My Paris Apartment in the Marais

paris apartment in the marais by rebecca plotnick

If you have been following along on the blog or Instagram  you may have seen photos of this apartment. Searching for an apartment in Paris can be a tough task. I have certain requirements as I will be living and working in this space. There are SO many apartments to choose from but finding the right one is like that little black dress that fits just right. When I found this apartment from La Belle Address I knew this was the one.

The apartment was situated in the Upper Marais close to Marché Enfants Rouge. There are also cafés out on the corners which meant coffee was just a few steps outside my door. There were plenty of grocery stores and specialty stores including Greek, Italian, and Morrocan food. Late night snacking or happy hours were easy to find. 

my paris apartment in the marais rebecca plotnick

The light that flooded the apartment on both ends was so beautiful. I loved keeping the windows open and turning on jazz music or listening to the noise from the street. The apartment was easy to entertain too. I had friends over the first weekend I arrived because when you have a space this beautiful you want to share. 

my paris apartment in the marais by rebecca plotnick

The views outside the window were just breathtaking. Afternoon work breaks with this view were perfect. 

The apartment was complete with all the cooking supplies I needed and a coffee machine. I didn’t have to go far to make my first cup in the morning. There were a few boulangeries just steps from the apartment so I had my choice of croissants. One, in particular, had warm ones right out of the oven almost every time I stopped by. I would step on the street and take the first bite while the woman watched me from the window. We both smiled across the way knowing I had hit the jackpot when it comes to croissants. Don’t worry I will be spilling my favorite croissants soon in a future post. (Print Available in The Shop Here) 

Every detail was carefully thought out when putting together this apartment and it felt like home the first day. I quickly settled in and never wanted to leave. When I mentioned the apartment to my friend Carolina (lucky for me she is a talented photographer) I asked if she would capture a few photographs of me in the space. She was happy to honor my request and these are memories I will always cherish. 

rebecca plotnick by carolina caruso

When you have a view this view from the bed you never want to leave. I am typically an early riser but I wanted to always stay put right here.

paris apartment in the marais by rebecca plotnick

carolina caruso photograph of rebecca plotnick

parisian pink bathroom in the marais

I even had a pink bathroom! 

The day I handed back the keys was such a sad day… I wish I could have stayed in this apartment longer. I am lucky to have these memories and photos until the next time I am in Paris. A place like this should be shared. The apartment was rented through La Belle Address and they have other options if you need a larger space. When it comes to rentals I have had 8 apartments in Paris and this one was a favorite for sure. While I normally rent through Airbnb this one worked out perfectly for me. Cleanliness and communication were excellent and I really felt like home which is so important for me when finding a place to live and work in Paris. 

This place is perfect for a single traveler or a small family. There are pocket doors on the bedroom and a pull-out couch in the main room for privacy or guests. 

To contact for booking inquiries email [email protected] and tell him I sent you! 

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. This post does include affiliate links to give you decorating ideas. These links help put croissant research money in my pocket. Thank you in advance!

Photos of me were taken by the talented Carolina Caruso

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I too tried to contact Thomas, but the email was undelivered. I know your stay was several years ago, but don’t suppose you know if there’s an alternative contact please. Thanks so much in anticipation.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I tried to get in touch with Thomas for your Marais apartment but the email came back undeliverable. Is there an update to this apartment or is it no longer for rent, perhaps? I will be in Paris in November for 2 weeks and am looking for an apartment to rent. Any help would be great! Thanks-

  3. Just perfect! I love Marais, elegant boutiques, cafés and so many places to discover! You inspired me to take photos of my own apartment (but first I need to clean it, will take ages…)

    • Thank you! I know the feeling. I am hoping to do a home tour of my own space one of these days. It is never too late to Spring Clean!

  4. What a beautiful apartment! It’s such a great neighborhood & easy to get to/from just about anywhere. We stayed at a hotel a few blocks away three years ago.

    • It was a beautiful apartment and fabulous neighborhood. Will you be back in Paris soon. It has changed so much since your last visit!

    • Thank you! The owner picked out all the furnishings. I tried to link to similar pieces so you can recreate the look. He has fabulous taste. I was lucky enough to see a few of his other properties.

  5. Bonjour!! We are planning our fourth trip to Paris, hopefully for late winter/early spring 2018. Can you tell me where this building is located? I’d love to see if they have something for the two of us, it looks absolutely lovely and perfect for our simple needs.

    • Hello Meredith!

      You are picking a perfect time to visit Paris. The apartment is located in the upper marais. I loved it for it’s charm and away from a lot of the touristy things in Paris. It was a perfect escape. The rental was through La Belle Address Tell Thomas I sent you! He is super sweet and he has a few properties that could work for you.