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This week didn’t go exactly as planned. I was so excited to get to Florida to hang out with my family for the holidays and looking forward to catching up on much needed sleep. Well, my flight was delayed in Chicago to snow. I had a two leg flight because a direct flight to Florida for Christmas was so expensive, I took a connection through Charlotte. I ended up missing my connection in Charlotte and was put on a 6pm flight to Florida. It was one of the most depressing afternoons I can remember. I was starving and a lot of food was closed except fast food. Bars were open but it was really bad Christmas music followed by a few lonely people at the bar… I did my best to stay positive and really just wanted to get to Florida. 

I finally made it and the whole family picked me up for dinner. It was worth the wait to see the kids. I emptied my suitcase of presents and chocolate and gave them to the kids. The kids put on their pajamas and got ready for bed. Christmas was low key and we spent the evening having an Italian dinner. Before I arrived to Florida, my sister and the kids all had the flu. I was so proud of myself for not getting sick ALL year, well that was until this week.

For the last four days I have been stuck sick in bed. The first couple of days, I was too tired to even work. Now I have gone a bit stir crazy. If I was home, I would have been out and about pushing myself. But because my sister has her whole family to worry about, she wants to make sure I am better even if the kids did give it to me first. 

To top it off, those very cute pajamas from JCrew I was looking forward to that were once white are now pink due to someone’s laundry skills (not naming names) It was actually the Burts Bees Pajamas from the kids that were mixed in that now turned my white pajamas my favorite shade of pink. There is a bright side 😉 

I had A LOT of reading time these past few days which leads me to links I love. I ordered three new books for the book club.  (this one and this one) I wish they arrived a bit earlier because I only brought one book with me this trip. Can you imagine? 

Links I LOVE

I created an end of year survey. This will really help me bring you what you want for the blog this next year. It takes less than 5 minutes and I would really love it if you took the time to complete it. I don’t see your names to the responses so don’t worry about being honest. 

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Is Savannah, The New Brooklyn? I have only been as a little kid and I really hope I can make a visit in 2018. 

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The Paris Vintage Shoe Store That’s a Resource for Top Designers this is on my list for January. I hope I can find something I like in my size. I love the idea that they are unworn Vintage styles. 

What 13 Highly Successful People Do Right Before Bed This next year, I am all about having a better sleep routine and a morning routine so this was a great read. 

My Favorite Things of 2017

7 Things Successful Women Do in January according to The Everygirl

If you haven’t joined the Every Day Parisian Facebook Community Page, what are you waiting for??

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  1. I just went to Savannah for the first time right after Thanksgiving! It’s an absolutely charming city and I can’t wait to go back – definitely worth a visit 🙂