Fashion Trends Spotted in Paris

Paris fashion trends spring

Fashion Trends Spotted in Paris

One of my favorite activities in Paris is people-watching. I could sit at an outdoor café and listen to the soundtrack of Paris. The French language, sirens and motorcycles moving by, and the noise of the café dishes being moved around on the tables. I started making a list and posting a few years ago of Paris fashion trends I discovered

This is a lot of fun to see what trends are big in Paris and may be making their way to the US. I also like to think whatever is trending in Paris as a few more years in the US. For instance, over-the-knee boots were still a hot item a few years ago in Paris so it made more sense to invest in a better quality over-the-knee boot than a fast-fashion lower-end item.

The weather was warmer than April but it wasn’t quite summer weather. I can’t say what they were wearing for the hot weather but we didn’t see men in shorts. Women were in dresses and sneakers or skirts and flats.

You can use this post as inspiration on Paris fashion to inspire what to pack and wear and also a little direction on building your wardrobe for the coming year.

Trench coats are still big. You might remember me spotting multiple trench coats and leather coats on my October trip.

These are part of a French classic wardrobe.

I own this leather coat from Madewell (size Medium) and a trench from Sézane which have been worn in Paris on repeat.

Paris Street Style

I love observing the Paris street style. Pleated Midi Skirts were one of the biggest trends I saw this trip. Every age was wearing them and in all colors.

pleated skirt Paris fashion trend

Ballet flats and loafers are still going strong for footwear along with sneakers. White sneakers and converse were spotted multiple times.

Ankle boots were still big. Remember this was late May and the weather was turning warmer. I saw multiple women wearing black ankle boots.

Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags were also a big trend I spotted. Brown or black leather mostly.

I spotted multiple pant suits for women in white and colors.

Paris fashion trends white jackets

Other Paris fashion trends I spotted:

Oversized button-downs on women

Striped shirts were everywhere on men and women

Bright colors especially in pantsuits/jackets

Cropped jeans/ankle length

Shorter rolled jeans (men were doing this)

Skinny jeans

Birkenstocks (yes, surprisingly)

Paris Fashion Trends For Men:

Sneakers white

Canvas or suede shoes

Leather loafers

paris fashion trends for men

Do you have a favorite trend spotted in Paris?

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  1. When we were there in early May, we saw so much tangerine color! It seemed like ‘the color’ of the season – dresses at COS, sezane and Sandro florals with orange tones as the base, lots of bright tangerine orange wide legged pants in floaty silk and the knife pleated midi skirts of course.

  2. I wore Vejas the entire time we were in Paris (and several other cities we walked all over in), and saw them on many people. Comfortable the entire time and supportive without looking like you’re wearing them for support.

  3. We have been in France since May 11, arriving in one huge heat wave in Paris and leaving on June 20 in the midst of another one (100 forecast for Saturday). No need for the trench coat I brought! Women of all ages are also wearing floaty printed long dresses and loose pants in floral crepe fabrics in addition to the pleated skirts you mention. Everyone is wearing sneakers of one kind or another. No scarves seen this time (too hot?). Lots of jean jackets. But contrary to popular American belief, I can say with confidence that 1) there are a lot of badly dressed and less than stick-thin French women in France, including Paris and 2) ultimately no one cares what you’re wearing. And even if you try to speak French they know you’re American and they respond in English. Still, it’s all pretty fabulous!