Book Club : February 2017 “The Little Paris Bookshop”

Introducing the Book Club Section for February 2017 : “The Little Paris Bookshop”

There is something so comforting about a good book. I will admit before I introduced this book club I barely read in 2016. With today’s current event’s it’s easy to scroll Facebook or get sucked into the news and go down the rabbit whole. With a good book, you feel as you have been transported and part of another story. Even if it’s just for a chapter at a time. I was choosing between a few different books for this month but I wanted something uplifting and sweet and I heard so many great things about “The Little Paris Bookshop” 

A little about the book:

Monsieur Perdu owns a bookshop by the Seine and is described by the author as ” A literary pharmacist who writes prescriptions for the lovesick” As customers enter his shop he asks them questions to get to know them and then recommends a stack of books based on what they need the most.

“You need your own room. Not too bright, with a kitten to keep you company. And this book which you will please read slowly, so you can take the occasional break. You’ll do a lot of thinking and probably a bit of crying. For yourself. For the years. But you’ll feel better afterward. ” The Little Paris Bookshop Nina George 

The only heartache he can’t cure is his own. Twenty years ago the woman he loved walked out on his life and he stopped living. She left him with a letter to read which he put away in a drawer and never read. That is until now.. 

I don’t want to give too much of the book away but I am sure you will enjoy it! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

I set up a Good Reads Book Club Group. Kristen Beddard has a discussion in there from “Bonjour Kale” and we will start a discussion later this month for “The Little Paris Bookshop” There is no requirement for the Book Club, read at your own pace, encourage a friend/ family member to read with you, skip a book if you don’t like it. 

Giveaway Details

For this month’s giveaway, I have the kinks worked out and this should go much more smoothly in choosing a winner. I will wait until Monday to select the winner and mail out one copy “The Little Paris Bookshop” to a lucky reader. Please comment below and tell me: “What city you follow from” and “Where you like to read (on the train, before bed, coffee shop ect) Please don’t forget to include your email address as I will be contacting the winner this way! Merci and Bon Courage xo 

Every Day Parisian Book Club

Every Day Parisian Book Club

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  1. I have just finished this book and am a little confused
    What illness did Max have? Was it love sickness?
    Who were the three empty places at the table set for?

    • Hi Paola,

      Cafés are the best for catching up on reading! Do you have any favorite reads lately?

      Thank you for following from Australia!

  2. I LOVED The Little Paris Bookshop! Thank yoy for the recommendation! Reading the Perfume Collector now and really enjoying it. My husband and I visited Paris for our 25th anniversary in October and I’m ready to go back. I would love to go a few weeks each year. I think it is my Spirit city. Enjoying your instagram too! Thanks!

    • Hi Catherine!

      I am so happy you loved The Little Paris Bookshop! The Perfume Collector was so good! I think it should come out as a movie 😉 I have some many ideas and would love to see that apartment in real life. October is such a beautiful time to visit Paris. I hope you get the chance to visit again soon. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

      Thank you so much! xo

  3. I so hope everyone is enjoying the Little Paris Bookshop . I picked up this book before my first visit to Paris last year. It was on the shelf at a local thrift store & I was looking for anything remotely french to inspire me for my trip. It was a great read, I enjoyed that it was written from a mans perspective, something different from most romantic fiction. Hope you’re all enjoying it too.

    • Hi Rach! This is so sweet of you! It’s a sweet read and I will agree that it is so nice to have a man’s perspective on the subject of love. What are you reading now? Anything good?

  4. Bonjour from San Jose, California. I have not been an avid reader in the past, maybe a couple of books a year, but there wasn’t a real joy in it. After joining this book club and starting to read Bonjour Kale, I now read 2 books at a time. I’m reading Thunder Dog (a true story about a guide dog during the 911 attack in NYC). I mostly read while I’m waiting for appointments or at my gym, outside by the pool.

    I love escaping to Paris and other places through reading these books. I loved Bonjour Kale (as I am a vegetarian and love to cook, and eat). Can’t wait to read the second book.

