Paris: Let’s Picnic with Fat Tire Paris

I have been talking with Crissa from Fat Tire Tours over the last couple of years via email. Our schedules never quite matched up and we were always missing each other in Paris. This Spring we were able to finally make a coffee date. It wasn’t long after chatting over our lattes that we decided to collaborate on a picnic. Ideas were flowing and we had mapped out a plan for our picnic.

As you know the weather wasn’t on our side this Spring so we had a “rain date” just in case. This backup plan worked in our favor and the actual picnic day was beautiful. It started off freezing as you will see in our video but by the time we made it to the Champs de Mars we had our sunscreen and sunglasses on to enjoy the sunshine. 

On a personal note, I have been dying to get on a bike in Paris. I should have added it to My Paris Agenda but I forgot. I had a grin from ear to ear as I rode my bike around Paris. Crissa led me from the Fat Tire Tours offices to Rue Cler navigating the streets safely and with ease. 

Our plan was to ride our Fat Tire Tours bikes across the Champs de Mars to collect picnic supplies on Rue Cler. Rue Cler is a Market Street where Parisians go to buy their cheese, fish, fruits, vegetables, and daily bread. You can see all of our favorite spots on this google map to help you plan your own picnic. 

We were lucky to have Ryan Youngblood to document the picnic so we could bring you along! Video was shot and edited by Ryan Youngblood of Youngblood Films 

Click here or below to see the full video

Picnic Prep on Rue Cler

We picked up a comte, brie, and mimolette cheese from the fromagerie along with baguettes, cherries, strawberries, and peonies. We invited others to join us and they brought along a few pastries to add. I already had a market basket and turkish towel. The Turkish towel I purchased online and worked out so well. The Market Basket was purchased in Paris but here are a few options to buy them online. 

Finally time for rosé, cheese, and baguette

We picked up our hats on a shop on rue rambuteau in the Marais but you can shop them here

Thank you so much for joining Fat Tire Tours and me for a picnic in Paris! xo

A special thank you to Ryan Youngblood of Youngblood Films for the video.

This post does include affiliate links but it helps fund my coffee and croissant research.

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  1. Love this! And I commented on your other post about your cute picnic blanket. Just saw it linked here and purchased! Cannot wait to take it to Paris with me in 2 weeks!

    • Hi Lauren!

      So cute! I would love to see a photo when you plan your picnic. Are you planning anything fun for Bastille day?

    • Thank you Susan! It was so much fun. I am glad we could bring you along through the video and pictures.

    • Thank you! so cute! I want to join the picnic. The towels are so versatile. What color did you get?