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Most mornings you can find me here with a cup of coffee. I start my days SUPER early! Today I am putting my first “out of the office” notice up on my email since I started my business in 2010. I am a very hands-on business owner and try to reply back promptly. The reason for the out of office reply? I am on my way to Havana, Cuba.

This blog is called Every Day Parisian and I completely understand if you are wondering why am I going to Cuba? It has been on my bucket list for years and Americans can finally go! I had to jump on the opportunity. I will be visiting Hemingway’s House and some of his local haunts in Havana and I can’t wait to share.

The Internet is not so easy to log into in Cuba so I decided it was best to put up an out of office reply and catch up on emails once I return. You won’t even notice I am gone because I have posts scheduled! I have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure I can feel good about taking time away. 

My Travel Routine

Does anyone have a routine they carry out before they travel? I have a few things I always do before leaving the house.

1. I clean! This is probably the biggest and most important. I Swiffer, the do the laundry and take out the trash. I love coming home to a clean apartment. 

2. I work out. I try to squeeze in a little studio time before I jump on a plane. It is really good for blood flow and I know my legs will be cramped the rest of the day. 

3. Hydration. I start drinking extra water the minute I wake up and carry a bottle of water on the way to the airport. I rarely drink in flight unless there are bubbles 😉 I skip the juice and the alcohol. When I get up for bathroom breaks I will grab extra water on the way back to my seat.

4. Snacks! I am always hungry when I fly. It is a running joke with my family that I need to take food because I land hungry no matter what. This round I am bringing red vines, popcorn and peanut m and m’s. I have no idea if I will like the food in Cuba and if I will have time to grab a snack when I land.

5. Skincare. I always wear a Caudalie moisturizing mask when traveling for extra moisture so I don’t dry out. My skin is already dry and flying adds to it. I also love the Sisley-Paris eye contour mask! It is always in my carry on and gets rid of those under eye puffy circles. These two products really help me look refreshed when I land. 



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  1. I always try to come home to a clean house (trash taken out, refrigerator cleaned out, clean bathroom, no dirty laundry). I even wash my sheets right before I leave and either put them back on the bed or just having them ready to go in the dryer is good enough. I have a combination washer/dryer (one machine) so I can set it and leave. Have a great trip in Cuba! I can’t wait to see your photos.

    • Yes! That is the routine! I love coming home to fresh sheets on the bed and a clean house.

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait to share.

      Have a fabulous week!