Mastering the Art of Sleep

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At the start of this year, I made a goal to Master the Art of Sleep. I was honest about my struggle with sleep and it actually surprised a lot of people. Friends and readers from all over sent messages asking if everything was ok, I am totally fine! I just am not the best sleeper! This explains ALL the coffee I drink during the day.

I could make a list of a million goals for the year but I figured having just one was enough and I could really focus on it. Since it is June 1, I thought I would share my progress and YES there is progress.

Sleep Routine

I suffer from migraines and one of my triggers is when I disrupt my sleep pattern. I get made fun of for my sleep schedule but keeping a consistent sleep schedule even on the weekends has been key. I typically climb into bed around 10:30 and wake up around 6ish (my alarm is set for 7 am)

Before I go to bed, there are a few things I do around the house including cleaning up the kitchen.  I fill up my Brita water filter with a full amount and make sure there is water in my Nespresso.  The first thing I do in the morning is drink water and coffee so this is pretty important. I now have upgraded to a French Press in 2020.

I have a long beauty routine of lotions and serums and I make sure to floss and brush before bed. (my water flosser may be one of my favorite things I own) 

As I go through my nightly routine, I try to unwind with a cup of tea. I am addicted to the rooibis tea from Palais des Thés. There is no caffeine and it tastes so good. I put a splash of almond milk if I have it in the house.

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What I Wear to Bed

This is something pretty new I discovered and to be honest, I didn’t think it would make a difference but it really has. Instead of pants to bed which I always used to wear, I started wearing pajama shorts. I am not too hot in the middle of the night and this helps. My family totally makes fun of me but I can’t sleep without a sleep mask.

My Bed

I really wanted to get a new bed at the start of this year as so many of you mentioned this might be the problem. I still have the same bed but I made a little upgrade. I currently have Boll and Branch sheets, which I absolutely love for the soft cotton. I recently purchased this Boll and Branch blanket and I swear it is a game changer. The texture is amazing and it is so soft. I literally can’t wait to climb into bed every night. You have to wash it before using, I use this Laundress detergent on my whites. The smell is heavenly and there is nothing like crawling into freshly washed sheets. You will thank me, I promise!

Before Bed

There are three things that really help with sleep once I am in bed. My alarm is on so I put my phone in airplane mode until I wake up. This way if texts come in during the middle of the night (which they do) they won’t wake me. I love to read before bed. Right now I am reading “The Lost Vintage” I have a stack of books on my nightstand. Writing my to-do list for the next day really helps if I am overwhelmed. I can let go of what is on my mind and do a mental prep for the morning. (you can read my productivity tips here)  I have been adding magnesium to my nightly routine and it has helped so much. I picked up one in France but you can easily get it anywhere in the US. I take 300mg before bed with a glass of water and it makes me so sleepy and helps me sleep. (make sure you consult with your doctor if you are taking any prescription that might interact with the magnesium)

rebecca plotnick mastering the art of sleeping

If I am struggling with sleep or need to quiet my mind and I am not there yet, I will put on a podcast. I LOVE “How I Built This” on NPR. I hope one day I am on the show. For whatever reason, this puts me right to sleep. If you have other favorite podcasts I would love to know since I am running out of episodes.

I can’t say I have mastered the art of sleep, but I am on my way to mastering it! It is always going to be a process and a big focus. If I get enough sleep, I feel I can do just about anything. Having a routine and knowing what works has really helped in the whole process.

I would love to know what things you can’t sleep without. I hope this helps some of you who are mastering sleep just like me.

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