Book Club Suggestion September: “The Only Street in Paris”

My first apartment in Paris was in Montmartre. I lived just a few minutes away from Rue des Martyrs and would find myself passing through to pick up a baguette or just to stroll on my morning or evening walks. When I first found out about the book “The Only Street in Paris” I was intrigued. The story takes the charm of Montmartre and focuses on just one street Rue des Martrys. The author Elaine Sciolino, an American in Paris, takes you through the history and stories of the street broken down in each chapter as you are joining her on a personal walk with just her. From the first chapter of “The Only Street in Paris” I was immediately hooked.

The rue des Martyrs has managed to retain the feel of a small village despite the globalization and gentrification rolling over Paris like a bulldozer without breaks”

bookshop in montmartre paris, france
Libarie Vendredi is no more than 215 square feet, so narrow there is hardly space for an island piled high with books selected as favorites of the day. Shelves rise at least ten feet from floor to ceiling; ladders against the wall make the high books accessible. Hidden in the back is a counter used as a desk

When I am back in Paris next week I can’t wait to walk the streets of Rue des Martyrs knowing the secrets and stories that this street holds. It already holds a special place in my heart but now it has more history. If you can’t make it to Paris anytime soon enjoy this book one chapter at a time and you will be taken on a literary journey. 

paris rooftops

paris france montmartre

the only street in paris

The Only Street in Paris

Life on the Rue des Martyrs

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