French Fall Fashion Finds

Photo by   Katie Donnelly

Photo by Katie Donnelly

Over the years of traveling back and forth to Paris and Chicago I always noticed the changing Fashion Trends. I have taken notes over the years and prefer to pick up a few things when I am traveling for home. A sweater, a dress, or jacket. I remember being in sticker shock at the price of a coat at Sandro. It turned colder more quickly than I anticipated and my leather coat wasn’t going to get me through. When I was shopping with the French guy I was dating he simply told me, “Yes, but you are going to wear it Season after Season, it is an investment piece” Well I ended up buying the coat (without the fur) and I will be wearing it for the third Winter. So I guess he was right. 

Oversized Sweater 

Free People Oversized Sweater

Blanket Scarf

Wool Coat 

Pleated Skirt

Photo by   Katie Donnelly

Photo by Katie Donnelly

I wore a pleated skirt for my latest photo shoot with Katie Donnelly and it is one of my favorite Fall Trends. 

Floral Dresses 

Sézane Floral Dress

Sandro Ruffle Dress

Floral Dress Mango 

Color: Burgundy 

Sandro Knit Dress in Wine

Mango Knit Sweater Burgundy

Crush Velvet

Velvet Pumps from J Crew   I love these in both colors! Red and Blue 

Velvet Pumps from J Crew I love these in both colors! Red and Blue 

Over The Knee Boot 

Over The Knee Boot from Mango

Over the Knee Boot 

My Favorite Fall Trend! I have been wanting a pair since “Devil Wears Prada” I will be snatching up a pair of these over the knee boots to wear all Fall/Winter. 

Black Tights

paris girl autumn fashion

I have found that European fashion trends take a season to really impact American Fashion. Make these notes as to not only what is in Fashion but what is to come for next year. What trends do you love the most and which ones do you plan to skip?

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  1. Hi,

    I am going on my first non-business trip to Paris November 1 and really, really appreciate your recommendations. I’m looking to get my head straight after the last two years of cra-cra. I have a list of to do’s but really just want to recharge my creative engine (I’m a TV producer now and was an agent at William Morris, and a network and studio exec for the last 30 years). Sometimes you have to let it all go in order to get going! Hope you have a lovely trip to your city that feels like home.
    Thanks again for sharing your love of Paris.

    Laurie Pozmantier