Paris Diaries : Autumn No Eight

sunset Paris seine by rebecca plotnick

This is a continuation of Paris Diaries No Seven. I had a jam-packed day and I really felt one sunset photo was enough. When in Paris sunset strolls are a requirement. The weather can be tricky as most of this year I have been in Paris I had more rain than sun. But if you can carve out an hour at the end of the day it is an hour well spent. The Seine is now closed to cars so you can walk along and enjoy the view. You can bring a picnic (highly recommended) or you can pick up a snack or glass of wine along the Seine, the prices are fairly reasonable. Either way you will find yourself in good company walking or sitting along the Seine during sunset. 

sunset seine Paris France

The time of the sunset can vary significantly based on the time of the year. In the Summer you can wait until 10:00/10:30 and in the Autumn it was more around 8:30. Getting close to Winter it happens even earlier. The hours of sunlight are limited so take advantage. For whatever reason, I think the sunsets in Autumn are the prettiest. The hues are just warmer in my opinion. But that may just be me. Anyone else notice this? 

sunset stroll on the seine

sunset stroll on the seine paris france

sunset stroll on the seine in paris france

paris sunset strolls on the seine

I continued to walk way past sunset all the way to the Eiffel tower. I made it just in time for the 9 pm sparkle. Thank you for joining me on this walk. I have a few more walks to bring you on so stay tuned.

To Be Continued 

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