Links I Love : May week 1

This week I moved apartments. The rental agency I used couldn’t accommodate me in the last apartment for the whole month so I switched. I am still with the same lovely apartment agency just a 5-minute walk away. This meant packing up all my belongings and moving. I realize my suitcase is already overweight and I still really haven’t bought anything besides a sweater due to the freezing temperatures. I have to relook at my belongings before I leave next week. Something might have to go! 

It seems funny but 5 minutes away in Paris is a whole different world. My coffee guy isn’t just down the street and my boulangerie is a further walk (better to burn calories) But it has been an adventure to walk down new streets and still discover the city. I have tried other cafés but still, prefer my guy for a crème. It isn’t crazy fancy coffee but I know I can be surrounded by French native speakers vs Americans. 

The weather has been rainy and cold for most of the week which has been challenging. My friends tell me I got bad luck with the weather. I never think of it that way. I am just really happy to be here. I have been sitting in cafés scribbling notes about observations and everything I want to share with you all when I am home. Right now being here is about being present and enjoying every moment. 

This time next week I will be on my way home and it is something I don’t even want to think about. Today I took a walk to the Bastille market to see my florist for peonies. He FINALLY remembers me which is always nice. He lets me take photos of the flowers too which I always ask! I stopped by my boulangerie and ordered my baguette. I was complimented by the lady in line on my French accent. It is raining and freezing here and I have the biggest grin on my face. I have peonies on my work table and I am listening to Jazz.  

A few links I love from this week:

I met the sweet Sarah Bancroft and I adore the way she talks about life in Paris. Here you can meet her neighbors. 

5 French TV series to watch to help improve your French

The 10 Most Beautiful Libraries in Paris

You Know You Have Lived in France too Long When (Perfect For Expats) I can relate to almost all of these! 

French Lessons : Voting in France by Prêt à Voyager  (Today is Election day) 

The Best Baguette of 2017 has been awarded in Paris. Here is the result. 

25 Best French Songs about Paris by Chocolate and Zucchini 

Baking is All in The Hands via Dorrie Greenspan for The New York Times

If you were upset when the city of Paris took down the lock bridge you can now purchase a piece of history. All donations will go to help refugees in Paris. Story via MessynChic

Le Petit Marseille Finally hits the Stores in the US. I love the lavender one and will buy some when I land in Paris for my apartment stays. I am so happy I don’t have to fit this in my suitcase. 



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