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If you have been following along I am writing this from Portugal. To say this has been one crazy year of travel is an understatement. I know it isn’t normal and I am the first one to admit it. This time around I am traveling with my family. It is very different from solo travel. It is important for me to enjoy travel with my niece and nephew but also my parents. I didn’t travel abroad until I was 21 and that is when they started seeing the world too. We have only been here 24 hours but I have been observing my parents navigate Europe and its differences between home which isn’t always an easy task. I am so happy they are seeing the world and having new cultural experiences. Our family trips as kids were to Hilton Head and Florida and instead of my parents being in charge, it is now the kids that are doing all the planning and research. 

A little update on traveling with a family of 8. We arrived on three separate planes and we each had a layover. It was like clockwork arriving 15 minutes after the next group and we all had our luggage. The only problem we encountered was that Bobby my 9-month-old nephew was having trouble breathing due to an upper respiratory infection. We checked into the apartment and my sister and brother in law took him to the local kid’s hospital. The hardest part was not having cell service or wifi. We waited for hours for an update… The five of us including Emma explored Porto by foot and we had lunch outside. It was hard to enjoy knowing that Bobby and my sister were at the hospital. Finally, in the evening we got an update and Bobby was doing much better. The hospital was great and they treated him. It was stressful for all of us but we were all able to work together and balance the two kids. I may be jetlagged a bit longer than usual as I didn’t get sleep but Bobby is home and doing much better. His labored breathing was traded in for snoring but I can’t complain. We have two full days left in Porto and today we plan on making the best of it. 

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