Links I Love: March Week 1

links i love from Every Day Parisian News with A French Twist

This week was a lot of fun here in Chicago. I took a cooking class at The Chopping Block where we made Beef Bourguignon and an apple tart. Also, I finally got to try The Blanchard a French inspired restaurant not too far from where I live. To top it all off I had a meeting with my friends at Vosges Chocolates, we are working on something pretty sweet I can’t wait to share! If you are wondering how I balance all the rich food and staying fit? The answer is, I dance just about every day at a studio in my neighborhood. I call it my daily “meeting” I start work at 7 am answering emails and checking stats so it’s challenging to duck out for an hour but not impossible. 

Here is a roundup of favorite links I found with a French Twist:

Do you need a Visa to visit Europe? The link that got the most reaction from me on Facebook this week was about requiring a Visa for travel to Europe. We should know more in May if this will actually happen. It’s something to watch if you are planning a trip or have a trip booked. 

My friend Lindsey Tramuta of Lost in Cheeseland has a new book out in Paris that I can’t wait to get my hands on, called The New Paris.  She will be in Chicago this April at Read it & Eat. She also wrote this article for The NY Times which gives a sampling of what’s to come with the new book

10 Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Paris I wouldn’t normally push my own work but this one I highly recommend if you have friends or are planning a trip to Paris. 

The Complete A to Z of Food in France, according to famed American chef David Lebovitz

Vera Wang in Paris

31 French Movies to Watch and Where to Watch Them

8 Parisian Kitchen Tools to Turn You Home into A French Bistro 

How to Set A Table Like the French

Don't forget to pick up the latest Book Club Book  "The Perfume Collector"

Don’t forget to pick up the latest Book Club Book “The Perfume Collector”

I read a lot of Business articles so For The Girl Boss: 6 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers

Spring is on my Mind: A few links I love and planning for Cuba and Paris. Where are you going this Spring?

From Anthropologie: The cold shoulder is all the rage , this shirt, off the shoulder, dreamy, and for my apartment I want this bed

Favorites from JCrew: These shoes are adorable! I am all about stripes even after on the beach. 

Shoes: These wrap around ankle sandals. 

I am nuts for polka dots! I love this dress from JCrew Factory and this dress from Banana Republic is so CUTE!! 

Hats are essential this Spring/Summer

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