Where to See Paris in Bloom

where to see Paris in bloom Notre Dame

Where to See Paris in Bloom

Paris in the Spring is one of my favorite times to visit for many reasons. There is a buzz in the air after being inside over Winter. The terraces are packed with people from lunch to past happy hour, and the city starts to bloom with spring flowers. It begins with the magnolia blossoms, followed by apple, cherry, and chestnut blossoms. Paris is sprinkled with different shades of pink from March through May, and it is stunning. Don’t forget the white blossom trees and the purple wisteria too. I hope you enjoy this post on the best places where to see Paris in bloom.

Magnolia Trees in Paris

magnolia tree Eiffel Tower paris in bloom

magnolias in bloom palais royal Paris.

Hôtel de Ville has a few trees right in front coming from the Seine. This is one of the first spots to blossom in Paris to signify the beginning of spring.


Apple Blossoms in Paris

first signs of spring in paris

The first time I saw apple blossoms in bloom outside the Eiffel Tower, I confused them for cherry blossoms. It was the first time I saw either blooming, and I didn’t know what to expect. Apple blossoms are smaller flowers in a light pink or white shade with about five blossoms on each bud. These flowers start to bloom in early spring in Paris. You can spot these beautiful flowers on trees throughout the city until late March.

paris in bloom eiffel tower pink blossoms<

Where to see Paris Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Cherry blossoms in Paris are a fantastic experience and a special time to be in the city. During my first spring in Paris, they didn't pop until the end of April, which is unusual. They typically start in early April and last two weeks. My birthday is right around this time, and I try to line up my spring trip to April to see them in bloom. When planning a trip to Paris to see the cherry blossom trees in bloom, late March or the beginning of April is the best time. The weather can be challenging; a good rain storm can quickly wash them out. There are no guarantees for anything during the spring in Paris.

Notre Dame cherry blossoms in bloom Paris

One of the best spots for cherry blossom season is next to Notre Dame Cathedral in Square Jean XXIII. Early in the morning before the crowds show up, the perfect spot is just on the edge of the Seine River. Notre Dame is currently under construction and is not expected to reopen until late 2024. The earliest you can experience this magical spot is spring 2025. Before the fire, there was a tiny sandbox for kids to play in, and the trees would blossom right above.

cherry blossoms Notre Dame Paris in bloom

Jardin des Plantes Where to See Paris in Bloom

Jardin des Plantes is an excellent spot to see Paris in bloom. The garden has the best cherry blossom trees with white and pink blossoms. You cannot miss them as you enter from the main street. Jardin des Plantes is a destination in Paris during the blossom season. Grab a coffee at Strada and walk over to soak up the sun and blossoms.

jardin des plantes paris in bloom
jardin des plantes paris cherry blossoms

Shakespeare and Co Paris Bookshop

Shakespeare & Co., located on Rue de la Bûcherie in the heart of Paris, has a few trees right at the entrance of the famous bookshop with cherry blossom trees to attract tourists and locals. It is best to arrive early in the morning for a photo opportunity, as the shop has a long line. Shakespeare & Co. is tiny on the inside but worth visiting. Next door is a shop for coffee and cakes with an inside and exterior terrace with tables. This will give you a great view of Notre Dame and the reconstruction process.

Paris cherry blossoms Shakespeare and Co

St. Paul Metro Paris Cherry Blossoms

Paris cherry blossoms in bloom

St. Paul is a great spot to see the best cherry blossoms near the Marais. The metro station let you off directly in the square, where you will be greeted with pink blooms.

paris st paul cherry blossoms in bloom

Eiffel Tower Paris Cherry Blossoms

There are two places to spot the cherry blossoms near the Eiffel Tower. From the Trocadero gardens, trees are lining the sidewalk, which was much smaller a few years ago and has probably grown in size over time.

