take out the rum in this recipe. Rum cake just isn’t my favorite and this also made this recipe more family-friendly. (aka kids will love it too!)

This recipe is from Once Upon A Chef. You can access it here.

What You Need to Make French Apple Cake:

I used my Kitchenaid mixer to make things easier. Once I had the foundation of the batter, I folded the apples with a spatula.

mixing the ingredients for apple cake
ingredients for a cake in a mixing bowl
French apple cake ingredients in a baking pan

Once you put the ingredients into the pan, you will need to tap out the pan to get the air bubbles out.

You will need a springform pan like this one.

Don’t skip out on the sugar sprinkle. It helps balance everything out and you will thank me once you taste it!

cake ingredients in a pan
person holding a pan with raw cake ingredients
baked dessert in a pan

My cake ended up cooking much faster than the recipe says. It all depends on your oven so keep a watchful eye on it in the oven.

I allowed my cake to cool and dusted it with powdered sugar.

a slice of cake in a plate with fork
cake in a plate
apple cake in a plate

The rain and gloom of the weather washed away and I finally had a little sunshine as the day came to a close. Perfect timing for a finished photo. The cake was so delicious and loved by all I shared it with. You can serve it with vanilla ice cream but I loved it as is.

It made for a perfect morning cake with coffee in the morning.

I hope you loved this recipe! If you make it, please comment and let me know how it turns out in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I made this apple cake after I saw you mention it on Insta. It was really delicious! So glad you recommended it. Thank you!!

    • It’s so good, right? I am happy you enjoyed it! I hope to make it for my family over the holidays this year.