Cinq a Sept Little Black Dress

Parisian little black dress

Cinq à Sept Little Black Dress

I was hunting for the perfect little black dress for an occasion last weekend. Everywhere I looked, I kept striking out. Nothing worked out, and I do not love the current styles. I prefer a little black dress for evening occasions, ready to go in my closet, that I love over finding something in a pinch. This post is for you if you want a great strapless black dress.

The price was slightly higher than I wanted, but I got a discount at Saks during one of their sale weekends. I know I will wear this dress more than once, and I am perfectly okay with it. Since it is a black dress, I can style it differently with accessories and shoes to change the overall look.

Cinq a Sept black strapless dress

How I styled The Little Black Dress

I have wanted this YSL clutch for almost a year now, and I finally purchased it in Paris as a year-end gift. Our weekend occasion was the perfect time to take her out for a spin. The Uptown Clutch from YSL is relatively flat and fits a phone, lipstick, and a small wallet. You don’t want to put anything too bulky in this clutch.

Yulia was over for a photo shoot, and I asked her to squeeze this one in. I am so glad we did. Since the weekend went by so quickly, I hadn’t much time to get photos.

Sizing for The Cinq à Sept Black Dress

It runs true to size, and I purchased a size 6. The back construction for holding you up without a strapless bra was pretty unique. There were so many hooks to keep you strapped in, which was great, considering I am more significant in the bust. The fit was excellent, and it was well made. Initially, the styled photos on the website showed pockets, but I could never find them on my dress. I had the dress dry-cleaned and pressed before wearing it for the event. Since the dress arrived in a box, it had a lot of wrinkles that my steamer couldn’t fully get out.

*I purchased the dress for a special family event. This post does include affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased from my links. Merci!

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