Paris Diaries : No 13

Montmartre Paris, France 

Montmartre Paris, France 

I am not sure how it happened but my suitcase grew in weight by at least 10 lbs. I still need to perfect my packing skills. One thing I did do was pack my travel longchamp in my bag. I was able to transfer some of the heavier things into this bag so my suitcase did not come up overweight. I will blame it on the presents and beauty products I purchased on Sunday. 

My flight yesterday was super early. If I have a choice I will always take the later flight from Paris. This gives me time for one last walk around the city and a stop at a boulangerie. I always pack my own lunch/snacks for the flight home. When I booked my $500 ticket to Paris the toss up was the times that I had to book my flight which meant I had to choose the early flight. My last hotel at Pavillion de la Reine had the most amazing breakfast spread that I didn’t get to enjoy on my way out. It is set up for 7am and I was out the door at 6:30. They did bring me up a coffee and croissant as I finished packing my bags.

Not to worry, the postcards were written and stamped before I left by the front desk at the hotel. I tried to send out as many as possible to those who wrote with addresses but if you were missed I promise I will do it again when I am back in the Spring. 

In 2013, I packed up my apartment and moved to Paris for 3 months. 3 months turned into 3 years of being a nomad and flying back and forth to Paris and the States. Since that first trip in 2013 I have taken 10 trips to Paris. While I have an apartment in Chicago, I still consider Paris home. It isn’t easy moving back and forth between the two. I will admit I struggle to find where I belong. 

Yesterday a friend asked me what the highlight of the trip was and I couldn’t put my finger on just one. In the last 9 days I visited 8 different hotels/apartments not including the additional hotels I toured or visited for tea. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I can’t wait to share all the photos and as I edit I get to relive the trip. 

For those of you planning a trip to Paris soon please let me know if you have any questions or need help with accommodations or plans. I am working on a Holiday Event Guide for what is going on in Paris in the months of November/December and will hopefully have that up shortly.

I am just as sad as you about the Paris Diaries ending but I promise they will continue in Spring. Thank you all for following along! If there is something you love and want to see more of on the blog please tell me this is for YOU! 



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  1. Lovely post. I recognize your feeling to be apart of the two cities which you love….I enjoyed your Parisian diaries and looking forward to your adventures in Spring. Maybe I will travel to Paris too next year

    • Thank you so much for reading! I am looking forward to Spring in Paris. I hope you get the chance to visit Paris soon!


  2. Great post! I’m excited to hear there is a Caudalie Store, I stocked up when I was there but at the pharmacie. I hope to go to Paris in April for my birthday even thought I just went in August. :). Looking forward to future posts, hopefully you are getting some rest.

    • Hi Kelly! If you are a big fan of Caudalie I highly recommend going to the store over the pharmacie. The prices are a little higher but they will be able to recommend the right products for you and of course the samples are like gold 😉 What other french beauty products are your favorite?
      I hope you will be in Paris for April too! it’s my birthday month too and it is a great month to be in Paris with all of the cherry blossoms and signs of Spring!