    • Vicki, first off let me say how honored I am that you follow me all the way from Greece! Thank you so much. You are so lucky to enjoy reading by the sea. It’s my dream to visit Greece. Hopefully soon! xo

  5. Hi! I am from Adelaide South Australia, I dont really read many books, i choose the book to read based on my current feeling. And as per the description of your book i am now interested to read it Also I will be travelling to Paris this May for the first time and I would really love this to be the book I read on the plane.

    • Hello Cezanne. Thank you for following from Australia! I hope you are enjoying Summer. May is the perfect time to visit Paris. Make sure to check out the Guide section for some of my favorite spots! Enjoy the book!

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you for following. I hope you love this book. Any favorites you have read lately you want to recommend?

  6. Bonjour! Following from Youngstown, Ohio (until I get to move to Paris!) When I lived in Boston my fav place to read was on the subway! Now I settle back in a comfy chair with a hot cup of tea, it’s freezing here today. Brrr
    One of my favorite books of all times is ‘Pictures At An Exhibition’ by Sara Houghteling. A truly Great book of Paris in 1944 after the war. I wouldn’t normally read novels set in this time period, but it is set in Paris. I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it! Thanks Rebecca, love your work!

    • Bonjour Francine! I am originally from Cincinnati so I love knowing I have a follower from Ohio! I hope it warms up for you soon. I haven’t heard of that book but I just added it to my list thank you so much for sharing! Best wishes on getting to Paris. If it’s something you really want you will make it happen!

  7. Bonjour Rebecca! I’m following from Manassas, Virginia. I usually love to read right before bed (after the littles have gone to sleep. 🙂 Lately though I’ve carrying Bonjour Kale wherever I go and sneaking in reading time as I can. Merci beaucoup encore for starting this book club!
    [email protected]

    • Thank you so much, Sandy! Your sweet messages always brighten my day. I can imagine you have to sneak in reading with little ones but it’s the perfect escape. This book club has been so fun and really encouraged me to read again. Also I am loving the opportunity to get people from around the world to read too! xo

  8. Hi! I’m Nichole from Charlotte, NC! I would like to read this book outside in the sunshine or in the recliner 🙂 Can’t wait to read it!

  9. Greetings from Chicago! I read mostly on the weekend, when my pace of life is less frantic. I enjoy reading from a quaint, European cafe a few blocks from me or from the comfort of my couch, facing & getting a glimpse of Lake Michigan. Looking forward to reading this book! [email protected]

    • Hi Mariana! I am in Chicago too. What is your favorite European café that you visit? I am always looking for new places in the city. xo

  10. I’m so excited to read this book! I live in Chicago and am looking forward to the next meet up. My favorite place to read is in my sunny reading room, on the French-inspired love seat, with my kitty and a cup of Angelina hot chocolate. Paris makes my heart smile.

    • Hi Tricia

      I hope you can make it to the next meetup! Angelina hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to a good book on a cold day. I am so happy you love Paris the same way I do 🙂

  11. Hi,
    I live in Nashville, TN and I love anything Parisian. I just finished Bonjour Kale and I loved it! I love to read at bedtime, but anytime I get a chance to read, I will take it. Thank you for starting this book club. I’ve never been to Paris, but I have fallen in love with the city ever since college. I took French and my professor told such wonderful stories about living in France. I read any book I can find about Paris. I can’t waits to read The Little Paris Bookshop.

    • Hi Jill,

      I love Nashville! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed Bonjour Kale! Thank you for being a part of the book club. It’s been so fun to virtually meet everyone and encourage people to read a good book. I hope you get the chance to visit Paris soon! It is worth the wait!

  12. I loved this book when I borrowed it from my library and read it over Christmas! And now I’d love to own my very own copy and re-read about M. Perdu and his quirky band of companions! They are such endearing characters. I read under a tree on a Summer’s day, in bed at night and while travelling on Melbourne trams!

