Links I Love April Week 1

Paris has a new scenic walk along the Seine

The Prettiest Restaurant Plates in Paris via NY Times 

Top 5 Destinations for Francophiles

Top 10 Jazz Clubs in Paris via The Guardian. I cannot wait to check out some of these starting next week. I have only been to Duc de Lombards. 

The Best Coffee Shop in Paris for Indulging Expat Daydreams according to Vogue

The Paris Photo Exhibition was moved from November to April so this is the first time I get to see this. I am so excited! The top 11 exhibits at the Grand Palais Exhibition

Take A little of France Back. The best souvenirs to take home according to La Cuisine Paris 

Things You Should NEVER do while dining in France. 

Not Just for Hipsters : Canal St Martin Guide According to My French Life 

A Spotlight on The Aligre Market from Haven in Paris 

10 Places to discover this Spring in Paris according to Time Out

Things I love:

1. Paris Can Wait with Diane Lane and Alec Baldwin. I don’t see many movies but when they involve Paris how can I say no? The movie takes place in the south of France as they take the scenic route to Paris. If you haven’t seen Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane I highly recommend it. 

2. The new Sisley Fragrance Izia has arrived and it is based around the scent of Rose. It is perfect for Summer. I don’t wear many fragrances since I suffer from migraines but this one doesn’t bother me and the scent lasts all day. 

3. I saw this Paris Wall Decal of The Paris Metro at my friend Kat’s this weekend and I am in love! This happens to be the line I lived off of back in 2013. I have the perfect spot in my house for it. Kat had hers going up the stairs which was super cute! 

4. Nuxe Oil. It is finally warm enough in Chicago for bare legs. My skin has been so dry with the cold weather. I have heard enough about Nuxe dry oil over the years I had a bottle on hand so I tried it last night. I loved how smooth my skin was after using it. I was worried it would be shiny and feel greasy but it didn’t at all. I can’t wait to use this all Summer long. They have one with a gold tint to it as well if you want to add a little shimmer to your skin. 

5. Paris Street Style Coloring Book. I have heard for a few years ago coloring is great for stress relief. My friend Leyla of Second City Mom gave me this book for Christmas. While I was at my sister’s this past week she had to get rid of Emma’s non-washable markers. I jumped at the chance because I was in need of markers for the coloring book. Perfect timing! 

If Emma sees this coloring book I know I am in trouble and I will have to share. So cute and it feels so good to color! 

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