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Before I turned 21, Paris was at the top of my bucket list. I hadn’t left the country until my semester of study abroad in Florence that Spring. I was bitten by the travel but and have had a serious case of wanderlust ever since. I have been lucky enough to have traveled a lot since the age of 21 and also I have been very fortunate to take a passion and turn it into a career. I have an updated bucket list of sorts and there is one place that has been on it for a long time. Cuba is close by but as Americans, we haven’t had a chance to visit until recently. Earlier this year a friend told me about a trip to Cuba. There was just one catch, I had 24 hours to decide. I figured I would sleep on it. The more I thought about it I couldn’t sleep I was too excited to say, YES! 

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As a photographer, I am an observer and storyteller. I notice the little things in life and capture these tiny moments. There is joy in even the smallest things and my photography makes you think and look at something that would have normally passed by you in a blink. This is my gift to you.

What I am most excited about going to Cuba: seeing the people, capturing the beauty, the colors, and the old cars. I have seen a glimpse of my itinerary and we are rum tasting, visiting Hemingway’s house, and exploring Old Havana.  

There is just one thing, the wifi connection is slow and not always available. Before my trip to Italy last Summer I would have been frustrated and spent weeks trying to figure out how to get service. I learned that it is ok to unplug and reset. We are human after all. So I have decided to take a break from wifi and emails. I will be prepping some posts so you won’t even know I am missing. 

Whenever I leave people always tell me “take lots of pictures” With me that is a given! I can’t wait to share with you all my perspective of Cuba and the changing of Havana.

I hope that I will be able to encourage you all to take the trip you have been waiting to take. Life is short. Live while you are young! Change some day to now. I would love to know what your bucket travel list is. I am over here cheering you on! 

My current travel bucket list:

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  1. I enjoyed your bucket list article, and , yes to all of you who keep putting travel off, make that trip you really want to take happen NOW. I have traveled a lot alone & with my high school students in Europe, but I cannot travel now b/c of a care taking situation. However, one day I want to go to: Poland, Portugal, Argentina, & several states in the United States. Thank you for keeping me in touch with my favorite city.

    • Hi Phyllis,

      My pleasure! I hope you get the chance to go to the places on your bucket list. I am hoping to visit Portugal this summer. Best wishes to you. I will keep you in touch with Paris! Thank you so much for following!