    • Hi Susan! Thank you so much for following from Melbourne. I am so honored. M Perdu is pretty cute. I love using my imagination to decide how he looks. I am so happy you enjoyed the book. What are you reading now? Stay cool in the Aussie summer! ox

  13. Bonjour! Im based in Manila, Philippines and I look forward to reading The Little Paris Bookshop. I read in bed before I sleep to relax or at the airport or a coffee shop! Merci Rebecca and all the best! [email protected]

    • Marfee, thank you so much for following all the way from the Phillippines. I am so honored!! I hope you enjoy the book xo

  14. I’m writing from Virginia, outside of DC. I usually read in bed, because that’s when I have the most time. Though when I’m out solo for work, I’ll sit and eat somewhere alone and bring my Kindle along to keep me company. 👍🏻

    • Alicia, you do it just how they do in Paris. Books are the best company when dining alone. Thank you so much for following. Have you read anything good lately?

  15. I love reading anywhere! I usually end up reading in bed, on a plane, sitting on the deck in front of the mountains in the summer, or curled up by the fireplace in the winter…always with a glass of wine! I am in Evergreen, Colorado! ~Carrie. ([email protected])

    • Hi Carrie!

      Reading on a deck in front of the mountains sounds so lovely! I have never been to Colorado but I hope to visit sometime soon. Thank you so much for following! Have you read anything you couldn’t put down lately?

  16. Although I travel to Paris as often as possible on business, I never tire of reading about this marvelously magical city! I look forward to reading The Little Paris Bookshop! Merci beaucoup!
    Lee at [email protected]

    • Lee I wish I could meet you on a buying trip. You look like you have quite the eye! What has been your favorite Paris book to read? Merci! xo

  17. Bonjour!

    I love to read 2 places: At a cafe & In bed. It’s soothing, calming and makes me more relaxed. It’s therapeutic actually. Reading a good book is an escape from reality. It’s like "world off, story on!"

    La vie est plus belle comme ça!

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and hope to win your book!😚😙

    Merci en avance!

    • Bonjour Paola! So beautifully put, reading is a lovely escape from the world. You can’t go wrong with a good book and a café. Thank you so much for reading all the way in Australia. I am truly touched!! xo

  18. Salut! Je viens de découvrir ton blog via Instagram, et je suis ravie de me joigner avec le "book club". J’attends avec impatience de lire cette selection! J’aime lire au lit avant de m’endormir. Merci! [email protected]

  19. I love this idea! Thank you very much for presenting these books! I should recommend as well: Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard, but maybe is in your list already 😉

    Live in La Rochelle now so I go to Paris once in a while.

    My favourite place to read is by the beach… but I read in bed usually or the living room with a cup of tea. I read since when I was a kid, home was plenty of books and I love stories. Usually I read several books at the same time but some can only be read alone from beginning to end.

    [email protected]
    and thank you for the opportunity!

    • Catalina,"Lunch in Paris" is a great book and I read it a while ago but it keeps being brought up so I may have to reread it. You are lucky to visit Paris often. Reading by the beach is one of my favorite places to get lost in a book. Thank you so much for following! I hope you are reading a great story now, I am open to more suggestions 🙂

  20. Jacqueline, Huntington Beach, California (but I left my heart in Paris). I love to read anywhere – library, lunch hour, my reading chair with tea, amongst the trees.
    Like you I wasn’t a reader until about 2012. I put it on my vision board that year and I have read about 75-80 books since.
    [email protected]
    Your insta tea buddy 🙂

    • Hello Jacqueline! I am so impressed with your book count. That is incredible. Please tell me your top 3 favorites! Thank you so much for following 🙂

  21. I’m from a little town in Texas. In my town there isn’t many stores with French books or books that deal with the French culture so this book would be perfect. Anyway, I usually read before I go to bed. I also like to read during my free time, which is sometimes during school. I have library aide 9th period so I like to check out books/read on the floor between the shelves. ☕
    Regardless of the outcome thank you because I’m always trying to find French/Parisian books.
    [email protected]
    Xoxo, Gossip Girl 💋

    • Lesley, you are perfect for the blog as it is my hope to reach everyone and bring a little Paris into your lives no matter where you live. Thank you so much for following. If you need more French book suggestions please let me know. xo

  22. I’m reading from Bangalore, India! My favourite place to read has evolved over the years. When I lived in Paris I would always read in the Jardin du Luxembourg, the Pantheon side, under the shade of the trees. I think there’s no better place to read than under (or surrounded by!) trees. Now that I live in Bangalore, I read at the crack of dawn in my balcony, sitting on a bright green chair and surrounded by bright green plants.

