Book Club: Let’s Discuss “All The Light We Cannot See” and “The Nightingale”

I originally chose the book “All The Light We Cannot See” for the latest book club choice. I loved it. It gave me goosebumps and left me in tears. It was a beautiful story. I literally was in book hangover until I was recommended to read “The Nightingale” now I am currently in double book hangover and I am telling you it doesn’t feel good. 

The Book Club is “virtual” as this blog has followers from around the world (THANK YOU) I host meet ups but I never want to put pressure on people to read a book so they are more of a Francophile gathering to meet other new people. I would love for this post to be a discussion. Feel free to comment on other people’s posts below. 

I would love to start a discussion between all of us on these two books. I won’t say much except history repeats itself. It is so important to know the past and remember what has happened even if the story is painful or sad. 

While I loved “All The Light We Cannot See” I felt more connected to “The Nightingale” I love Kristen Hannah’s books and it read easier for me. Also having a sister who is so different but still my best friend made this book more relatable. I would love to know your thoughts if you read one or both. I highly recommend both of them but not everyone has time to read 1000 pages. 

The idea of the book club came about because I had only read one book last year. I wanted to read more and encourage others to do the same. Putting down a device at night before bed has really improved my quality of life. I would love to know your thoughts on the books below. 

Thank you for reading! xo

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  1. Love the cover on "The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs", I may read it. Mrs. Jim has read both of these. She’s with you on the second being easier to read. I have read neither.
    Best wishes on your September 12 jaunt. I’m envious, haven’t been for a few years. Last time we skipped Paris and did Nice and surroundings. Visited and old friend living there, we knew from their stays here in Texas.

    • I will keep you posted on how I like the new book. I am headed to Miami next week to visit family so I hope I can sneak in some down time for reading. Thank you for your best wishes. Paris will be lovely in September I am hoping to plan a trip out of town for a few days if my schedule allows.

  2. I loved "All the Light We Cannot See" -so heart wrenching. I’m almost done with Nightengale. I found it on which is a great email signup for discounted ebooks. It’s a great story and an easy read. I’ll be sad when it’s over. I’ve also read Le Divorce which is fun. Any other great books based in France??

    • Hi Julia! That is great that you found "The Nightingale" on discount. I read it in three days but could have done it in two but I was sad to see it finish. Have you read any of the other books in the book club? "The Paris Apartment" was popular and also "The Perfume Collector" was a great one.

  3. It is on my life list to one day belong to a book club! I so love the idea.

    I, too, have recently made a concerted effort to read more. I no longer watch series before bed, I read on my Kindle instead. As a bonus, I fall asleep much faster too! 😉

    • Thank you! Yes it really has helped me fall asleep better and I am learning so much by reading. I would love for you to join. You can start with any of the books. The Perfume Collector has been a group favorite and it is sometimes on sale on the kindle 😉

  4. I’ve read both & loved them too! I totally get what you mean about having a book hangover – haha! Not a good thing. I passed All the Light You Cannot See to 2 of my 3 sons( ages 23 & 17) and they both enjoyed it too. My sons are of course super familiar for my love of "all things French" so I thought at first they were just indulging me but they both said they loved the story and they appreciated the St Malo connection- because we had visited on a family vacation a few years ago. I really enjoyed the way the story was told-back and forth between the characters.

    • Hi Jackie,

      That is so good that you passed on the books. I think books are meant to be shared. Your boys are both at an age where they can understand what happened and learn from the history. How was St Malo? I am dying to visit after reading the book. Was it too touristy?