Links I Love : September Week 2

paris in the autumn

This week was a stressful one. I spent the weekend with my family to celebrate my niece and nephew’s birthday’s which was a lot of fun. I left Tuesday just as the news of Hurricane Irma was coming out. We spent Monday night talking about action plans and my sister running to the grocery to pick up more essentials. I watched news reports and tracked the hurricane all week. I sent early morning texts and a few extra phone calls worried about my family. They made the decision to stay put in Florida. While it looks like my family will be safe this round after Irma made a last minute turn to the West coast there are two more on their way. My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by these dangerous storms. 

I leave for Paris on Tuesday! It does not feel real.. I will be writing more about this and what I will be doing in Paris in future posts. I am planning on sharing what I am packing as soon as I find out myself. My orders from both JCrew and Amazon will not show up in time for my trip so I have to go back out and start again. I do have a photo shoot with Katie Donnelly this week as well and I have no idea what to wear!! Suggestions on dresses please. The weather will be in the 60’s so I can’t decide Fall clothes or in between? 

10 French Dishes You Need To Know according to Zagat

The ultimate Paris Pastry Guide via David Lebovitz

Why Paris will be the first post-car metropolis according to the FT. 

18 Things I have learned on going more than 20 dates via My Domaine

Discover 4 Fabulous Bookstores in Paris

Starting My Holiday wish list with this one. Le Creuset has a new color “Sugar Pink” and I am all about it.  

French Finds at Anthropologie

I am in love with this Home Tour of The Co-Founder of The Everygirl Have you seen it yet? 

Paris Heritage Days are next weekend! If you are in Paris you will have the opportunity to see inside a lot of closed off buildings. The full list is available here. This is the best link I have found. I have plans to explore one day with my Paris family and the next with friends Magali and Thomas. 

Why November is the Best Month to Travel to Paris according to Travel and Leisure

This post does include affiliate links which puts a little bit of money in my pocket for coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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