Eiffel Tower cherry blossoms trocadero Paris


Cross the street to the Champ des Mars for another perspective with cherry blossoms just at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

cherry blossoms Eiffel Tower paris view champ de Mars


Off the Beaten Path Paris Rue Monge in Bloom

Rue Monge, located in the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank, is near the center of Paris, close to one of my favorite coffee shops, Strada café. In Square Paul Langevin and the surrounding area, you will spot beautiful cherry trees with pink cherry blossoms. Take your coffee to go and sit in the square or walk through the sea of pink flowers.

cherry blossoms in bloom Rue Monge Paris

Square Gabriel Pierné Paris in Bloom

where to see Paris in bloom everyday parisian

left bank cherry blossoms paris

Square Gabriel Pierné is a popular spot near the Seine River on the way to St. Germain des Près off Rue de Seine. Dogs are allowed here, and seeing them resting in the sun under the cherry blossom trees is so cute. It is a small square, but you can't miss the large cherry blossoms as you walk down Rue de Seine.

left bank cherry blossoms in bloom Paris


where to see Paris cherry blossoms in bloom

Where to See Paris Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

Where to see Paris cherry blossoms in bloom

Parc de Sceaux is one of the most beautiful places in Paris to experience cherry blossoms. Take the RER B south of the city to Sceaux. It is a day trip out of Paris. Pack a picnic lunch for under the field of cherry blossom trees. It is one of the best locations for a memorable cherry blossom picnic.

Parc Sceaux Paris cherry blossoms

Along the Champ des Mars, you will see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, framing the Iron Lady for a great photo opportunity. One of the best things you can do in the spring is to picnic under the trees until the day ends. Bring a blanket, baguette, cheese, and rosé and set up an impromptu picnic. The Eiffel Tower sparkles every hour after sunset.

Chestnut Blossoms in Paris

chestnut blossoms in Paris

As the cherry blossoms fade away in late April, chestnut blossoms bloom in Paris. These are pink and white flowers found on trees throughout Paris. One of my favorite places to see the chestnut blossoms is in Place Dauphine. The whole square explodes with pink blossoms from the chestnut trees. Enjoy a seat on one of the benches for a picnic, people-watching, and soaking up the sunshine in Paris.

chestnut blossoms in bloom Paris, France
chestnut blossoms Luxembourg gardens

Chestnut Blossoms outside the Eiffel Tower

chestnut blossoms outside the Eiffel Tower


Wisteria in Paris

Finally, Wisteria in Paris starts toward the end of April and mid-May. Take the time to explore Paris off the beaten path in Montmartre and some side streets. You never know where you might find hints of wisteria climbing in the city; it is a beautiful shade of purple.

wisteria in Paris. where to see Paris in bloom

Îl de la Cité

Just on the side of Notre Dame, you will find a café covered in purple wisteria.

wisteria il de la cité paris

Montmartre in Bloom: Where to Find Wisteria

purple wisteria montmartre

P.S. If you plan a trip to Paris this spring, don't miss this post on what to pack for Paris. 


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  1. Fabulous photographs! Thank you!!!

    Have you ever done a post on the Flea Markets in Paris? Is it worth covering? When I was in Paris I thought wanted to go there but just too much to do, so little time.
    Merci, Rebecca, I love your posts!

    • Thank you, Becky!

      I have been to the flea markets in Paris, but I haven’t done an updated post on them. It is an afternoon or day trip worth of time to spend. There is always so much to do in Paris, and since I have been a few times, I haven’t prioritized it. More oversized items that I would want are too expensive to ship. I enjoy the brocantes in the different arrondissements that are closer to central Paris that happen on the weekends. It is easier to pop in and browse and be on your way than a destination.

  2. No trip to Paris can be complete for garden/flower lovers, in my opinion, if it does not include a day trip to Giverny to see Monet’s Garden. We were lucky enough to be there in May a few years ago, and took the train, then hopped off and rented bikes from the cafe near the train station as our alternative to taking the shuttle bus. I took so many photos and the day is certainly one of the highlights of our travels in France. We went early, so as to arrive before the crowds in the afternoon — but nonetheless less, the gardens are so charming and wonderful.

  3. These pics are lovely – Paris is so magical in bloom. My very 1st trip to Paris was from late April into early May – the city went from Rainy and dismal to sunny and in bloom, seemingly overnight

  4. Your article on Paris in bloom was gorgeous. I’m on my way to Japan and hope to catch some blossoms there. Isn’t spring glorious?

    • Thank you! Safe travels to Japan. I hope you catch some beautiful blossoms. Please keep me posted on how your trip goes. I would love to see photos!