My Boll and Branch Bed

Boll and Branch Bed

All photos of me are by Rebecca Tyler Photography

My Boll and Branch Bed:

I have been a customer of Boll and Branch for years. I was introduced to the brand by a high school friend and I have been a fan ever since I got my first pair of signature hemmed sheets. They get softer every time you wash them and they are an essential part of my bed. I gifted my brother-in-law and sister a pair last year and they asked for a second set this year because they are just that good.

After a long day, I love nothing more than to crawl into clean sheets. Henri can’t resist jumping up for a cuddle before bed. He loves to watch tv in bed with me or sit next to me while I read.

dog on a boll and branch bed

Good bedding is an investment and I have slowly been purchasing items from Boll and Branch year after year. After the signature hemmed sheets came the waffle blanket, then the duvet cover, and pillows. I recently added additional layers to my bed with a quilted comforter. Chicago gets so cold in the winter and this extra layer is essential.

coffee mug on bed set
Boll and Branch Bed comforter
Boll and Branch Bed
everyday parisian and her dog

For weekend naps, Henri and I love the sweater blanket and Heathered Twill Oversized Blanket that we keep on the couch.

reading on your bed with a dog
Boll and Branch Bed Set

The holiday cutoff to order your Boll and Branch bedding is December 14th. You can use the code REBECCA25 at checkout for 25% off. This is the best deal of the season and the entire year! If you are looking to update your bed or gift something special to a loved one, you can take advantage of the special discount.

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  1. HUGE fan of Boll & Branch, thanks to your blog about them a while back – and these pictures of you and Henri are just the cutest!

    • Thank you so much, Joy! I love these photos too. They are special memories of the two of us. ❤️ I am so happy you love your Boll and Branch bedding. xo

    • Thank you so much, Clara! We had so much fun doing this and we have such great photos for years to come. ❤️