Paris Diaries : No 9

Hotel Monge 

Hotel Monge 

I woke up under a bunch of butterflies and it was fantastic. Hotel Monge located in the 5th arrondissement is newly opened and has really done their research when it comes to travelers. I will share a full post on the hotel. But I will say I would highly recommend them for their service, cleanliness, and attention to detail. I know people are contacting me daily about places to stay in Paris and since it may be a few weeks until this post is live on Hotel Monge if you are looking for a nicely priced 4 star hotel in Paris this is it! 

As you may know through my posts I have been writing super late and going to bed around 2am every night which has taken a toll on my body. I slept so well under the butterflies but I think I caught a cold. I have skipped the wine and cheese today and I have been drinking so much tea trying to feel better. I am pushing through and I am going to make the most of my trip. 

It has been rainy here all week off and on and especially yesterday in Montmartre. I always keep an umbrella in my bag and a scarf around my neck. Since it has been chilly I have skipped my ballet flats and I have been wearing ankle boots from Blondo which I love and they are waterproof. They are perfect for Paris and my feet have been so comfortable all week even after 10 miles a day. 

Paris 5th arrondisement @rebeccaplotnick

I used to live in the 5th not too far from the Hotel Monge so I know the area a bit. I popped by the Place Monge market for a few minutes to take some photos for a future post. I also stopped by Jardin des Plantes to visit to show you just how close it is if you choose to stay at the hotel.

Jardin des plantes @rebeccaplotnick

I am staying on the left bank one more night but moved closer to the eiffel tower. I arrived at my new location and I have to say I have been looking forward to this stay all week! This is a special one and I can’t wait to share more details. 

A friend of mine invited me last minute to experience tea time at Le Bristol today and with the rainy weather it was perfect timing. I remember watching Le Bristol featured in the movie “Midnight in Paris” and wishing I could jump right in to the hotel scenes. It has been on my list to visit for a while. The people watching was so good during Friday afternoon tea time and the lobby was buzzing with Parisians and visitors from all over. 

Le Bristol High Tea 

Le Bristol High Tea 

I could have spent hours at High Tea chatting with the tables around me, everyone was so friendly. Of course I couldn’t finish all of the pastries but they were kind enough to wrap them up for later. I will say the chou all the way on the left filled with vanilla creme and the raspberry tarte on the right were some of my favorites! 

Sunset in Paris Pont Alexandre III

Sunset in Paris Pont Alexandre III

I purposely took the walk back to the hotel that had me cross over the Seine and view the Pont Alexandre III. It is my favorite bridge in Paris and I had timed the walk with the sunset just perfectly! 

Paris Eiffel Tower Sunset @rebeccaplotnick

My last meeting of the week finished at the stunning Narcisse Blanc. I was given the grand tour of the hotel where I am staying and the details behind all of the decor which makes it so special and unique. Since I arrived in Paris I have had long nights and catching up with friends over dinner (mostly wine and cheese) Tonight, I stayed at the hotel and dined downstairs in the lovely Cleo restaurant. It was so nice to have a relaxing and delicious meal while dining solo. 

I never thought I would enjoy dining solo but as I started to catch up on work I was engaged in conversation from the table just next to me about my meal. It was so nice to meet Parisians dining at the restaurant and practice a little French. I will share more about what I ordered when I feature the hotel in an upcoming post but I promise it was one of my favorite meals of the trip! 

Cleo Restaurant in Narcisse Blanc hotel

It is officially my last weekend in Paris but I promise I have so much more to share with you so stay tuned! I will make the most of it and hopefully I feel better in the morning. I am forcing myself to sleep in and enjoy the full experience of Le Narcisse Blanc. I have already placed my breakfast order for the morning to be served in the room. 

Thank you all so much for following along so far. I have enjoyed reading your comments and love hear where you are reading from! xo 

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  1. L’ Orangerie is a must see! I also really enjoyed Musee d’Orsay. I couldn’t go inside at the Rodin due to renovations, but I enjoyed the gardens. I’ve been following you from Exeter, New Hampshire for at least a year. I would love a postcard from your trip to Paris! I’ve mentioned the lovely apartment we rented near the Luxembourg Gardens. I remembered the name of the street in Saint Germaine: Rue de Tournon Enjoy, Laurie

    • hello Laurie! Thank you so much for following! I love the Rodin museum. It has been on my list to visit the inside. I brought my 2 1/2 year old niece earlier this year but we just stayed in the gardens. St Germain is a lovely place to stay. I hope you have wonderful memories of Paris. If you can send me your address by tomorrow I can send you a postcard. My email is [email protected]


      • Thank you so much!! Working on it. I don’t think staying outside tonight on the terrace helped but sleep and water are on the agenda!


  2. I do hope you feel better and have a great last weekend in Paris. I love reading about your days in Paris and look forward to continue reading more of your Parisian days.

  3. Thank you to take us along Paris. I love to read your Parisian diaries! I really miss this city…When I am in Paris I feel I am at home! You’ve had incredible days in Paris. I hope you’ll feel better soon!

  4. What a wonderful time you have had. Thank you for sharing. Did you take any photographs in the homes of your friends. I love to see how Parisians style their own homes. Mari. Durban. South Africa.