Book Club: June Selection “Paris, My Sweet” by Amy Thomas

In “Paris, My Sweet” Amy Thomas who lives and works in NYC dreamt of living in Paris after a study abroad experience in college. Her job as a copywriter at Louis Vuitton gave her the ticket to make her dream a reality. The first six months were pure bliss riding around on the city on her bike, exploring new pastry shops, and admiring her picture perfect view from her rooftop terrace at work. She shares her love of Paris with her Mom and stepdad on their first trip abroad as they bite into warm fresh croissants and visit all the Paris monuments in the city. 

After signing on for an extended nine months in Paris Amy sets home for two weeks to visit family and friends. The same friend’s that were her core group of people who she bonded with over sweets, the single life, and work now felt foreign to her. Her single friends had suddenly coupled up and the city changed. It wasn’t just that the city changed but she had changed too. 

“I kept pondering where all these observations left me” with two homes or none? Was I a New Yorker or a Parisian? Expat or local? Where exactly did I belong? As I searched for the connection to and love for a city that had always sustained me, I felt sad and alienated” Amy Thomas “Paris My Sweet”

I haven’t been shy about my own personal struggles on where I belong between Paris or Chicago. This book really hit home for me and as I have now read it for the second time has become a comfort knowing that someone has had the same feelings of not quite fitting in and the growing pains of living abroad.

I wish I could share more but I want you to pick up the book and read to find out what happens to Amy and her life in Paris and New York City. The story may leave you hanging as she wrote the book a few years ago. Not to spoil it but there is a happy ending to the story. The best part is if you are in New York City you can meet Amy Thomas at the Ladurée event June 14. 

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  1. Hi Ellen! Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet you, too! I’m so glad that you enjoyed Paris, My Sweet! I do have another book coming out – not until February – but it’s a sequel of sorts. I hope you’ll like it.

    Rebecca, merci bien for selecting Paris, My Sweet for your June Book Club. It is a delightful honor! xoxo

    • we can’t wait for your next book!! until then enjoy your Summer!

      Thank you so much for everything! I am so happy we have become friends on this crazy journey of life. xo

  2. I am so sorry I won’t get the chance to meet her. I read this book about four years ago and it is one of my favorites! Does she have any more recent books?

    • Hi Ellen,

      It is such a good one! I am so glad you enjoyed it. She does have a new one coming out soon. I will be sure to post details once I know the exact details.

      She will be writing a post on the blog this month so stay tuned!