Links I Love: August Week 3

Happy Sunday! If you are used to finding the Links I Love early on a Sunday morning I apologize. Yesterday was jam packed and I like to wait until the week is finished to put together all I have read. So here I am posting this Sunday morning. Since it is one of the last days of Summer perhaps you are sleeping in like I did or enjoying the warmth before it is gone. Did anyone have kids go back to school this week?

To recap the week: I did finish painting my apartment minus the bathroom and kitchen because I was exhausted. It is amazing what a few cans of white paint can do to transform the space. The apartment was a weird yellow color that didn’t bother me too much until lately. The last couple months I have just been itching to brighten up the space. I have a whole plan of different things including a black and white gallery wall I am adding which I will save for a later post. But the painting gave me a good chance to purge a few things which was really nice. 

Meet Up in Chicago This Coming Week

If you are in Chicago there are two spots left for the meetup this week at the Waldorf Petit Margeaux. Rosé and sweet treats will be provided. 

every day parisian meet up

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the loveliest group of people that found me through the blog. They rented my Paris Apartment and were in town visiting Chicago. We laughed over a glass of rosé and I shared all my favorite Paris spots with them for their visit. It was a real treat to meet them! 

Links I LOVE:

This adorable Quiz on “How French Are You?” by Complete France 

Probably my favorite you have to look at is Paris Re-Tale The City Sprit Through It Shop Signs

I read an article in People yesterday of Audrey Hepburn that was beautiful. I was recently having a discussion with a friend about Grace and Dignity and I loved learning more about Audrey Hepburn’s life through her family. They broke it down into a few separate online articles here, here and here

25 Coco Chanel quotes Everyone Should Live By

Dîner en Blanc will be this week in NYC and in Chicago. I will be at the Chicago one for the first time and I can’t wait. Anyone else going? 

This is How The French Make Parenting Look So Effortless

You may know this already but I have a thing with French butter which I have now passed onto my family! If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. You can read more about it from La Cuisine Paris Better Butter

Things I LOVE 

I have been a skincare junkie since moving to Paris in 2013. I have creams upon creams that I am constantly trying the best products for me. I have been lacking on eye cream because I haven’t found one I love so I have honestly skipped it. This year I found one that I loved and now Sisley just upped their game with the release of their newest eye cream with the ridoki tool. The tool is from japan and with different strokes helps to cool and prepare the skin for the cream. I shared this on instagram and a lot of people have been asking about it. So I am trying it and promise to report back. 

I get a lot of questions about my nail color. After trying so many colors I actually have stuck to one this year that works so well on me. Essie has a long lasting polish that isn’t gel but is supposed to last longer than normal polish. I go for the “Bubbles only” red that can last up to two weeks on me. When I try any other color in this collection it doesn’t stay as long. So I stick with what works. 

photo via amazon

photo via amazon

Since I purged my closet recently I was in the need of a new dress this weekend so I picked up two at the Anthropologie sale that I love!! This one and the one below which I will be wearing to this weeks meetup. 

Lastly the song I have had on repeat all summer is Your Song by Rita Ora

This post does include affiliate links which helps put coffee and croissant money in my pocket. Thank you in advance! 

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  1. I’m a big fan of Chanel, but I actually didn’t know every one of those quotes. Such a fun link!

    I might have to check out your nail polish… It would be nice for fall.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Do you have any favorite Chanel memoir books? I was thinking of adding one for the book club.

      The nail polish is great all year round 🙂 If you try it let me know how you like it!

      • Bonjour!

        I wish I did have biographies to recommend. Nothing stands out… I own two Chanel coffee table books, but I actually haven’t managed to read them yet. They are: Chanel: Collections and Creations and Chanel: Enigma. I have read the fictional Heaven, Hell, and Mademoiselle and a lifestyle book called The Gospel According to Coco Chanel. Both are good, quick reads. Hope this helps!