Paris Diaries: No 7

Paris, France 

Paris, France 

I have thought about renaming this series “Midnight in Paris” as it seems I always am writing these posts at Midnight while in Paris… It was again a very full day today and lots of walking around the city in between meetings.

I headed to the Opéra area to explore an amazing new hotel I discovered. I took a quick tour of the property and I will be sure to fill you in on that and what they have to offer. Along the way I passed over the Seine for this beautiful view of the city. The sun was still painting the sky colors as I walked towards the Louvre. 

pink dahlias @rebeccaplotnick

After my morning meeting I walked towards St. Germain for a coffee at café de flore and to visit Jardin du Luxembourg. The gardens were filled with pink dahlias everywhere. I am a huge fan of the color pink so I was pretty much in heaven. It started to rain at this point so I quickly ran home before my next meeting. 

The Pantheon went under a major renovation and reopened about a year ago. The last time I visited was in 2010 so when my friend Carrie Anne suggested we go I couldn’t say no. Especially since it was less than 10 minutes from my apartment. If you are looking for beautiful views of Paris look no further. The entry fee was 8 euros and to get to the top for the tour was an additional 2 euros. The weather cleared just in time for the tour. You have a 360 view of Paris overlooking all of the rooftops and of course the eiffel tower. 

Pantheon view Paris, France @rebeccaplotnick

Tonight I had a few friends over for wine at cheese in the beautiful Haven In Apartment I am staying in while in Paris. I was in search of cheese on Rue Monge and the rain started to fall again. It was more challenging than anticipated to find cheese on my walk home but the shop I discovered turned out to be perfect. I was on the mission to find cheese, wine, and baguettes in a limited amount of time. 

The cheese shop couldn’t have been nicer. The cheese monger was such a huge help in making sure I chose the right amount of cheeses for the amount of people and a different variety. There was a line forming but he took his time. After I paid he even made sure to write the names of the cheeses on the outside so I knew what I had ordered. 

The next stop was the wine shop where the shop keeper took extra care in selecting wine to go with the specific cheeses I had purchased. He even asked me to stop back in and let him know which ones I liked best. 

The last stop was the boulangerie of Eric Kayser which I love! I ordered a few baguettes and with the rain the woman offered me a baguette bag just to make sure I got home without getting wet. It was the nicest experience I have had in Paris with so many different vendors. I will try to snap some photos of the shops tomorrow with my free hands. 

Cheese and Wine Paris, France

I promise to share more about this amazing apartment that I am staying in for the next few days but you can visit the link here! The balcony windows are amazing and I am pretty sure they will have to kick me out tomorrow when I leave. I don’t want to leave! 



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  1. Hi Sandra, I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. They make for delightful reading and are quite informative. I might be travelling to Paris for a couple of days in August. Hence, I am trying to gather as much information as nécessaire…..I can read, write and speak a little French…..but need to know a lot more.

    • Hi Vandana,

      Thank you so much! I hope you get to visit Paris in August. It is a bit different as a lot of the locals escape the city for sun and it is a lot quieter. There are some places that are closed for the month but the museums and shops are still open.

      Have a fabulous trip!

  2. I have been reading your Everyday Parisian posts with delight! The photo of the pink dahlias is amazing, such intense colour and clarity. I love Paris and have been lucky enough to visit one spring in 2010, my absolute favourite experience in Paris was seeing La Tour Eiffel light up at night, we were in Paris for four days and each night before heading back to our hotel on Rue Dauphine we would stand in the middle of Pont Neuf Bridge (which we renamed, ‘Our Bridge’) and have a last moment looking at the Eiffel Tower shimmering in the dark. You are one lucky lady to visit Paris so often, safe travels, Sandra (Perth, Western Australia)

    • Hello Sandra! I was in Paris in 2010 for my first solo trip. That spring was really cold I remember visiting in early April and I needed to buy sweaters to keep warm.

      The eiffel tower sparkle is so great! There is a café just at the base of trocadero I was at tonight and sat and watched the lights sparkle all night long. Sending you love from Paris! I truly feel so very lucky and grateful for everything!!


    • It really was lovely! I pretty much parked myself in the balcony window the entire stay. Next time you are in town you should try to book it!