A Guide to Montmartre

Guide to Montmartre

This post is way overdue. Montmartre is one of my favorite parts of Paris. It is where I had my first apartment in 2013 and I had my head literally in the rooftops. My first time to Montmartre was back in 2010. A friend showed me around and we had lunch at a classic French super touristy café. Montmartre is a destination in Paris if you are staying in the center of the city but it is well worth a visit.

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

How to Get to Montmartre

I recommend taking the Metro. You can get off at Anvers line 2 or Pigalle which is line 2/12. The Abbesses line 12 metro stop will drop you right in the center. You can also Uber/Taxi to the Abbesses metro for a good starting point.

From Anvers or Pigalle, you will walk up the street just a few minutes to Rue des Abbesses. This is the main street at the bottom of Montmartre. There are boulangeries, cafés and shops to explore.

You will need a new metro ticket to use to ride up to the top to Sacre Couer on the funicular. The stairs are a lot of fun, but steep and there are a lot of them. I try to take the stairs whenever possible so I can justify my dessert choice.

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

Where to Eat and Drink in Montmartre

Now to the important part, where to eat and drink in Montmartre. I am happy to say the area has improved with better coffee since my time in Montmartre. I love KB Café Shop on Avenue Trudaine, they have pastries and great coffee. The space inside is fairly small but they have a large outdoor patio if the weather is nice.

For lunch, I love Bouillon Pigalle which is new to the area. I would recommend arriving right at noon when they open to avoid the long line. There are mixed reviews but my experience was great and I was surprised at the quality of food for the price.

On my last trip to Paris, we stumbled upon Le Bimbo Paris in Montmartre. We took a group of 20 girls and were able to find a table outside under the umbrellas. Everyone had a great meal and the price was reasonable. We are planning to go back here in April again.

If you are looking for lunch along Rue des Abbesses, try Vrai Paris. I haven’t eaten there since they redid the restaurant but a lot of readers have and I have only heard good things about the food.

I really enjoyed Le Village across the street from Vrai Paris for a chèvre chaud salad and a glass of wine. I am still dreaming of that salad. The prices are reasonable and the space is small. Getting a seat on the outside terrace could be a challenge during peak times.

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

Skip dessert if you can resist the chocolate profiteroles (hard to do) and head to Gilles Marchal I was so full from lunch but their sablés (shortbread cookies) chocolate and vanilla are out of this world good. They have fresh madeleines in a variety of flavors too.

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

If you have had your fill of French food, there is great Italian in Montmartre. I love Roberta just off of Rue des Abbesses. They have a cute indoor atmosphere and a great terrace if the weather is nice. Restaurant Caratello I have eaten at several times and they have a pizza spot across the street. You can make reservations online which is very helpful with planning ahead. They are usually fully booked when I walk in. If you go at off peak times for lunch, you will have a better chance of grabbing a last minute table

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

For a Boulangerie, I love Coquelicot. I would grab my daily baguette here every morning when I lived in Montmartre. They are closed Mondays so plan accordingly. You can always go to Le Granier à Pain as a Plan B. I think they overcook their baguettes a little too much for me but their pain au chocolate is heavenly. I have done all the hard research for you 😉

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

Explore Montmartre

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

I would recommend eating away from the main square Place du Tertre. Use the helpful map above for places to eat in Montmartre. Take time to explore Montmartre on foot behind Sacre Coeur and the back streets. I love the windy rode of Rue Lepic off of Rue des Abbesses. You can use this a starting point on Google Maps and explore from there.

a guide to montmartre everyday parisian

Don’t miss The Love Wall just off of the metro of Rue des Abbesses

love wall from montmartre by rebecca plotnick

A special thanks to my friend Lily Heise of Je T’Aime, Me Neither for walking around Montmartre with me and showing me some of her favorite spots. She lives in Montmartre and is an expert in the area.


Photos of me in this post were taken by the talented Katie Donnelly Photography

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  1. Il Caratello is fabulous and we go there every time we are back! I also recommend the little tiny crepe stand just up the street from there on Rue Joseph de Maistre

  2. What a great post, Rebecca! Your photos and recommendations have me reminiscing of my solo trip to Montmartre, discovering the tiny vineyard behind the breathtaking Sacre Coeur and meandering the windy roads you expertly suggest. Street musicians with their accordions and acoustic guitars playing La Vie en Rose or whatever popular American song is big at the time. Such talent! The artists in the plaza and the buzz of creative energy is unique to this neighborhood. Montmartre has retained its village sensibilities which can be a breath of fresh air after pounding the central avenues of Paris. This makes it so special to experience and breathe in. Sunset on the wide steps at SC are not to be missed. Watching the locals and tourists enjoy the spectacular beauty over the rooftops of Paris together, side-by-side, was a moment I’ll never forget. Montmartre is one of those areas where Paris really lives up to its reputation. You’re so lucky to have lived there! ps The chevre chaud at Vrai is also pretty great — and don’t forget the glass (or two) of rose to go along with it! 😉