French Madeleine Recipe

french madeleine recipe

I never really thought about French madeleines until I had one fresh out of the oven. I was at a business lunch meeting in Paris. After dessert, before the bill was given, they walked around with a tray of fresh madeleines warm and just out of the oven. It was incredible! In my opinion, it was better than a chocolate chip cookie. I have been trying out different recipes ever since. If I make them at home, I prefer fresh fruit in them. This time I added blueberries and raspberries from the market. Just a few in each mold will do the trick.

french madeleine recipe

I used this recipe from La Cuisine Paris

french madeleine recipe

french madeleine recipe everyday parisian

You can purchase a madeleine pan online through either amazon or Sur La Table. Make sure to butter the pan well. My Aunt taught me that cold shock was important to keeping the madeleines plump. You simply pop the buttered pan into the freezer before putting the batter in. The pan will be cold as it enters the oven and that helps. The recipe also has you reduce the temperature once you see the humps starting to form. It happens quickly so stay in the kitchen and keep your eye on them. It is all worth it. You can keep the batter in the fridge for up to three days so make a few at a time and enjoy warm.

french madeleine recipe

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  1. I love making madeleleines, and my husband and I enjoyed a few every morning this week. Biting the crisp outer edge followed by tender cake is delightful.