Links I Love : October Week 1

I am safely back in the States after a whirlwind of a trip to Paris. Leaving Paris is never easy for me but I am so happy I had the chance to visit, make new memories and take you along for the ride via The Paris Diaries. Keeping up with work on two different time zones was challenging and there were a lot of moments I felt overwhelmed. I decided to take a break from Links I Love because I simply didn’t have the time to do everything. Thank you for your patience. 

Links I LOVE

If you are headed to Paris this October check out my Packing Guide for Sweaters, Coats, and more to make sure you have everything you need. 

How does a FREE trip to PARIS sound? My friends over at Fat Tire Paris is giving away the Ultimate trip to Paris! It doesn’t get better than this. Details are here and you want to act fast they are choosing the finalist this month. 

I really enjoyed this one sent over from my friend Kat How to Live Like a European Woman

If You Are What You Eat via Bloomberg – This article isn’t French but this breaks down the food trends over the decades and how some foods have declined in popularity and others have spiked based on lifestyle and trends. I really enjoyed this one. 

Have you checked out The Print Shop? You can purchase my photographs to bring Paris. I ship worldwide.

Have Smart Phones Destroyed a Generation? via The Atlantic. Parents you will want to read this one. An alarming trend on what is happening with kids and technology. I am a big fan of unplugging and it is one of the reasons why I started the Book Club. We still have time to fix this. 

The Surprising French Parenting Tips the Parisians Swear By via My Domaine

7 Museums in Paris – each Dedicated to a Single Artist

Dating Advice from French Women to Americans via Frenchly

20 Casual, Everyday Phrases You Outta Know

Will This Makeover Improve The Reputation of Paris’s Most Hated Building? via Architectural Digest

Things I LOVE

You may be a little tired of hearing about this mirror from Anthropologie but I finally got it. It was waiting for me when I got home from Paris. I had to move a few things around but you will see it in an apartment update soon! 

I didn’t bring home much this trip. I barely had time to shop with my busy schedule but I had run out of my favorite Caudalie Night Oil. I literally stopped at a Pharmacie on the last hour on a Sunday to bring it home. For those of you with dry skin, this is a game changer. I wear it every night just a few drops goes a long way and a bottle can last you around 6 months. My skin is hydrated and glowing the next day. 

A huge Merci to my friends at Cafe Melango for sending me home with coffee and my first Chemex. Has anyone tried a Chemex before? This may have just changed my whole coffee experience. Stay tuned for more details! 

You may have heard me talk about this nail polish before but my manicure lasted a whole two weeks. There are a million color variations but “bubbles only” is the only one that lasts on me. Plus it is the perfect color for Autumn. 

This post does include affiliate links which help fund my coffee and croissant research. Merci in advance! 

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  1. I enjoy your blog. Your link to Paris Print Shop doesn’t work. I found it, however, it’s The Paris Print Shop.

  2. Bonjour! I enjoyed How to Live Like a European Woman. After reading your previous recommendation, I ordered Bubbles Only and the top coat from on Friday. I look forward to their arrival and trying them! I have OPI on my nails now and I must remove my chopped manicure today, after only four days. Merci beaucoup!

    • Yes! You will have to tell me how you like "Bubbles Only" I use a sally hanson top coat you can pick it up at Ulta too every other day in between manicures and it seals in the polish. OPI doesn’t work for me for whatever reason Essie does better. Have a great Monday Michelle!