25 Things You May Not Know About Me

It has been a while since I have done one of these posts so I wanted to introduce myself in a fun way. If you are new around here, I am Rebecca Plotnick the founder and face of Every Day Parisian. I am a full-time photographer/blogger based in Chicago and Paris. Feel free to comment below and tell me where you are following from. 

1. My storytelling skills come from my Dad. If you have been reading the blog for a while or you have met me in person you will know I love to tell stories that go along with the photo. What is the fun of a photo with no story? I didn’t realize it until this weekend but my storytelling skills are from my Dad. He is the ultimate storyteller. You can hear the same story 10 times and he tells it like you are hearing it for the first time.

2. I am old school when it comes to certain things. I still use post its, paper journals and a calendar. My desk is filled with post its and every time I have an idea, I write it on one. It may look odd to an outsider, but my mind is constantly thinking of new ideas and it helps to keep them where I can see them. I always carry a notebook in my bag. I have a few empty ones just in case in the closet. Each project has its own notebook. Also, I can only write in black pen (never blue). 

3. Being an Aunt is the best gift my sister has ever given me. I think my niece is one of the funniest people I know. I see the way she looks up to me and she makes me want to be a better person. 

4. One of the jobs I had after college was working for Sean John, yes Puff Daddy was essentially my boss. I worked as a merchandiser for his clothing line in the Midwest. 

5. I love all things marble. I really want a marble table and I haven’t found the perfect one just yet. So I keep buying marble accessories like these shelves 

6. Raw carrots and cold mac and cheese give me the hiccups. My sister has the same reaction to raw carrots and we think it is pretty funny.

7. You may already know this, but I am grammatically challenged. My friends find spelling errors and typos in my writing all the time! 

8. The phrase “lol” drives me nuts! I find it to be the oddest expression. 

9. I am an early riser. I typically wake up before my alarm goes off. I am most productive between 7 – 9 am. In the Summer, I am up even earlier. I love the quiet of the early morning and watching the sunrise. 

10. I love analyzing my business stats. I have a business background and I have been looking at stats since graduation in my old job as an assistant buyer. I look at blog, shop, and instagram stats probably a bit too much but there is always an opportunity for growth. It fascinates me to see what is working and what isn’t. 

11. I wear the same earrings every day because I am allergic to just about everything I put in my ears. I am so jealous when my friends can wear all sorts of fun decorative styles and I am stuck with gold. 

12. I have anxiety about flying. It has nothing to do with the plane. It is actually all about making sure I have enough time at the airport. I tend to run a few minutes behind schedule, but when it comes to flying I rather be early than arrive right before boarding. 

13. I had braces for 5 years and I still wear my retainer. Luckily, I got them off before high school. 

14. I suffer from migraines, so I avoid certain triggers including red wine and anything smoked. I carry Excedrin in my bag at all times just in case I feel one coming on. It usually helps if I catch it in time, if not I am out cold. 

15. I can’t sleep without an eye mask. I have a few by my bed and one in my travel bag. It is like a security blanket. The minute I put it on I am more relaxed.  

16. Last year, I read one book which is why I started the book club. This year, I am already at 13 and counting. 

17. I crossed off a big travel bucket list this year with Cuba and now I have Greece, Croatia, and Morocco on my short list. 

18. I am always thirsty. You can usually find a water bottle in my bag just in case. 

19. Growing up, we had a pet bird, turtle, and dog all living in the same house. Now I just really want a dog!

20 I feel extremely lucky to live my life as a travel photographer and spend as much time as I do in Paris. I don’t take a single day for granted and know that my life isn’t “normal”

21. I recently reconnected with both of my Aunts. They are both so different but lovely in their own way. One Aunt will practice yoga with me and this puts a huge smile on my face. The other Aunt is the most amazing cook. I love spending time catching up with her in the kitchen. 

22. I carry the same bag just about every day. When I find something I love I wear it until it falls apart. 

23. I work from home when I am not photographing in Paris. Coffee shops are too distracting. I typically listen to jazz if I have music on. 

24. I starting learning photography with black and white film. I will always have a first love of black and whites and love seeing Paris in black and white. 

25. I have donated my hair to locks of love three times. The best haircut decision I made was my bangs! 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant fund. Merci! 

What on the list surprised you the most? Is there something you want to know about me that I didn’t share?






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  1. Hi Rebecca!
    I’ve been following you for a bit now (IG, Pinterest, your blog…think I found you initially on Pinterest as I scroll for Paris pics). I also saw you & Corey (French Frye in Paris) in one of his episodes and found you so humble & charming. Well, now that I’ve gushed all over you…I also suffer from migraines and have since I was 16. I have found after many years visiting doctors, getting several MRI’s, trying just about everything even Biofeedback & Acupuncture that what helps ME best (know everyone is different), Imitrex which is a perscription. I take it only as needed and at the first sign of one instead of waiting.
    Also, getting up at the same time each day no matter how late I went to bed the night before REALLY helps. I read this somewhere years ago, tried it & it seems to truly help. Drinking tons of water (which sounds like you already do), no red wine (which seems like you know this already). Hope any of this helps.

    Like you I also am a bit old fashion in that I still carry a paper calendar, I also make list & notes in a paper notebook, I LIVE (and hoard) post it notes. I need to see my lists, my “to-dos”, my brainstorms not have them tucked away in a device somewhere.

    I’m truly enjoying your blog, your amazing photos & your take on everything Parisian.

    Would love more bookclub suggestions!
    The Sunshine State

  2. I just stumbled across your blog (thank you Pinterest!) and it’s enchanting! I’m excited to join the book club and become a part of this community. What a wonderful life you live, how great that you embrace it and recognize it.

    • oh! Thank you. I did acupuncture a while back to get rid of a bad migraine series but I haven’t been back. I think it is pricey in the States. Not sure what the cost is for you.

    • Caroline, it is a problem! Now that I just opened the new shopify store I got really excited I had one more stat to check 😉

  3. The most surprising to me was that you only read one book last year!!!! I have loved and read each of your book club choices this year. Keep them coming!

    • Thank you so much, Donna! You are so sweet. Can you believe it? I am hoping to continue it next year as well. Which has been your favorite?

  4. Such a fun interesting list! Thanks for sharing as always Rebecca 💗 Found it interesting that you’re grammatically challenged. I would never have guessed .. probably because I am too hehehhee.

    • haha! I am so happy you didn’t notice. My friends continue to point it out and they occasionally edit my posts due to grammatical errors 😉 I just figure you come for the content and photos and not for the punctuation.