Why I am not Making New Years Goals On New Years Day

Image via   French Words   and drawing by   Merrit of beaubonjoli

Image via French Words and drawing by Merrit of beaubonjoli

If you haven’t noticed, I am a bit unconventional. I have thought a lot about this and to be perfectly honest, I am burnt out. I would hate to admit it but it is true. I don’t believe in timelines and I think it is pretty funny that as soon as the clock strikes midnight people have a list of resolutions for the new year. Since I am burnt out, I have already decided I am not making any big goals until February 1.

I will be headed to Paris for a quick trip at the end of January. This is a trip just for me. To clear my head, to refocus, and to photograph the city I love. I have a lot of ideas for 2018, but I have to be realistic. While part of my goals will be business related, I will also be focusing on personal goals and growth. I want to work on how to make myself a better person and in turn a better role model. 

Goals that I am working on for 2018, SLEEP. Any and all ideas are welcome on how to get better sleep will be much appreciated. It isn’t my best skill which is why I am always caffeinated. My other goal that I am working on is having a better wake up routine and night routine, which ultimately means less technology. I have been reading a lot of articles on this and I can’t wait to come up with something that works with my schedule. 

My morning/evening routine will lead to better sleep and I can be more productive in the long run. It will be a lifestyle change for sure but I am ready for the challenge. I do think I will have more reading time if I cut out phone time. 

Do you make goals or resolutions? I prefer goals, I never want to beat myself up for the fact that I didn’t accomplish something I set out to do just because I didn’t succeed at the first attempt. I have 365 days to make an improvement on my starting point. What are your thoughts? Do you have goals for this New Year? No pressure, feel free to share them below so I can cheer you on or share them with a friend. I believe it is better to share your goals/dreams with at least one person so they can hold you accountable and support you. Whatever your goals are big or small, I wish you all the best in 2018. 

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  1. I think it’s totally fair for you to wait until 2/1 to make goals! That seems much more realistic.

    I had a goal for 2018 of not sleeping with my phone anymore and it’s going well so far. I plug my phone in at the other end of the room about 20 mins before bedtime. Then I turn off the light and read on my Kindle until I fall asleep! It’s working really well and I definitely recommend it. Another reader mentioned essential oils and I agree that lavender helps tremendously if you’re a bad sleeper. I also use Headspace occasionally for their "sleep" meditation series–it never fails to put me right to sleep. Good luck!! xo

    • Thank you! I have gotten into a good sleep routine at night with unplugging and reading before bed. It is only a few days in but so far so good. I just need to make sure my nightstand is well stocked with books.

      Do you have a good morning wake routine? I need to stop grabbing for my phone first thing.

      Thank you! Wishing you all the best this year. I am glad we got to chat over coffee! xo

  2. Bonjour et bonne année Rebecca! Yoga with Adriene is my favorite yoga on YouTube, completely free! She has le yoga for almost anything including morning and night. I especially love the night routines. They really really help me to unwind my body and mind. 🙂


    • Thank you so much Lauren! I need to get back to a daily practice with yoga. I can’t wait to check it out. Bonne Année to you! Wishing you all the best in 2018! xo

  3. Hello! I just want to tell you that I like your blog. I’m a reader from Japan and I found your blog last year. I’m not good at English but your blog is very easy to read and understand! I really enjoy reading your blog. I feel like I’m in Paris. Thank you for giving us awesome blog. By the way, my goal for 2018 is cooking! I hardly cook in daily life, but I decided to take care of my health this year, so I try to cook by myself at least one dish. Anyway, happy new year and hope you have a wonderful year!

  4. I’ve chosen a "shut down" time where I shut down the rest of the house and move to my bedroom/bathroom. I turn on an essential oil atomizer with lavendar. Nice clean flannel sheets and a flannel duvet await me. My planner is on my bed and I record a few lines of gratitude or lingering "be sure not to forget …." items. I pray and then I read something pleasant. At the end of the half hour, I shut the light off. If I’m having to retrain myself into a night routine (like I am now), I will use "Natural Calm" which you can find on Amazon cheaper than any store. 🙂

  5. Can you work just M-F and endeavor to take the weekends off?

    Do you need to buy an alarm clock so you have no need for your phone in the bedroom?

    Can you leave your Paris schedule open, with as few coffee and cocktail dates as possible, so you can decide each morning what you feel like doing?

    Is your mattress comfortable enough, your pillow supportive enough, your bedroom quiet and dark enough?

    Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet? Would you feel better if you made a green smoothie every morning, with spinach, lime juice, ginger, banana, and peaches or pineapple? Do you drink enough water every day?

    What about a daily multivitamin, fish oil capsules, B-Complex, and Vitamin D? All are important for mood and wellness.

    Hugs to you.