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This past week I was in NYC meeting a great group of ladies at Ladurée. One of my biggest takeaways was that you all know a lot about me and I don’t know a lot about YOU! The original idea of the blog is pretty simple. I think of my audience as my grandmother. We were super close growing up and as I started to travel we wrote letters back and forth. I would share my travels with her as I saw the world. I will be honest, I sometimes forget that a lot more people read the blog than just one person. My grandmother passed away over four years ago but this is a way I feel connected to her. 

Through meetups in NYC and Chicago I have been able to connect face to face with my audience and I hope to learn more about you. Where do you live? Do you have kids? Favorite places to travel? Married or unmarried? I know it is a bit unconventional but I truly would like to learn more about you. If you want to just read about me that is totally okay too! 

I will start with a little about me and feel free to comment below with something about you!

Age: 35

Profession: Full-Time Travel Photographer 

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Foods: Pasta, Sushi, Brownies, Chocolate, Strawberries, Olives 

Weakness: Dark Chocolate 

I have a niece and nephew who I absolutely adore! I have one sister and she is married. We are a small family but close. I wish they lived closer to me and they wish I lived closer to them but we can’t pick a city we agree on! 

My first trip to Paris wasn’t until I was 21 it was during my semester abroad in Florence. 

Homebase: Chicago but I travel often. It was the first trip to Europe in College that started my love for travel. 

Next Trips: Portugal, Prague, Budapest, and Paris this September. 

I love Country Music but have a new found love for Jazz. Most days you can find me working from home listening to TSF Jazz drinking a cup of coffee.

Now that you know a little more about me I would love to know more about you! 


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  1. Bonjour Rebecca!
    Comment allez-vous?
    Je m’appelle Holly! I am practicing for our trip to France in September!

    I live in Las Vegas and work in luxury retail operations. I am not married to but live with Brian my ‘husband’ of 15 years! We have a long haired dachshund named Cooper who is a comedian, fierce guard dog and the heart of our family!

    I have a sister in Pittsburgh, PA and a brother in Alexandria, VA and Brian’s 2 brothers, one in Austin, TX and the other in Kalamazoo, MI. None have children only dogs and cats! Weird I guess! We spend a lot of time planning trips to see our siblings or them coming here and traveling together for holidays.

    I guess you could say we are foodies (although that word makes me cring a bit) and vodka connoisseurs! Planning our Paris/Champagne in September to celebrate our big birthdays! I turned 50 and Brian 40! I think we will stay in the Marais at Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais. I have been to Paris several times but Brian has not! Excited! Your tips are amazing!

    I just read your most recent personal post. I feel your pain! I too have had a rather tumultuous relationship with my father. We are at a good place now and I hope that for you too!

    I enjoy your blog and Instagram! Perhaps we will run into you in one of your recommend wine bars in September!

    • Hi Holly,

      You are so sweet! Thank you! I would highly recommend a stay at hotel caron de beaumarchais. If you need other recommendations please let me know! I would love to run into you in Paris for a glass of wine in September.

      Happy early Birthday to both you and Brian. I just celebrated my birthday in Paris and I can’t imagine a better place to celebrate life!


  2. Bonjour Rebecca! I’m Lauren. I’m 26 and I teach elementary school (4th grade next year), but I am taking steps to work towards teaching French. 🙂 I’ve been out of the country 3 times (4th coming up), but never long enough. I get 4 full days in Paris and that will be the longest I have spent there. My dream is to take a summer abroad in France. I, too, have a love for Italy as I stayed with an Italian family one summer and they have become my family. I will stay with them again this summer after Paris! My homebase is St. Louis, Missouri and your blog was among several that pushed me to take a leap in the direction of my dreams. I started my own blog, am working towards a small business to sell my art, and as mentioned above am continuing to pursue French. I have no idea where all of this will take me, but am simply following my heart. I would really love to have a meet up with you in Chicago (maybe La Fournette?!) sometime soon! So good to know more about you and share a little about myself. 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m Kim. I live in Kansas and work in the insurance industry. I’m 55, married with ano amazing daughter and son in law. We also have a dog named Daisy.

