Personal : 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Rebecca Plotnick

First off I want to THANK YOU all so much for following!  We are 4 months old this month and growing so fast! I would love to know more about what you want on the blog. After all, this blog is for YOU! 

I wanted to start off this month with a little get to know me so you can know a little bit more about the face behind the blog. I am a travel photographer as my main job. I sell my work through Etsy, as well license my work with other retailers such as Pottery Barn, and Barnes and Noble.  I would love to know what questions you have for me so feel free to comment below! 

  1. I LOVE country music. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and got hooked in high school. My favorite Summer thing to do is crank up the country music and drive with the windows down. Plus I sing… it puts a huge smile on my face. 
  2. I didn’t start drinking coffee until 5 years ago when I was visiting Spain. I figured if they do it why not give it a try. I was hooked and it is rare for me to go a morning without it. If you follow me on instagram you will know just how much I like it. 
  3. I grew up wanting to own my own hotel. I blame my Aunt and Uncle for buying me Eloise at a young age.. 😉 But I fell in love with the hotel life and it has really come full circle this past year as I now create content for luxury hotels. 
  4. I don’t eat cook vegetables! I think they should be replaced with chocolate in the food pyramid. 
  5. My first trip abroad was when I was 20 and it was to Italy not Paris. I fell in love with travel when I studied abroad in Florence. For years afterward I was planning on moving back to Italy and by chance, I ended up in Paris.
  6. I am the Aunt to the most adorable niece and nephew. It is the best gift my sister ever gave me! 
  7. I dance just about every day when I am home. I have a studio close to my house and will carve out an hour just to destress and dance with friends. 
  8. I lived as a nomad for three years. I lived between the US and Paris for three years out of a suitcase. It was a crazy fun experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. 
  9. I am not fluent in French. After all these trips to Paris you would have thought I was. I am getting better and I understand a lot, but I am so shy when it actually comes to speaking French. 
  10. My Grandma was my best friend. She was my cheerleader and supported all my crazy ideas good and bad. I miss her every day. 
  11. I rarely watch TV, but since my sister bought me Apple TV for my birthday I got hooked on Gilmore Girls. I cannot wait for November 25. 
  12. I love olives. My go-to cocktail is an extra dirty martini. 
  13. I chipped my front tooth as a kid on a ride at an amusement park. From time to time I have it fixed by my Dad who is luckily my dentist. I have been known to rechip it on Parisian baguettes so I prefer to get the ones that aren’t so crunchy.
  14. I am dying to get a dog. I have names picked out and would love to have a cavalier king Charles but I travel too much. 
  15. My dream project is a book! Growing up I used to sleep in my Grandma’s library when I would visit and I have always dreamt of having a book on the shelves. I have a few ideas in mind but I don’t think my story is finished yet.  

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  1. Some info I did not know. I was one of the people that saw your engagement ring and mentioned to you. you were very sweet to respond. I love following you and have a couple of your Paris photo’s. One is right next to me at my computer. My husband passed away going on 2 years after being married nearly 53 years. He was my everything so I wish you the same happiness. I am very grateful and that is my treasured word and I treasure it each and everyday. You keep me entertained and I so appreciate you. Thank you for being you. Pamela

  2. Hi, Rebecca. I wanted to stop by and tell you I love your photography. I first discovered your work through Pottery Barn and have since purchased four of your pieces. Like you, I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio (grew up on the east side) and cannot believe how small a world it is! Thank you for sharing your talent with us via your photography and blog. Hope all is well with you!

  3. Hello Rebecca. My friend Lilia introduced me to your site and I really enjoy reading about your experiences and recommendations. Lilia and I both share the same love for Paris that you have and try to take a trip together at least once a year of which we refer to your many recommendations. We really want to try Paris Perfect one trip but have to save a few more pennies for that!😉. Enjoy your birthday in London!

    • Hi Tonya,

      Thank you so much to you and Lilia for reading! What a fun experience to take a trip with a friend every year. I am so happy to be a good reference as you explore Paris. I will keep sharing tips as I find them. Paris Perfect has a sale right now, keep an eye out if you want to book something!


  4. So nice to get to know you :). I also want to get a dog and it is to be a King Charles Cavalier!!! I promised my children we would get one when we bought a house. Well, we are busy packing up and moving into our new house soon, so I am sure that a dog is on the horizon for us!

    • Thank you so much, Phyllis! I am so happy you enjoyed getting to know me more. Enjoy your Paris planner and calendar. I hope you have a fabulous holiday season.