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!
    [email protected]

    • Maria, thank you so much for following from India! I am truly touched! May I ask how you found me?

      You are so lucky to have lived in Paris. I think living in Paris you can’t help but learn to read books in the gardens or cafés it’s such a part of the culture.

      You are an early riser just like me! I don’t read that early but perhaps I should try it.

      Merci xo

  23. I’m following from Exeter, NH! I like to read in bed or on an airplane. I just finished Rules of Civility last week while visiting my family in Newport Beach, CA. I started reading Underground Railroad. Your newest book selection sounds perfect! I would love to read The Little Paris Bookshop and dream of being back in Paris again! Btw, I finally bought the Blondo boots you suggested while at Nordstrom’s in Newport. They feel great and keep me warm in NH! My address: Laurie Hughes
    14 Thelma Drive, Exeter, NH 03833

    • Hi Laurie! You should have something in the mail this week 😉 I am so happy you love the boots! I wore them out last night they are perfect for Chicago! I am a bit jealous of your trip to Newport Beach I hope you had a blast! xo

      • Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for my package! It was such a surprise and so fun to open! They cards are beautiful; I look forward to using them. You are so very sweet to think of me:) Yes, Newport Beach was wonderful, especially spending time with my family, soaking up the warm sun, and viewing the snow topped mountains!
        Take care and stay warm, Laurie

        • Hi Laurie! I am so happy you liked the surprise! Thank you so much for the sweet words! Enjoy 🙂


  24. Bonjour! I’m following from San Antonio, TX! I’m 7 months pregnant and love spending as much "me" time as I can before baby comes! I love relaxing in the coffee shop sipping a café au lait and reading! Currently I’m reading The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, and would love to read The Little Paris Bookshop as well!

    Much love,
    [email protected]

    • Hi Courtney! Congratulations on the upcoming arrival. Have you read, "Bringing up Bébé"? You might like it! Thank you for following 🙂

  25. Bonjour! I follow from Pompton Plains, New Jersey! I love reading on the beach with the sound of the waves as the perfect background noise! I adore Paris and would love to read "The Little Paris Bookshop"! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!
    💗 Kelly Korman
    [email protected]

    • Hi Kelly! Thank you so much! Hello from Chicago. Reading on the beach sounds like the perfect backdrop for a book.

  26. I follow from Houston TX. I love to read anywhere but I have a favorite chair I usually sit in. I also like to read in bed and outside in nature. It’s very relaxing and serene. Thank you for the giveaway and good luck to all!

    • Dana! You are so sweet thank you! I have never been to Houston but would love to visit. I hope you had a lovely weekend! xo

  27. I follow you from Rochester Minnesota (or wherever I currently am travelling.) Right now I am reading Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and The Cats who Crossed Over from Paris by R F Kristi. My email address is [email protected]

    • Hi David! Thank you so much for following. I hope winter isn’t too bad for you in MN. Where do you travel to?

  28. Hello! Following from the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. In the past, I’ve only read at bedtime, but fell asleep after about two sentences, lol. So now I’m trying to read a little throughout the day instead of logging on to social media. Thanks for the giveaway offer!

    • Hi Regina! Thank you so much for following from Charlotte. Reading before bed can be so tough if you are tired. It’s such a nice change from social media 🙂

  29. I read from Minneapolis, MN. I read every night before bed, sometimes on the bus to and from work, and outside on my deck when it’s nice outside. I love posting my current reads on Instagram! I have only been to Paris once but I love reading books that take place in Paris and help me travel back in my mind.

    [email protected]

    • Hi Katie! I love reading on the bus it helps pass the time and you can get lost in a completely different world. Thank you so much for following! xo