Paris Diaries : No 8



I spent the morning working on a project for the blog and was in desperate need for coffee after only a few hours of sleep. I am staying on the left bank close to Rue Monge so I popped over to Strada coffee with a friend. 

strada coffee @rebeccaplotnick

I am sending a few postcards to followers so comment below if you want one of these beautiful postcards from Paris. Tell me where you are following from and I will select a few people! 

Paris, France @rebeccaplotnick

I spent a few hours walking around Montmartre in the rain capturing a few photos from my friend Lilly’s new book. She showed me around some of her favorite streets in Montmartre as the rain and we grabbed a coffee at a neighborhood spot. It’s crazy to see how much my neighborhood has changed over the years. I captured a few photos of Montmartre filled with red ivy and I will be sharing for an upcoming post. 

Tonight I was with friends chatting over wine, chocolate, and cheese in the most beautiful Parisian apartment. Yes, if you are keeping track this is my third wine and cheese night in Paris and I am not sick of it yet. It was too dark to take photos but I hope to be back again soon to share Magali’s eclectic decorating style. The apartment has chevron floors and the most amazing collection of designer candles all over. It is my pinterest dream come true. I am extremely lucky to see so many friends while being here in Paris. 

Tomorrow I am taking a little time to myself in the morning before headed to tea at Le Bristol. I am picking up a museum pass for the weekend. What are your favorite museums in Paris I am looking for suggestions on where to go.

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  1. Hi Rebecca~ mais, oui!! I’d love a postcard! I follow you from north Georgia!
    xo Sara

    Sara Burrell
    16 Ridgetop Ct
    Dawsonville, GA 30534

    • Hi Sara!

      I am so sorry I didn’t see this until after I left Paris yesterday. But I promise to do it again next time. I didn’t realize how many people would want a postcard!!

      Thank you so much for following!


  2. Hello! If you’re still up for sending out some post cards, I would love one sent to me in Plano, TX. 🙂 We arrived back home on Friday and while I’m happy to be home, I already miss Paris so much. I will continue to read your blog posts to get my through. So I went to the army museum while we were there, mostly because my husband wanted to go, and because it was around the corner from where we were staying. Believe or not, it was actually one of my favorite spots! To see all the old armour and just imagine what it must have been like in that time
    They even have King Loius’ suit in there. You should check it out if that interests you.

  3. Make sure you let me know when your friend’s book comes out and what it is called so I can add it to my collection!

    • you bet! I have lots of books to recommend for your collection! Hopefully I will have one on your shelf one day too 😉

  4. After visiting Paris in April, I began following you from Franklin, Tennessee. Montmartre is indeed, very beautiful!

    • Hello Nancy from Franklin, Tennessee. How was your visit in April? I was in Paris too. Did you catch the cherry blossoms?

  5. Oh I’d love one of those delightful postcards! What a lovely thing to do! I’m following from Wales, UK. If you were ever to come this way I’d love to take you up into mid Wales, around Brecon & Crickhowell, to see the wonderful Welsh countryside.
    One of our favourite visits in Paris was to the Conciergerie & San Chappelle on the final day of our trip. Not so much museums of exhibits but museums of stories and bricks & mortar. I was amazed by the huge contrast of the buildings, one so simple, hewn from honey coloured stone & monochromatic the other bursting with light & colour. Enjoy your weekend and here’s to more wine & cheese!

    • Hello Rach! Can you send me your mailing address to [email protected] before Monday? You are so sweet to offer a visit to Wales! You never know where I might end up 🙂 I would love a grand tour! I was in Essex years ago and loved it.

      I skipped the wine and cheese today and had double pastry!!

  6. Hello from the North of Europe, Finland! Reading your true life stories about Paris is something I’ll never get tired of. I was living in Paris many years ago, and thru your writing and pictures those sweet memories come back to me, so thank you for that!

    • Hello from Paris Mira! Thank you so much for following along. You are so lucky to have lived in Paris. It is such a special place and goes with you wherever you go. I know it is an easy place to miss. Where was your favorite place in Paris?

  7. I love Montmartre! The next time I am planning to spend more time there! I follow you from Holland. Love to read your Parisian adventures!

  8. I love the Rodin <3 the last time I was there it was still undergoing renovations. But the renovations have been completed, so I can’t wait to go back in the next week and a half! Oh,will you still be there to go to the Salon du Chocolate which is being held at the Porte de Versailles? It starts Oct 28 to Nov 1! I think tickets are 14 euros 🙂

    • Hi! I have envied the chocolate salon event but I have skipped it just due to time contstraints. Will you go when you are back? You will have to let me know how it is!

      I am hoping to make it to Rodin tomorrow. I was in the gardens in April but didn’t visit inside since my little niece was with us!


      • Hi!! Yes I plan on going to Salon du Chocolat, so I’ll let you know how it is 🙂 I’ll go on the last day because I won’t get there until the 31st. I plan on going back to the Rodin as well, and can’t wait! Get some rest 🙂

  9. I would only hope to be lucky enough to receive a postcard. I am following you intently. I stayed in rue de la Bretonniere (?spelling) in an apartment next to a gay bar in the Marais. Just special. Love the Marais aged architecture and just the feel of the place .