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The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris

the best flats for Paris everyday parisian

My favorite way to explore Paris is by foot. My first solo trip to Paris was in 2010, I walked the city without a map, got lost, and enjoyed every minute of it. It is how I learned about the city of Paris and all the hidden streets. The shoes you wear can make or break a trip. Blisters or uncomfortable shoes can really slow you down. I also, prefer to look like a local instead of a tourist. These are the best shoes to wear in Paris all recommended and tested by me on a previous trip.

The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris


The Best Sneakers for Paris

the best walking shoes for Paris sneakers everyday parisian

Sneakers are trendy right now and perfect for staying comfortable while putting in a few miles while walking around Paris. Pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or trousers. Veja is a popular French brand. You can find them at Nordstrom in the US or if you are in Paris and want to grab some, you can find them at the major department stores such as BHV, Galleries Lafayette, or one of their stores. There are three locations in Paris.

veja sneakers in Paris

For a budget-friendly option, I love the Madewell Low-Top Sneakers. Sneakers are very trendy in Paris and you will fit right in. I would leave the Nike running sneakers at home and use more modern sneakers for walking around Paris. I always recommend breaking in the Madewell shoes before you leave town. They will mold to your feet well after a few wears. You will thank me later for this. Once you have them broken in, you will never want to take them off. They are great shoes and occasionally, you can find them on sale which makes it even better, and are under $100. 



The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris

Shoes for walking in Paris

Other favorite sneakers include these Jack sneakers from Sézane. 




The Best Shoes for Paris

It isn’t uncommon for me to walk 10 miles a day in Paris. I always find a reason to cross the Seine. It is so calming and a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset.



paris on the seine by rebecca plotnick

I have had my fair share of uncomfortable shoes on the streets of Paris and I feel I have learned my painful lesson. I have also been caught in the rain more times than I care to admit and in the end, ruined a few pairs of shoes.

My favorite walking shoes have been the Blondo shoes. They were great for fall and winter because they make various ankle and knee-high boots. I have 5 pairs and counting! They are waterproof, which is so great, and I don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain and ruining a pair of boots. The price point is between $125 – $200. These will bring new styles at the start of Fall.

I like to wear these socks with my ballet flats and these no-show socks with my sneakers. (which were a reader favorite we sold them out)



The Best Ballet Flats for Paris

Ballet flats for walking around Paris demi Margaux flats

Ballet flats for traveling to Paris demi Margaux flats

ballet flats for walking in paris

Margaux Demi flat great walking shoes for Paris, France

When it comes to ballet flats, I really love the Margaux Demi flat. I bought them after hearing so many people mention the brand. I purchased the 8.5, and I quickly fell in love with them. After walking miles in them in Paris in both the fall and spring, I can honestly say these are some of the best walking flats. My feet swell after walking a while so I do think the 8.5 was best for me. There is a bow-tie at the top which was a game changer for me in making them tighter and mold to my feet better. 

the best walking flats for Paris

I get so many questions about these and if they are really comfortable, and the answer is YES! You can see my full review here. I have the Medium width.

The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris

Sarah Flint flats

Sarah Flint flats are also a great option if you want a different style of flat. These need a little more breaking in, but once you have them formed to your feet, you can walk miles. This is the style I have.

Sarah Flint flats for walking in Paris

Sarah Flint flats for walking in Paris

The Best Flat Boots for Paris

Flat Boots for traveling

For the colder months, I highly recommend a flat boot for walking around Paris. My Blondos are my go-to and one of your favorites too! These tall boots will be in stock in all sizes in the colder months. I will make sure to let you know when they are back in stock. They usually go on sale around Nordstrom’s Anniversary. These go with jeans and dresses and are just all-around great boots for under $250.

The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris flat boots


The Best Shoes To Wear in Paris


best boots for Paris travel

Ankle Boots for Paris

Chelsea boots are the trend in Paris right now for ankle boots. I love these from Everlane, which held up to my walking test in Paris. They are also water resistant, which is helpful for rainy days in Paris. They run true to size. I am an 8.5 and come in black and brown.

chelsea boots for Paris everyday parisian

Ankle Booties for walking

My Blondo ankle booties were the MVP of my latest Paris trip in April. (P.S. I did find them on Amazon with limited sizes and colors) I almost didn’t pack them but added them to my suitcase. It snowed and was freezing and rained for most of the ten days. Blondos are waterproof, and these held up. Mine are so old and were purchased from Nordstrom over five years ago. Blondo will have more updated styles come fall.

Do you have a favorite walking shoe you can’t live without? Share below!

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  1. Great post. That’s a lot of shoes to pack. But not very budget friendly. And that’s a lot of shoes for 1 trip!

    • Hello Vandana,

      This is a general suggestion based on all seasons. The post is to help you make the best decision based on your budget and the time of year you are traveling. The Madewell sneakers are under $75 on sale and are very budget-friendly.

      Have a great day,

  2. Thank you! I learned about the Demi ballet flats some time ago and after being introduced by you I decided to check out further. Decided to order a black pair and I am happy so thank you. Wanted pink but went with good old standby black. Loved the burgundy and brown from last fall. I most often wear Chanel two toned so I suggested to the Margaux co would they do some colors? Anyway I mainly wanted to thank you again for suggesting. It pushed me when you said comfort…

  3. I second the Rothys. I wore walked 10 miles one day this April while in Paris. Tossed them in the wash when I git back to Boston. They’ve got round toe, pointy toe, loafer and sneaker. My favorite sneakers are my white on white tretorn nylite.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Great to know! Thank you. I love that you can throw them in the wash.


  4. I might need the snake skin version of the ballet flats. So cute! I have ultra sensitive skin. The elastic doesn’t look too tight, like on other flats that just have it at the back. Is it soft against the skin?

    • I literally walked 21 miles in the red flats and didn’t have an issue. I always wear little socks with them to protect my feet from blisters and sweat.

  5. I have found the best shoes which are designed by an Australian podiatrist and physiotherapist. They come with with insole inserts for extra comfort.. There are sandals, boots and jogger styles as well as ballet slipper styles. I have in excess of twelve pairs and a number of them have walked rhe streets of Paris. I love them.
    They are sold online all over the world at www.

  6. My favorite walking shoes on European trips are from Mephisto. In the summer I’ve been able to find lightweight sneakers that have a little metallic trim that work well with pants, skirts, and even casual summer dresses. In the winter I purchased the Mephisto black sneaker called Lenzo that has a thicker sole and suede shell that keeps you warm while walking on the frozen concrete. Mephisto is always very supportive.

    • I’m updating for summer with white Mephisto Hawaï with silver trim. They are very similar to Lenzo shoe. I’ll be in Europe this May getting my steps in. Also bringing Blondos for the rain days.

  7. Taryn Rose makes the most beautiful and comfortable suede flat. Rothy’s also makes super comfy and stylish flats that are machine washable!! They are made from recycled water bottles—how cool is that?!

  8. Great post and unless I’m going out to a restaurant I live in my black leather converse high tops. They go with most things and are so comfy. I do all my photoshoots and weddings in them too. A great investment and pretty cheap at underc100 euros. I’ve walked all over Paris numerous times and Rome and they are still going strong after 2 years! Xx