    My favorite Valor is red. I love all kinds of music but I am really into Bruce Springsteen and Motley Crue. Lol

    I live to read and watch old black and white movies. I have been to England and Scotland but not France. My girlfriend and I are planning to celebrate our 60that birthday in Paris!

    Was born and raised in Indiana. I love Mexican food, pizza, Merlot, Syrah, and Indian food.

    I lived in a small town called Miller Beach Indiana so I have spent a lot of time in Chicago. Go Cubs!

  4. Hi! My name is Bobbi.
    Age: 44 years
    Profession: Human Resources Director (I am also a yoga instructor, but the HR job is the one that pays the bills) 🙂
    Favorite color: I am pretty sure this changes with my mood and the seasons, though if you look at my closet you’d assume it was black. Lately though I am drawn to various shades of blue.
    Favorite foods: The shorter list might be foods I don’t like. 😉 But forced to choose a few, I would say guacamole, cheese, my morning super-food protein smoothies, sushi, dark chocolate, and pasta.
    Weaknesses: bags/purses, books, and good food
    I have a 2 1/2 year old niece who is about 2 hours away from me. My younger sister and I are the only two kids in our family so I try to get up and visit them at least once a month.
    First trip to Paris: when I was in high school (part of an educational tour of 5 countries)…I actually hated it (my small town teenage mentality didn’t allow me to see the beauty of it at the time)…I went back as an adult in 2015 and 2016 and could seriously live there I love it so much!
    Home base: south-central PA
    Next trips: the Holy Lands in January 2018, possibly Barcelona in May 2018, and Italy in July 2018 (2018 is going to be an amazing year of travel for me and I am super excited)
    I love music in general…though I have less exposure to country, rap, or indie, I try to remain open minded and appreciate all styles of music for what they have to offer
    I enjoy yoga, writing, reading, and traveling. My goal by the time I am 50 is to be living overseas (at least part-time), traveling even more, and eventually owning my own yoga studio on the beach somewhere nice and warm!

    Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and photos Rebecca!

  5. Hi! My name is Keila and I am 23 years old.

    I live in New York and I just finished school to become a teacher and plan on getting my masters in literacy and special education.

    I just came back from my first trip to Paris 3 days ago with my cousin/best friend. It was even more magical in person than I could have ever imagined. I had the best 16 days of my life being there, and to top it off… boyfriend of 3 1/2 years flew all the way to Paris on our last day to surprise me in front of the Eiffel Tower and propose.

    It was the best time of my life to say the least. We are now planning our honeymoon. We definitely want to go to Europe, we are thinking Italy but if anyone has any suggestions, I am open to different options 🙂

    I can’t wait to start this next chapter in my life which im sure will be full of nee adventures.

    • Hi Keila.

      What a magical way to end your trip to Paris! Good work to your now fiancé! I am so happy that Paris lived up to your dreams and was even more magical in person.

      I would highly recommend Amalfi Coast for your honeymoon. Fly into Rome and take the train to Naples boat to Capri then to Positano. You will fall in love with this part of Italy. I feel I left a part of my heart there and I continue to return. I am happy to make suggestions on where to stay and eat!

      Congratulations and best wishes to you!

  6. Hi, I’m Margaret,

    Profession: Life Style Educator

    My daughter and I traveled to Paris 2 years ago when she was 17, and I was 53:) better late than never! It’s amazing!

    I love to garden all year round, in the soil and in my aeroponic garden, growing my own food is awesome:)

    Love to do yoga and have practiced it for 26 years

    I’m a vegetarian, love greens and ethnic food, and pizza too.

    will love to meet you at some of the summer fares in Chicago!

    • Hi Margaret,

      It is so great so meet you! You and your daughter are very lucky to have such a special bond of travel and Paris.

      I am a yogi too. I wish I had a better studio here in Chicago that I loved. I miss my home studio.

      What is the food you are most proud of growing in your garden?

      Yes, please keep in touch. I would love to have you come to a Chicago meetup!