How to Frenchify Your Breakfast

A traditional French breakfast is a croissant and coffee or a tartine with butter and jam. These are both enjoyed with a cup of coffee in a variety of ways or a cup of tea. You can always add on to your breakfast with an egg or orange juice.

Frenchify Your Breakfast with coffee, croissant, and books

How to Frenchify Your Breakfast

The French press is from Bodum. It takes more work than a Nespresso cup of coffee but it also has a different flavor.

Frenchify Your Breakfast with coffee and croissant
croissant , coffee, blueberries, and jam for breakfast

This is a very simple way to transport yourself to France from the comfort of your own home. I typically reserve croissant days for weekends as a special treat. You can pick one up from your local bakery or Trader Joe’s has some great frozen bake-at-home croissants.

For a Tartine (toasted baguette)

In terms of butter, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s French butter from Brittany. If you want to take it an extra step, you can put some salt flakes on your butter for an extra hit of salty.

stack of cultured salted butter

You can also now purchase Bordier butter online at some spots in the US. Try to find a local spot that sells it instead of having it shipped because shipping prices can be expensive for butter.

top view of jam, coffee, bread, and a book
an open book, coffee, jam and bread on a table

You can pick up a baguette at your local bakery. Try to go to a French bakery vs your local grocery store. There is a difference in quality. A good baguette should be stale by the end of the day and thrown away. I pick up my baguette from a local spot called La Fournette.

For jam, I typically pick up Bonne Maman which you can find at any grocery store or Amazon.

Bonne Maman Apricot Preserves

To elevate your breakfast a bit further, you can add an egg. I love dipping my toast or baguette into a soft-boiled egg. I don’t do it much in the US, but it is one of my favorite breakfasts in Paris. You will need an egg cup like this one. You can gently crack the top of the egg with a spoon or knife and remove the shell for dunking.

frenchify your breakfast with baguette, coffee, and egg

For tea, I love Mariage Frères which is available in the US.

Mariage Frères tea kettle

You can also add fresh orange juice to your breakfast. This is one of the things I miss most about life in France. You can walk into the grocery and get fresh squeezed orange juice daily that isn’t too expensive.

French breakfast setup outside a cafe

Healthy French Breakfast

If you want a healthy French breakfast, try yogurt, fruit, and muesli or granola. You can buy this yogurt at a cheese shop in Paris or at a local grocery store.

yogurt with fruits

A few inspirational photos from France to help Frenchify your Breakfast at home.

croissant, coffee, and juice
croissant, coffee, egg, cheese, jam, milk and coffee
top view of books, croissant and coffee

If you try this in your own home, please tag me so I can see your breakfast. Coffee and croissants are my thing!

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  1. Thank you for your book recommendation of The Lost Vintage. I’m reading it now and loving it! I’ll have to pair it with some Bon Maman and Trader Joe croissants – I love them both 🙂