Sezane Sizing Guide

sexane sizing guide

Sézane is one of my favorite brands to shop for a few reasons, the clothes are quality and hold up over seasons and the styles are fun and different than you can buy in the US. On any given day, a Sézane store Precovid would be filled with shoppers. They release new collections monthly, once you sign up for their email list, you will get a notification of a look book for a new collection along with a release date. They are typically Sundays. The French version will go live and then the American version will go live so if you are on early, they do reserve items for the second batch to release.

Sézane recently introduced this handy guide to compare European sizing to US standard sizes. 

One of the questions I get asked most often is about Sézane sizing and how it runs in comparison to US Sizing. The minimum order with Free Shipping from France is $200 so it is worth it to purchase two items to get that discount on shipping. You can always return something if it doesn’t work out. Plus, if you are unsure about sizing, you can order two sizes and see what works best.

sezane sizing guide everyday parisian

The most popular item I get asked about is the Gaspard sweater. It is one of the most popular Sézane items. They regularly restock it and add new colors. I have the baby pink and black. It is light enough to wear as a transitional piece in Spring or Fall over a cami or dress. The great thing about this sweater is it can be worn two ways. The sweater runs a little big in comparison to the other sweaters. You can always do a little French tuck in the front into jeans if you feel it is too long. I am 5’7” and it fits great as a size SMALL.

sezane sizing guide

sezane sizing guide everyday parisian

They recommend Woolite to wash.

You can see some of my favorite Sézane items here. I update this regularly when new collections launch.


I have had the Johnson Coat for two years now and I love it. In the coat, I am a size 36. I could have probably gone up to a 38 with sweaters and scarves it gets a little tight. I am bigger in the chest. If you are too, you might want to size up.

johnson coat sezane

johnson coat sezane everyday parisian

johnson coat sezane everyday parisian


This is the category of Sézane I have the most of. Each year, I invest in a few pieces that are classy and I know will carry over for more than one season. I have chosen smalls in all my sweaters. The Gaspard runs the biggest and the other sweaters are tailored a bit smaller and more of a French cut. I have a long torso so there are definitely some I wish I sized up.


I have one polka dot blouse from Sézane that I absolutely love and it has also become my staple date top before the Pandemic. It is easy and so fun and great with a pair of black boots or a skirt. I wear a Size 36 and it fits great.

sezane sizing guide everydayparisian


I have one dress from Sézane and I have been dreaming of adding to my collection. There are so many I want. They sell out fast once it is warm. Right now, I am just not in the headspace to order warm weather clothes with two feet of snow on the ground.

sezane sizing everyday parisian

The one dress I have is a wrap dress that I absolutely love and have worn for a rehearsal dinner and an anniversary celebration. It has gotten plenty of use and I hope to wear it again this Summer. It is great with flats or heels. This one I have in size 36.

The only category I cannot comment on sizing is Denim. They run high waisted and I prefer lower rise jeans.

If you are a different size than me and you have found your size in Sézane, I would love to have you comment below and share so other readers can find their size.

All photos of me taken by Katie Donnelly Photography

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  1. I am 5’9" and I can say Sezane denim runs a teeny bit small. I usually wear a size 29 in jeans, and wear a 30 in Sezane, but like everything that comes from Sezane, their jeans are amazing!

    • Hi Abby,

      Are they all the same style? I tried to buy some and the lady told me they were all high-waisted. I guess that is the trend right now 🙂

  2. This is great information. Have you ever purchased shoes from Sezane? I have my eye on a pair of sandals, but am hesitant, because I don’t know how their shoe sizes run. I hate having to send items back and forth, due to fit issues. In most standard shoes I am a 7 medium. However, in Cole Haan and designer shoes, I take 7 1/2. Just wondered if you had any experience with Sezane and shoes.

    • Thank you, Lily! I have not purchased any shoes yet. I really want to get a pair of sandals. If I end up ordering them, I will keep you posted on sizing. If you are between sizes, I know you don’t like sending shoes back but I would go ahead and snag a 7 and an 8. Since the Free shipping minimum is $200, you can get the two pairs and cover the shipping and return the one that doesn’t fit 🙂 They are pretty quick to credit back the return.