5 Best Hotel Cocktail Bars in Paris

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After a long day of sightseeing and museums, you may want to rest your feet and enjoy a cocktail in Paris. Many bars with outside terraces offer great people-watching on the grand boulevards of Paris and tiny side streets. I recommend grabbing a glass of wine at a wine bar or enjoying the outdoor spots a short walk from your hotel. Even if a luxury hotel stay isn’t in your Paris budget, it is fun to pop by for a cocktail for an evening. This shortlist is filled with some of my favorites of the best cocktail bars in Paris. I would love to know your favorite spots too. Make sure to comment below and share with the EDP community. 

5 Best Hotel Cocktail Bars in Paris

How Much to Budget for a Paris Cocktail at a Hotel Bar

Before we get into the recommendations, it’s always good to know how much you will spend on a hotel bar drink in Paris. Plan to pay anywhere from 25 euros to 35 euros depending on the alcohol. A wine list may offer more affordable options with the same ambiance. 

Saint James Paris Library Bar

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Saint James Paris is located in the 16th arrondissement and recently went under renovation in 2021. I visited for a cocktail at the Libary Bar in 2019 and fell in love with the hotel. Typically, the hotel is reserved for hotel guests, but I could score a reservation thanks to a concierge friend who made a connection. 

The renovations to the hotel gave the space a beautiful update but kept the look and feel of The Library Bar, including the spiral staircase. This is where my husband and I stayed when we were engaged, and we were able to celebrate here the day after. Initially, my husband planned to propose in the gardens in the back of the hotel but changed to Palais Royal at the last minute. 

Saint James Paris hotel bar

Enjoy a cocktail in the Saint James garden in the summer months. It is the perfect place to escape the city for a quiet afternoon. During our visit, the gardens were opened, and we had the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail during our stay. We got engaged this day, but I had no idea what was coming later. 

The Library Bar at Saint James Paris is now open to the public from 7 pm to midnight. Saint James Library bar offers signature cocktails from the experienced bar staff and all your favorite classic cocktails with a full bar. You can see the cocktail menu here. 

Café Laurent Hôtel d’Abusson

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Café Laurent located in the Hôtel d’Abusson is for the jazz lover. It is the ideal spot for cocktail lovers and live music. Enjoy live jazz music in a cozy atmosphere in the hotel bar Monday through Saturday. The bar does not take reservations; it is first come, first serve. You will want to arrive early to get a good seat for the evening. There is a full bar and cocktail menu for your visit. Peek inside from the windows on Rue Dauphine to see the jazz musicians. 

I have enjoyed a solo here and had a great evening by myself. There are plenty of people in the small space to converse with from around the world, or you can keep to yourself. It also makes a great date night activity in the city of light. Tea and non-alcoholic drinks are also served on the menu here. 

Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain James Joyce Bar

James Joyce Bar is located in Pavillon Faubourg Saint-Germain Hôtel. The newly opened boutique hotel in the heart of Saint Germain is one of my favorites. James Joyce is the perfect Parisian hotel bar with an intimate setting for cocktails with friends or a romantic evening. Order off the cocktail menu or sit at the bar and converse with the bartender to create a delicious cocktail tailored just for you. The bartenders are entertaining with their mixology skills and happy to spark a conversation with a solo traveler. 

Explore the cocktail menu here.

Les Ambassadeurs at Hôtel de Crillon

place de la concorde

Located in the heart of Paris, just outside the Place de la Concorde, you will find one of the best hotel bars in Hotel de Crillon. Les Ambassadeurs is a great location for walking if you stay close to Paris’s center and a quick walk from the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Our hotel concierge recommended this as the best place to listen to jazz and enjoy a cocktail. Jazz music ran until midnight, and our dinner ran late. We were able to catch the tail end of the jazz performance, and I also really enjoyed the playlist at the bar into the late evening hours. 

There are no reservations at the bar. It is first come, first serve. We decided to wait until a table was available and found a spot at the bar, watching the mixologist work their magic. What I loved about this bar is the creative cocktail list. The drink menu is also a board game. Roll the dice and see what number correlates to the unique cocktails on the menu. You can see the fun menu here. Drinks are 29 euros for alcohol and 23 euros for non-alcoholic. 

Explore the full bar menu here. The bartender convinced us he made the best negroni in all of Paris. 

Les Jardins du Faubourg 

Les Jardins du Faubourg is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. The Confidential bar is only for hotel guests and those in the know. This was a recommendation from our hotel concierge and a quick walk from where we were staying. Our cocktail experience was enjoyed in the hidden courtyard in the middle of the hotel. It was a beautiful evening and space in the heart of Paris with delicious cocktails and a more quiet and private experience. Classic cocktails run around 22 euros, and custom cocktails are 30 euros. Enjoy the complete cocktail list here. 

Le Tout-Paris

pont neuf paris

Le Tout-Paris is located in the Cheval Blanc hotel overlooking Pont Neuf, Notre Dame, with views of the Eiffel Tower. The view from the balcony cannot be beaten. It’s the perfect spot for a sunset cocktail or a weekend afternoon to enjoy the rooftop terrace. 

Other favorite hotel bars in Paris worth exploring:

Royal Monceau Raffles Hotel. I highly recommend booking a dinner at Il Carpaccio. 

Four Seasons George V is one of the luxury hotels in Paris you should visit for a cocktail. The bar is more of a dark and moody atmosphere for a rainy day or winter evening. 

Bar Hemingway at The Ritz 

Hemingway Bar, found at The Ritz, is always in every guidebook and always a frequent bucket list spot. The bar earned its name after being liberated from the Nazis in 1944 by Ernest Hemingway. Since this is a well-known spot, I am keeping it off the list. If you plan to visit, note there are 25 seats and no reservations. There will be a wait to experience Hemingway Bar. I have done it once and crossed it off my list. Below are other hotel bars that aren’t The Ritz for you to enjoy on your next trip to Paris. 

I also recommend checking out this post on the five best rooftop bars in Paris with a view. 

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  1. Your article is so timely. My husband and I are going to Paris in a few weeks for my birthday. We both love jazz and it was nice to see that two of the bars have jazz music. I have been going back through Blog and taking lots of notes for our trip. Your photography is beautiful.