Links I Love : June Week 1

This week is going to be a busy one as my first Summer Show is this Saturday and Sunday. If you are in Chicago come say hello at Wells Street. I will be at Booth 248. If you have been in the past it is the same spot as usual. I have a lot of edits to do from Cuba, Paris, and London to showcase new work for sale. If you are not in Chicago you can still purchase my work online. I ship worldwide. If you didn’t know I have been a photographer for years and the blog is new. Photographer for 7 years and a blogger for 1 (as of July 7) I lost my job 9 years ago and have been working at this ever since. 

Links I Love from This Week 

15 Books Everygirls are Reading this Spring via The Everygirl

The Right (French!) Way to Wash Your Hair

How to Place Your Hands and Silverware at the French Table via French Today

The Trials and Tribulations Moving to France as an American via The Local Fr

How to Get Your Brain Thinking in French via Frenchly

Navigating the French Markets in Paris via La Cuisine Paris

The Health Benefits of Champagne

The Paris Canal is Clean enough to Swim in this Summer

I am loving all things Red

Maybe it’s the dress that started it all but I am loving all things red these days. This dress was actually borrowed from Katie Donnelly right before the shoot. I am on the hunt for the perfect red dress for Portugal and I think I found it from Club Monaco. I also love this one from JCrew. I saw this skirt in the window in London and I would be happy walking the streets in Portugal in this one. Red Lips are always a must for a French girl. I am wearing shade 33 from Sisley which lasted all night last night through a few glasses of rosé and I am a huge fan of number 13 “Poppy” I was a little skeptical when she showed me the color but it worked so well on me. This will be in my weekend bag from Cuyana all Summer long. 

This post does include some affiliate links. This helps donate to my coffee and croissant fund. Merci in advance!

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  1. I like the how to think in French link. I had a funny last night when I realized that I was searching for the word for postal package in Paris. My thought process went — pacquet? no. sachet? no. boite? no. colis? colline? Wait, one of those is a hill and one of them is right. Luckily, I figured out it was colis. Totally useless as I still had to ask for my package at the store in English when I picked it up, but at least I felt better that my brain card catalog eventually divulged the correct word!